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We hired Sun Up Zero Down as our solar installers a couple of years back when we moved to Township to our new house. They had amazing reviews online and even accreditation from solar***.com, we really thought we found the company we were looking for. We had never bought solar panels before but my wife’s sister had a solar setup in her house, and she was saving a lot of money too. The sales process was smooth and the paperwork was done rapidly, I’ll give them credit for that. Unfortunately for us, everything else was a f*****ing mess!

They took more than 10 days to install the panels all the while making a lot of noise during the process. The installation staff would not notify us before coming and their timings varied as well which was a big issue because we had to change our schedule accordingly. My wife had to take two sick leaves just to get the panels installed. Their staff lacks any kind of professionalism. After the installation was done (finally), there was another issue. They have installed a very different design than what we agreed to in the first place. Now before anyone says, “Oh it must be because of the efficiency duh”, It was not, the solar design we finalized was perfect for our house looks wise and efficiency-wise.

Did You Know?

Sun Up Zero Down provides solar solutions. Where, solar energy is renewable energy that comes from the sun. It can be used to generate electricity, heat, and light for various purposes. It is used in various regions, either rural or urban.

We contacted Sun Up Zero Down on their customer support number (+1 856-359-4786) and after putting us on hold for more than 30 minutes, they told us it would cost $XXXX to get the new design!!! What the hell! It wasn’t our fault, we didn’t force the installers to install the wrong design on OUR house, why should we pay for their communication error! They didn’t budge and we had to pay them more than $XXXX to get the proper solar design installed. Our experience with this company has been really painful. Even today their customer service is horrible, they put their customers on hold for 20+ minutes.

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My brother (who already lived in Township) got solar from this company as well. He has been facing the customer service issues as well. I don’t know how this company operates with such bad customer service and staff. I would advice everyone to steer away from them. For us, we are in talks with a legal expert and we want to get out of our years long contract with this company.

Sun Up Zero Down installed the WRONG solar panel design on our roof. Their staff is lazy and careless. AVOID!

Sun Up Zero Down Review: Additional Information

Sun Up Zero Down Official Website
6105 W Jersey Ave #3, Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234, United States
+1 856-359-4786

Should I get solar panels from Sun Up Zero Down?

No. They have really bad customer service and lack any professionalism. I would not advice anyone to buy solar from Sun Up Zero Down.

Can I trust the Sun Up Zero Down reviews online?

Frankly, not really. The websites seem to have totally bogus positive reviews. I and possibly dozens of more people have been fooled by their fake PR attempts, but you don’t have to.

Why aren’t there many Sun Up Zero Down Complaints online?

Most of the people who buy solar don’t even know they can post reviews online and they think it’s a bad practice. This, combined with the dangerous number of fake review websites online (where people pay to get 5 star reviews), makes it impossible for people to find any Sun Up Zero Down Complaints.

Would you recommend Sun Up Zero Down?

No. Definitely not!

2.5 Total Score
Steer Away From This Company

Sun Up Zero Down doesn't care about their customers otherwise they would provide good customer support. Do not risk your time and money with this company.

Installation Quality
Customer Service
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  • Sales people
  • Lethargic & Painful Customer Support
  • Careless Company
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