Stolper and Co.

Disappointing Returns

Choosing to work with Stolper and Co. was probably the biggest financial mistake of my life. Those people are careless and incompetent. They don’t care about their client’s financial success. No, they only care about their wealth and income. I only remember a few people in my life who have been greedier than these guys. Due to these reasons, I don’t recommend Stolper and Co. to anyone. They are the worst financial advisors you can hire. 

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When I had first started working with Stolper and Co. I thought they would help me make better financial decisions through their expertise and experience. Clearly, I was mistaken. I was under the impression that a financial advisor focuses on getting their client the best possible returns by helping them make wise investments. Stolper and Co. changed this impression of mine. Now I’m certain that not every financial advisor has your best interests at heart. Some of those people are actually more concerned about their financial health than their clients’. And Stolper and Co. is one of those financial advisory firms

Either the analysts at this firm don’t know how to do their job correctly, or their advisors don’t know how to interpret the data. Nonetheless, they succeed in suggesting terrible investments to their clients and you end up getting poor results. They are doing a huge disservice to their clients by wasting their time and money. I can’t explain my grief in words. It’s too much for me to tolerate.

Those people have lost me a lot of money and time through their incompetence. At first, I thought I should blame the pandemic for the terrible returns I have been receiving on my investments but then, I see people who are getting much better returns even in these conditions. So it’s certainly possible for people to get great returns during such times. All it requires is a little extra effort and skill. Obviously. I expected my financial advisors at Stolper and Co. to put in that extra amount of effort and use that extra amount of skill one needs to get good returns during such uncertain times. But these people disappointed me heavily.

After noticing how terribly they have handled this entire situation, I looked at all of their investment suggestions and discovered that almost all of them had been offering me subpar returns. The only reason why I hadn’t noticed any of this is because of the way they made my returns appear. Their advisors might not be good at suggesting the right investments but they are expert manipulators. Those people will convince you into thinking that the poor returns you’re getting from their suggested investments are the best possible. These people can build a great career as con artists

I haven’t told them yet that I don’t like their yields. Chances are, I won’t tell them that I’m disappointed even though they ask, because I don’t want to face that manipulation again. I believe I will take the necessary when I get the time. Writing this review was one of the actions I wanted to take against those people. Such incompetence should not be allowed to happen in the financial advisory industry. I’m quite sure that many of their clients haven’t realised how these people are scamming them. This review might help some of them realise the truth and help them make a better-informed decision regarding this firm. 

Help me file a FINRA complaint

I have written my review here because I need help on something. If any of the readers of this complaint know how to file a FINRA complaint, would they please share that information with me? I don’t know how to go about that process. Also, I wanted to know if FINRA handles such complaints. I’m hoping that filing a complaint there will help me expose their incompetence further and make the required authorities aware of their incompetence. Please let me know how I can file a FINRA complaint regarding this matter. Thanks in advance. 

Stolper and Co. Review: Conclusion

The advisors at Stolper and Co. are incompetent and manipulative. They offer terrible returns but make it seem like they are offering you best results. You shouldn’t trust them with your money.

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Disappointing Results

Stolper and Co. has some of the most incompetent financial advisors out there. Those people don't care about their clients or their financial success. No, they only care about their own income. That's why I don't think anyone should do business with Stolper and Co.

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