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STT Logistics: Is It Accurate or a Scam According to Customers? Exposed! (Update 2024)

STT Logistics Group reviews
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Is STT Logistics Group a scam? What do their reviews say? Find out the answer in this review on Gripeo.
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The STT Logistics’ website claims that Andre Corbert established STT Logistics Group in 2015; with its headquarters in Miami, Florida, in the United States. The business is a top supplier of logistics and transportation services for heavy equipment, committed to assisting companies in increasing production. 

They primarily offer heavy hauling, equipment dismantling, crane transportation, and international logistics, all of which are intended to assist businesses in moving their goods and equipment securely and effectively. The firm has completed 81,526 cargoes over the years and has provided 3,985 satisfied clients, solidifying its position as the industry’s top supplier of logistics solutions.

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12/12/2023 Update
As of now, STT Logistics has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

STT Logistics Group Reviews You Must Read:

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“STT Logistics Group Is Just a Group of Scammers”

Once this business mistreated him, Manny phoned him back and promised to make things right. When he gave them another chance, they repeated their previous behavior, costing him his customer. What’s that saying? If they screw him once, blame them; if they screw him twice, shame on him. He will never suggest this business to anyone and will never give them another chance. good fortune.

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They Are Sweet Talkers Until You Pay Them!”

These individuals are awful! Although they are good talkers, when it comes to performing their duties, they are terrible; there is no team communication. They won’t ever be used by him again! And if you want to send your car, contact the shippers directly.

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STT Logistics Has Awful Service

Horrible service. People, please stay away!!  The only thing they do is rip people off! Took the deposit, never picked up the load, and never returned calls or emails.

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Another STT Logistics Review on How They Scam Clients

Keep away from this company! Unsavory business!

Igor scheduled a shipment with them from NY to IL; they were meant to email pickup information, but they kept saying the broker was in a conference, that he had family concerns, etc. A day was wasted! I won’t do business with them ever again. Additionally, they have several BBB complaints due to nonpayment of invoices! Nor do any factoring businesses collaborate with them! Big O service fraud! Someone needs to report these people to the FBI!

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STT Logistics Group is Unprofessional and Unethical

The worst brokerage company anyone could work with. Avoid doing business with this company. unprofessional, unethical, and incapable of effective communication.

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“STT Logistics is a Waste of Money”

Before using this firm again, she would prefer to push her car, your automobile, and the car mentioned in the comment below. Total waste of money and con artists. Use this company not.

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They Kept the Client’s Car Hostage

STT Logistics Group reviews

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Avoid using this company. Since they couldn’t locate a carrier willing to accept that cheap bid, they started by raising the price as soon as the reservation was made. She ought to have stopped there, but she continued. After much wrangling, the firm that ended up completing the cartage is now holding my car hostage since Smart Talk approved my payment card but never paid the vendor, thus they won’t deliver.

To cut a long story short, she has ultimately spent close to $600 on car rentals while she has been waiting for her vehicle. She will still have to wait another week because she went directly to the vendor (Erick M Transport – they are great guys) and made arrangements for them to deliver and pay them in cash. She had to halt payments on my card to avoid giving the Smart Talk scammers any money.

NO MATTER WHAT, DO NOT USE THEM. She would give a negative five stars if she could.

image 26

They are Unresponsive and Irresponsible

They required urgent transport. online form, and within three days, they called her 14 times. She agreed to their deal, and they promised same-day pickup. Ivan G promised it will be finished fast after she completed the forms. Except when she had to phone, she had not heard anything after three days. They claimed to be searching for a driver. She emailed for an update after a few days, and they replied that it will happen the next week.

She postponed it since she needed it finished earlier. Ivan G started sending her threatening emails after she canceled. Even after she told him to stop emailing her, he kept doing so. 

He once quipped, “I should have just charged your credit card” She strongly advises you to go somewhere else.  Incredibly unprofessional and unreliable.

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STT Logistics Spams You Even if You Request Them to Stop

She would give this company a bad review if she could, as they managed to obtain her phone number from a referral service and have been calling and texting her for the past year despite her repeated requests for them to stop calling and texting her. It has now reached the point of harassment. She notes that despite never having anything to ship for them, they keep calling and texting her.

image 28

“They Should be Shut Down”

This business has to be shut down. ever, the worst brokerage. She was going to deliver a truck for their client. She was given the incorrect weight. After making the nearly 200-mile journey to collect it, it took 5 hours to locate, load, weigh, and then unload this truck. They attempted to say, “Okay, no problem. We’ll find someone else to haul,” as though she were meant to do it for nothing. She demanded $500 from them for my time, but when they balked at paying, she parked the truck and stashed the keys away. Like in the earlier comments, “Anthony”—if that is his real name—sent her unwanted texts and calls.

Anthony altered his tune and begged her to inform him where the vehicle was parked when the subsequent driver was unable to locate the truck. The next text he sent was “Was that so F@&$ing hard” when she told him where the truck was and he promised to send her money. Again, begging and pleading began when the driver informed him that the truck was locked and he was missing the keys. She told him where the keys were, but she also left the driver a note explaining the load’s weight, pay, and level of service, and the driver declined the job.

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Another STT Logistics Review Calling Them a Scam

They are con artists.  She was the point of contact for the other business he had engaged to assist her grandmother with moving her car a week earlier. A call from someone from Smart Talk two days before the move led her to believe the caller was from the original company she had hired. He attempted to defraud a 95-year-old woman in addition to obtaining information about her grandma and raising the payment. Fortunately, she was informed that this is a common practice that Smart Talk engages in when she calls the other firm. A scam is a scam.

image 22

“STT Logistics Has Incompetent Morons”

These individuals are utter stupid idiots. Your car is posted on the board and simply remains there. They are tough to contact because no one picks up the phone. But let’s face it, the entire car transportation sector is rife with scumbags who are incapable of telling the truth to save their lives. According to JC, this is one of the first professions that prisoners receive after being released from custody.


Surely, STT Logistics is not as reliable as it claims to be. It has received too many complaints from its customers. Hence, you should be extremely cautious when considering working with them.

There are plenty of other logistics companies in the region as well. Be sure to only do business with a trustworthy and reputed service provider to avoid getting scammed.

STT Logistics: Is It Accurate or a Scam According to Customers? Exposed! (Update 2024)
STT Logistics: Is It Accurate or a Scam According to Customers? Exposed! (Update 2024)

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