Swati Bhargava – The Shady and Fraudster CEO of CashKaro

I have been skeptical about this company from the very start. Though i had heard about Swati Bhargava as i had read an article about her on A lot of my friends have been telling me about how they have issues with getting refunds or cashbacks from CashKaro but i never used to pay heed until i myself got scammed and duped in the circle of this vicious company. I have always assumed that this company would be a safe one to deal with since i had read once upon a time that Ratan Tata has invested in this company, but me along with others have only come to realise and conclude that this is nothing but a huge scam that needs to be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators need to be apprehended.

The more i researched and the more i read online about this company, the more and more i was assured that i was headed in the right direction and how Swati Bhargava has created a false and fake presence online by spending heavily using her PR machinery. There are so many eye opening facts, articles and evidences i came across that i will be sharing with you all in this article for your reference.

CashKaro has terrible reviews all over the internet

226 reviews on Trustpilot, majority of which are negative.

Have a look at what people have been saying on TrustPilot –

There are tons and tons of reviews, just on this site, its impossible to attach every screenshot here, so i urge you all to please visit the links that i will be posting below, so you can go to the site and see for yourself.

They have been scamming and duping people since almost half a decade, probably ever since they were incorporated and they are continuing to even now. Absolutely shameless and pathetic.

Have a look at some of the old reviews i saw –

After doing all this for so many years, they have now mastered the art of fooling, scamming and robbing people in the name of cashbacks.

Reference –

Complaints on CashKaro Facebook Page

Their own Facebook page is flooded with negative reviews and complaints. All people have similar complaints, only the platform varies.

So until now i only had my focus on the financial frauds, scams and crimes that Cashkaro was committing, but i came across a review that made me search deeper around data leaks by Cashkaro.

This is when i came across even more shocking and eye opening facts. Swati Bhargava does not only con people of refunds and cashbacks, but also sells confidential customer data to companies.

Swati Bhargava leaks and sells confidential personal data

Reference link –

The security research team at Safety Detectives had uncovered yet another data leak of 2 TB hosted on an Elastic Server. Affecting savvy shoppers in both India and the U.K., sister sites and – both of which belong to Pouring Pounds Ltd. – have provided the dark web with yet another source of full PII and account access to up to 3.5 million individuals.

Cashback Sites Leak Unencrypted Passwords, Bank & Other Sensitive User Data

Head of Research, Anurag Sen, and team found that the cashback and voucher websites and have both made available key details about their active users:

Full Name
Mobile Number
Email Address
Login Username
Plain Text Password
Bank Details Linked With Account
IP Addresses of Individual Users
Emails from the Company to Users
Full Access to the User Account

The leak on database includes data related to PouringPounds users, such as:

  • Full names,
  • Phone numbers,
  • Email addresses,
  • Login credentials to the platform
    • Username
    • Plaintext password
  • Bank details linked to account from the site
    • Email
    • Name of account holder
    • Bank name
    • Account number
    • Sort code (routing numbers)
  • Emails from Pouringpounds to their users,
  • IP addresses

As well as’s user, including:

  • Full names,
  • Phone numbers,
  • Email addresses,
  • Login credentials to the platform
    • Username
    • Plaintext password
  • Bank details linked to account from the site
    • Account holder name
    • Bank name
    • Branch
    • Account number
    • IFSC code
    • Bank account related password (we cannot be certain what it is used for, but unencrypted passwords are being linked with the bank details)
  • Emails from Pouringpounds to their users,
  • IP addresses

Editor’s Note: As previously mentioned, the data found seems to be related to ‘active’ users – those who have logged in only in recent months. The elastic server was publicly exposed without any password protection. Searching at a specific port, anyone could find it easily and take advantage of it maliciously. From what we can see, it was exposed since August 9th, 2019. On – a site with over a million users – the username and plain-text passwords stored mean that anybody could easily take over the entire account, including the amount of credit they have in their wallet on the site.

2 TB of personal and financial data of up to 35 lac people is an extremely serious, sensitive and dangerous exposure, specially taking into consideration that many users often use the same password everywhere. This is a massive vulnerability and can impact lacs of users in unimaginable ways.

Swati Bhargava refuses all claims of Data Leak despite all evidence

Even after thorough investigation conducted by a credible and reputable corporation, Swati Bhargava managed to cover it all up by getting fake, baseless and positive articles around her and her company. She needs to understand that not everything can be buried and bought with money. Her investors, her existing clients and partners need to realise who and what they are associated and dealing with. Swati Bhargava needs to be exposed and CashKaro needs to be shut down. If any of you, i am sure there must be hundreds if not thousands, who have been duped, please do share your story, evidence and complaint against CashKaro in the comments below. Also, do share this article as much and warn your friends about this fraudulent company run by a shady CEO named Swati Bhargava.

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Fraudster CEO Swati Bhargava Exposed

CashKaro has been duping lacs of people across the country. Financial frauds, data leaks, terrible customer support and almost everything shady under one roof headed by a pathetic leader.

  • Well Funded
  • Terrible Leadership
  • No Ethics or Morals
  • Misguiding employees

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