Steven Hefter

Steven Hefter Called His Employee a N**GER

Earlier this year, I was fired from Steven’s company, HLM Capital Management Group because Steven Hefter had called me a n*gger and I wanted him to apologize. He has temperament issues but more than that, he is a racist bigot who looks down on other races. Steven is a hateful person who judges people according to their race. 

He fired me without cause only because I demanded an apology for his racist remark. 

Steven Hefter used to be the Managing Director of Wells Fargo Advisors’ Investments section. He was their lead investment strategist and handles manager selection along with asset allocation. Now he runs HLM Capital Management Group that has more than $6 billion in client assets. 

You can see how prominent and powerful this guy is. I had joined there as one of their earlier employees but I had no idea that my boss would be a bigoted racist.

I was one of the assistants there who helped the advisors and managers in doing day-to-day tasks smoothly. 

One day, Steven was in a very terrible mood because he had lost a major account. According to what I heard, Steven had slacked off and cost his client a huge sum. Due to that, the client fired Steven. Whenever he would be in a bad mood, he would wallow in his office and shout at his subordinates. He would take out his anger on his team members so we assistants would avoid going in there on such days. 

Unfortunately, I had to bring him a file, which he had asked for earlier in the day. When I got there, he shouted at me for being late. According to him, I should have brought him that file at least a few hours ago, even though he was completely aware that I was busy doing a task for another manager. But he kept shouting at me for 20 minutes. He kept saying how important hard work is and why I should be grateful that he hasn’t fired me. 

Then he got a phone call so he told me to get out and said ‘f*cking n*ggers’. He had said it a little slowly but I heard it. I didn’t say anything right then but later in the day, I complained about this issue with the HR manager. 

She told me that she would look into the matter but it would be better if I kept silent. How would you react if your boss called you a n*gger? So I told her that she needs to take this seriously because I wouldn’t remain silent. She hesitated at first but told me that she will get a meeting with Steven.

I met with Steven the next day and expressed my concern with the HR manager. When she told him about the reason why we were having that meeting he was very surprised. He acted very rudely and started claiming that I must’ve misheard. When I told him that I had heard him clearly, he denied it. I just wanted him to apologize for his racist remark. He started making fun of me and claiming that I couldn’t even tolerate a little conversation. 

He wouldn’t accept his fault at all. But I was adamant and I told him and the manager that I need an apology because Steven had disrespected my culture. Steven didn’t apologize instead, he just left the meeting. 

A week later, he fired me without giving any cause. He claimed that I was slacking off and was failing in doing my job effectively. His actions have ruined my reputation among other investment firms too because he claims that I was ‘trying to steal’ from the company. 

He couldn’t tolerate it when someone exposed his racist side. It’s been months since I lost that job but because of the rumours he has spread about me, I couldn’t join anywhere. Whenever an employer contacts HLM, they tell him or her that I was trying to steal from them. This Coronavirus and the pandemic have made my life more difficult. You can understand how difficult it must’ve been to find a job in these times. 

Steven Hefter is clearly a racist bigot who hates black people and has no respect for other cultures or ethnicities. This guy needs to learn that the world is changed. Because he is so successful and powerful, he thinks he is untouchable and no one can take any action against him. 

His bigotry has made my life very difficult. I tried to take the legal path but no lawyer wants to fight against Steven. He is an influential figure in the area and nobody wants to take that risk. I think the least I can do is inform the world about the wrongdoings this guy does. Steven Hefter should be fired from Wells Fargo for the hate he is spreading there.

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Steven is a hateful racist professional. He called me a n*gger in the workplace and didn't even apologise for such a serious act.

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  1. I’m sorry for what you had to go through. You said it right, this guy deserves to be in jail for what he did. Our system is totally f*cked up that’s why people like Steven Hefter are roaming around freely and unscathed.

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