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SVM Global Initiative

Friends and Internet neighbors, is there an initiative that will spawn the beginning of the end of financial hardship in every community worldwide until it no longer exists? This sounds too good to be true. My subscribers have requested I take a look into the SVM Global Initiative.  Here is what I have found.

Claims Exposed in this SVM Global Initiative Review

The SVM Global Initiative is comprised of three business entities established by a single parent and USAF Veteran of the Gulf War who knows what life is like when struggling with homelessness.

Once funding is in place and the off-shore offices are established, a new business system designed to provide total support for people in need of assistance to become financially independent and successful business entities (small business owners, independent contractors, distributors and free-lance professionals) will be implemented.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have already been spent in the research and development of this concept and how to make this business model work. Since then people within the network marketing industry have been lining up for 2 years to be among the first to benefit from this global endeavor with over 200,000 expected to sign up within the first six(6) months post launch of The Marketplace.

In spite of the current economic climate, SVM Global will spawn the beginning of the end of financial hardship in every community worldwide until it no longer exists.

SVM Global Initiative Scam Reality

The creator of the SVM Global Initiative is Sheila V’Eleos Tabarsi.  This initiative is said by her to be years in the making.

The entities making-up SVM Global are Sheila V. & Associates, LLC (SV&A), a professional development and business management consultancy, based in New York City, The Marketplace at SV&A, LLC, a privately owned, affiliate partner program and online shopping platform that provides an education in professional and business development for clients of Sheila V. & Associates, and The SVM Global Freedom Fund, a charitable organization that funds people in need to become clients of Sheila V. & Associates so they may benefit for the services offered to ensure their financial independence and stability.

The SVM Global Initiative will offer a marketplace that you pay hundreds of dollars per month to participate in.  You then can recruit others to do the same thing and you can receive a commission for their subscriptions.  The SVM Global Initiative will share a small percentage of the profits with charity.

10% of gross profits earned from both Sheila V. & Associates and The Marketplace go to the further development of SVM ReDesign Your Life America.

Under the cover of a charity and a marketplace the SVM Global Initiative will run three 4×4 matrix pyramid recruiting schemes.  They cost from $33-$750 per week to participate in.

One interesting method they have for you to combat poverty is by you giving them $10,000 per month to help people join their affiliate programs:

“I, the “Pledger”, a qualified member of The SVM Global Team, hereby pledges and agrees to pay The SVM Global Freedom Fund a contribution in the sum of $10,000 per month to help end poverty and homelessness by means of assisting $0 Program Participants on the List of Eligibility become clients of Sheila V. & Associates with the intention of benefiting from the affiliate programs the company has to offer.”  – – Source

Since most banks will not have anything to do with pyramid recruiting schemes, the SVM Global Initiative is currently having problems with their payment processors.

Here is an excerpt of why SVM Global is having problems with their payment processors:

Hi ,

The saboteurs were able to have both my corporate and personal accounts with Wells Fargo shutdown just after I directed everyone to walk future payments into the bank until I could set up the new pay processor….

…I’m disgusted in how far these people will go to stop me and keep us from being successful at ending poverty around the world . . . thoroughly disgusted and what time I wasn’t using working out strategies to secure us from future attacks, I’ve been walking it off.

One of our team members was concerned that taking my time to update everyone on our status would create doubt and fear that we wouldn’t be moving forward. If anyone wants to be concerned let it be for how the opposition is going to recover once I get through with them!!!…

All the best!

Rev. Sheila V.

– Source


The client service levels in the SVM Global Initiative cost between $110 and $990 per month:

  • Standard $110 per month: can purchase Subscription 1
  • Premier $330 per month: can purchase Subscription 1 and 2
  • Elite $990 per month: can purchase Subscription 1, 2 and 3

Subscription 1: Marketplace Entry & Business Development Support $132 a month (paid in installments of $33 a week).

Subscription 2: Lifestyle Lessons for Living Life Easier $1,000 a month (paid in installments of $250 a week).

Subscription 3: Wealth Development, Training & Asset Management Support $3,000 a month (paid in installments of $750 a week).


No products are offered for you to retail to customers by SVM Global.

Compensation Plan

The SVM Global Initiative offers three matrix subscription levels, each matrix is a 4×4 matrix.

You must become a client of SV&A. The client service level you choose will determine the number of subscriptions you will be eligible to purchase upon entering The Marketplace. Also, the level you choose will help determine your “Numbered Position” within the firm. The higher your Numbered Position the more perks you receive.

The Marketplace at SV&A is an Affiliate Program that pays a commission to its partners for the sales of subscriptions to other business associates wanting to enter The Marketplace and promote the small business, products and services of their choice, giving all participating members an opportunity to earn while they learn.

Everyone entering The Marketplace must purchase Subscription 1: Marketplace Entry and Business Development: $132 a month (paid in installments of $33 a week).

SV&A credits everyone entering The Marketplace $33 to pay for their 1st week’s subscription.

Each member earns commissions from the B2B transactions conducted by its affiliate partner/team members. Commissions are received via 2 payment processors (Solid Trust Pay (STP) or Paypal). – Source

Income Disclosure

There is no guarantee that anyone will make the level of income as projected. Earnings and income statements differ per individual. As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience.  – Source

Refund Policy


SVM Global Initiative Review Conclusion

In my opinion, the SVM Global Initiative is just another scam that uses the cover of a charity and a marketplace to run three 4×4 matrix pyramid recruiting schemes. They cost from $33-$750 per week to participate in.  These schemes are a great way for people to lose money and not a great way to end poverty. It is too good to be true.  I would avoid the SVM Global Initiative.

2.8 Total Score

SVM Global Initiative is just another scam that uses the cover of a charity and a marketplace to run three 4×4 matrix pyramid recruiting schemes. Please avoid them at all costs!

  • Scam
  • Shady Owners
  • Pyramid Recruiting Scheme
  • Abusing Charity
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