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In the book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F**k By Mark Manson, a top-rated and inspiring book, it taught me that no one is special. No, not in the way you think, but here is why Manson made a note of that: the more unique you think you are, the more expectations you will be demanding from yourself even when it is not ideal in any real sense. It is a notion that can help to realize they are not superhuman and do not necessarily have to get everything right.

However, some people still do not get the idea, and they want to feel as though they are unique because they achieve a feat that just a few people have been recorded to attain. People, like Swish Goswami, want to feel special and there is no telling why.

Swish thinks he is exceptional as he never seems to shut up about all the things he has achieved at a young age. Seriously, it has become tiring to read every article and be confronted with the one million and one things that Swish Goswami has done, every single one of them narrated by the man himself.

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The guy never stops narrating his success timeline, whether asked not during interviews like that is the only thing that matters. Not only is he tiring, but he also is a liar and claims all the success for himself, you will see exactly why I concluded such.

About Mr. Goswami

Who is Swish Goswami

Manu “Swish” Goswami is a 22year old, born in Singapore before his parents moved to Canada when he was eight years of age.

At age 7 or 10 (here is something about Swish that will make you know he is not honest and you will have to wonder why he is lying), Swish started his own hovercraft business with his father.

At 14, Swish was part of a set up that became Canada’s company of the year. The fact that he was part of the set up should not be our business. The reason Swish Goswami added that to his record was because of the success the set up achieved. If it had failed you bet Swish Goswami would have stayed clear away from the company. He likes claiming things for himself. It is called greed.

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Swish did debate in high school and was part of the Canada national debate team. Goswami later attended and graduated from the University of Toronto, earning a bachelor’s degree in 2017. He is recognized as Canada’s Young Entrepreneur of the year and regarded by UPS Canada as the “Face and Future of Entrepreneurship.”

Swish is the co-founder and CEO of Trufan, an application that allows brands to rewards their most loyal and engaging customers. He is a three-time TEDx speaker, a United Nations Youth Ambassador, LinkedIn Youth Editor and several other things that no doubt make him feel as though he is on top of the world.

I find this perplexing because this is the same story printed on his websites, articles and interviews he has been questioned on. There are a lot of successes, which is not bad, but conflict makes a successful story worth it. Swish Goswami has a story, but it is not worth being attributed as a success story.

Why does Swish start with all he has suffered?

I get that you want to inspire people, but you should not do that by first making them pity you. So what exactly has gained Swish that stardom? Yes, Swish Goswami tells us about the millions of things he has done and makes us feel insignificant and less of ourselves.

Every single article about Swish Goswami that you open, there is always a history of what he has achieved. I find this infuriating. It is as though he is painting himself the perfect man without any difficulty.

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He had a speech impairment, yet he was not bullied. He was an immigrant, yet he went through high school and university. With all this, it is evident that swish never suffered. He just happened on success and gobbled them up, throwing some in our faces. Victory, prestige, and reputation that others helped him to build, yet he is the only one recognized.

Moreover, on his website, he claims he wants to provide a positive social impact. I could interpret this as that he is saying he wants to do something that will benefit the environment and the people living within it. Now the question is, how exactly is he doing that? Yes, he is giving TED talks and supposedly inspiring people by boring them with how much he has done in a few short years. What he is doing is not inspirational. He is neither impacting anything socially. Swish Goswami is just an opportunist.

Note that he did not build Trufan all on his own, but he gets the most credit for it.

He seems to have a knack for the limelight. Going around telling people just how much he has achieved like be is the first one to do it.

No, Swish, you are not the first one to start up an enterprise at the age of 19. All you are doing is making others feel insignificant, making people think less of themselves. You are not inspiring people that way, you Swish are killing their dreams that way.

Now, when someone who could not achieve anything at the age of 19 following everything Swish says, this person will give up as Swish emphasis on making an impact at that age and making it big. Make your money Swish and shut up about it.

Besides, he didn’t do it himself what he is today as a result of the combined effort of the people around him and yet he fails to give them tremendous credit for how they have added their skills into building something that the whole world knows only him for. It is not fair to them that Goswami takes all the credit and does it without any regard for their efforts.

Check his LinkedIn account, and you will see what I meant. He is the co-founder of Trufan, not the only founder. Why is he taking the credit for himself? Why doesn’t he recognized the people around him as helping him unto the platform of success? He presents himself as though he has the smartest brain for such a young age. This is wrong, for a person who wants to impact others, he most certainly has a huge ego.

For some Swish Goswami does nothing but intimidate others.

I have read so many articles about him, and in each, the first thing I saw is the list of things that he has achieved. Being in the same age group as Swish with so many ideas, I feel as though I am not worth as much as I couldn’t make such big things. However,  this due to financial issues, lack of opportunities, and several other uncontrollable factors that thwart the dream of building something big.

Swish Goswami imposed himself to intimidate people like me and several others out there who have great ideas but lack the opportunity to implement on them, even when we never stop trying. For me, Swish is just a lucky person. It was pure luck that took him to the place he is now nothing else.

What exactly is your point, Swish?

I also went through his story and wondered what point he is trying to prove: what exactly are you trying to prove Swish? You like every other person out there that wants to make money. That is the goal of everything. Thus, motivating and trying to inspire people shouldn’t be your goal. It is like a cover-up. A way to make people perceive him as a good person. Well, he is not.

Swish, keep on building things and keep making your money, it seems as though that is the only thing that he cares about.

Swish started his trade at the age of 7 by stealing as an excuse for entrepreneurship. On his website, Swish Goswami, at the age of 7, took flowers from his neighbours, put a bow on it, and sell it back to them again. This is stealing. This is a story Swish is proud to talk about to the point of including it as the first sentence of his early years. I do not know why someone should be proud of the fact that he stole to indicate his enthusiasm for entrepreneurship.

This tells you one thing; Swish Goswami likes to talk about himself as I have established before. He wants the world to know about how far he has come comparing it to what he has achieved, but Swish, all he had was luck. Ask every other young enthusiastic want to be entrepreneur about how they strive hard to earn a mark, and you will know all Goswami had was luck.

The fact also that you were never bullied makes you don’t understand anything about people with disabilities going through abuse and developing mental health. He was never bullied, but he feels as though the world was always against him. When Swish talks about his story, he emphasizes having a speech impairment, but yet he accepts that he was never bullied, so why talk about the speech impairment in the first place.

Despite this, he claims to be a “counter-puncher in a world where everyone wants to be an aggressor.” Here is the thing, Swish accepted the fact that he has never been bullied, yet it is as though he had demons in his life.

Most motivational speakers like to talk about their struggles. It is obvious Swish is one of those who would never keep shut about how they had suffered and how they came out of it. There are millions of people who had worse in life, making light of being bullied is a slap to their faces.

The fact that Swish was never bullied is fact that everything he believed he faced was in his mind nothing else, yet he acts as though he has seen the worst of life. Tell me, what has a 22year old immigrant seen? I tell you nothing. So, he should stop acting like life had been trying for him. He even got to go into the university. Like I said luck. Do you know the hundreds of people who had everything in them but could not make it to the university? Swish like Mark Manson noted, there is nothing special about you.

Deceptive Practices By Swish Goswami

Swish Is A Liar

1 24

I don’t get the story right. In an interview at 7. On website 10, making an effort to impress the audience. Why choose to lie?

With all his success, Swish is still a liar. I wonder why. On his website, he wrote that when he was ten years of age, he designed two hovercraft with his father and sold it for $200. I got that part. However I looked up some other articles where Swish talked about himself, two actually, and here I am reading he built a hovercraft with his father and sold it for $200 at the age of 7. I presumed this is the same hovercraft that Swish built with his father, yet why is it at seven here and why is it at ten there.

This is what I do not understand. For a person with such high prestige and achievements that he always rants about on every interview, why then is he lying. Why should Swish lie? What exactly is his story? If I could find out one lie, how many other myths would we have taken as the truth from Swish?

All he has said can thus not be true then. This is more reason people should not care who Swish Goswami is. Someone who cannot get his facts straight. At such a young age, because this is what he emphasizes, he is not getting Alzheimer’s disease. No, he is young and not forgetful; he is just a terrific liar.

I wanted to know all I could on Swish Goswami, so I checked out the application he and a group of other people did, Trufan. Glassdoor does not have anything to say about it. I presumed this is software that a lot of people have been using. The application is also 3years+. Now, I do not understand why it is not recognized even with everything Swish Goswami has been known for, yet his greatest achievement is something only he thinks is great.

In fact, on Google, it feels like there is nothing known as Trufan. You know when things become this awkward, someone lying about the age they achieve a feat, narrating how they stole to show the entrepreneurial capability, take credit for themselves and have an application that a lot of people do not know about, then there is something off about Swish Goswami.

He is a lucky kid from Singapore who was an opportunist, and that does not make you, Swish exceptional.

With everything, Swish is a fraud, he believes he is making an impact socially, but no young person has benefitted from this. He is probably talked about making an impact not to feel greasy or anything, but in reality, Goswami is greasy; otherwise, in every interview, he should make a list of people that have helped him succeed instead of going on about all of his success.

The fact that he does not even consider checking his facts is because he is so full of himself and wants people to see him as exceptional. When you want attention because of something you have done, then that was the reason people like Swish do anything in the first place. He is not interested in just making a mark; he is interested in using it to carve out attention and recognition for himself.

Why Goswami do you think you deserve that attention and recognition? Swish Goswami does not deserve anything because he is busy searching for it.

Swish Goswami is only a nobody who wants people to know him.

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The fact that Swish Goswami does not even consider checking his facts is because he is so full of himself and wants people to see him as exceptional. When you want attention because of something you have done, then that was the reason people like Swish do anything in the first place. He is not interested in just making a mark; he is interested in using it to carve out attention and recognition for himself.

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    He wrote a partially true and obviously did not fact check his resources when writing a short dialogue on LinkedIn about Lebron James. It made me wonder why would he post lies about someone especially LBJ. There is so much info out there about LBJ. Either Swish is an uneducated moron or he has understood the psychology of lying. Anyone with money can attend university but not everyone who attends university is smart. Swish is both a liar and an educated idiot.

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  2. The biggest bloody tool alive on LinkedIn

  3. Reply
    March 10, 2021 at 12:36 pm

    As someone whose met Swish at several events and heard him speak I don’t think this is accurate at all. Swish has publicly acknowledged that he was blessed to be brought up in a decent household. When he brings up his speech impediment it’s not to suggest he suffered but more to suggest he did have setbacks but overcame them. I for one also think he sometimes talks a lot about himself but when you meet him he’s probably the most down to earth person you’ll meet. He didn’t talk about himself – he was always curious about what I did and what he could do to help me. I’ve spoken to his team members who all see him as a leader and I know he didn’t get to where he was through luck. He is always working and though I think that might come to bite him in the ass later on, it’s still indicative of his work ethic. I think you need to meet him and not just judge him on his online posts. I’ve also heard that he’s had some family issues recently that really affected him. Cut him some slack and stop spreading lies yourself.

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