Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency

Tai Lopez has been scamming people for years. And this time, he is trying to monetize the pandemic that has taken the world by storm with his Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency.

Finding an honest Tai Lopez review is already quite difficult, and when you’re looking for a review of one of his products, things get more challenging.

Tai has been in the industry for many years. And he knows how to scam people online in numerous ways. This time too, he is using multiple shady tactics to promote his trashy course.

The course’s content is nothing more than a waste of time and money. In this review, I’ve shared my personal review of Tai’s Ecomm Agency Program, and I’ve also exposed the scam he’s running online through paid reviews and shady marketing so people would buy his course readily.

He is trying to sell his Ecomm Agency program by deceiving others.

image 27
Tai’s Ecomm Agency Program

He is spewing lies and paying reviewers to promote his product. Tai Lopez doesn’t want you or anyone else to know the truth behind his terrible Ecommerce Agency program. That’s why I’m writing my review here. 

Debunking the Useless Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency Program

Tai’s course is on helping Ecommerce business in growing online. He makes many big claims on the landing page and the ads for this course, such as you can become a 6-figure earning entrepreneur with its knowledge.

Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency Program's Landing Page
Ecomm Agency Program’s Landing Page

But in my experience, the course doesn’t have any valuable information. All the reviews you’ll find for this course are filled with useless fluff like ‘Why Ecommerce is great’ and ‘How you can earn from Ecommerce’, none of them cover the material present in the course.

I’m sharing my experience with Tai Lopez’s Ecomm Agency Program, so you’d know why you should stay away from this course.

The course starts with telling you how important online marketing is for Ecommerce stores and introduces you to their basic concepts. This is 25% of the entire study material. That means you’re studying about the basics of online marketing by paying more than $300.

After the basics, Tai covers a few other concepts of online marketing. If you’ve never read about digital marketing, then you might think it’s something unique. But if you’ve ever made one Google search for learning digital marketing, then you’d see that all the concepts he’s sharing are pretty basic.

Tai isn’t teaching something new or interesting. His course is just the video version of a few popular blog posts on online marketing. Of course, Tai adds his ‘6-figure entrepreneur’ effect to the videos by showing flashy cars and whatnot.

You don’t need to spend $1,000 to learn what he’s teaching in his Ecomm Agency program. You can learn this stuff for free without wasting your time or money.

The worst thing is, he is using numerous shady tactics to promote his course. He is paying people, lying in his ads, and performing every black-hat marketing to get customers.

I have seen it happen at another place. There’s an influencer named Wesley Virgin who is facing a lot of flak because he used this same tactic Tai’s using for this course. You can read this Wesley Virgin review to see the whole picture. That review made me realise how Tai is running this scam.

Using a 3 Year Old Ad & Lying in it!

Tai is running multiple promotions for his Ecomm Agency program. He is spending a lot of money on his ads too. But because he has only made money online through scamming people, he can’t think of any other way. 

Screenshot 1 1
This video was uploaded in 2017 but Tai claims the book is up for pre-ordering in 2020

Take a look at the date it was posted (its Aug 1,2017), you might also notice the 34 dislikes too.

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In his ad, Tai is telling the viewer that he can ‘pre-order’ Tai’s book and avail a special offer. The ad might seem genuine but the truth is completely the opposite. 

This video is of 2017, three years prior to the current one, and he is re-using it to create a sense of urgency in the viewer. He has already released the book but he still pretends in his ad that he hasn’t so the viewer is duped into thinking that they’d be signing up for something new. 

You can imagine how terrible his product must have been if he has to LIE just to get a person to sign up on his website. Tai Lopez claims to be an internet marketer, but he is nothing more than an internet scammer. 

You might wonder, “Why is he lying, couldn’t he simply tell the viewer to sign up?” 

Tai doesn’t know anything about ethics and morals. So, he is re-using one of his old videos and making it seem as if he is releasing something new. In the entire video, he tries to convince the viewer of his legitimacy and all he wants is you to purchase his Ecommerce Agency Program.

Bribing Reviewers for Good Reviews

Tai has paid multiple reviewers to write about his Ecomm Agency Program. This way he can take advantage of the internet and deceive other people into thinking that his program is the real deal and that it actually works. How do I know that he’s paying people for this purpose? Well, none of the reviews of his Ecommerce Agency Program on the internet seem genuine. 

Filled with Fluff

Here’s a screenshot of one of the few reviews available online:

tai lopez ecomm review 1
This Review is Just Filled with Fluff

This reviewer is ‘assuming’ that the course is filled with the basics on how to run an ecommerce agency. In other words, it isn’t a review. It’s an assumption of a random blogger who is making it seem as if he/she is reviewing the product. Look at the sub-heading of that section, it says ‘Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency Product’. He is just filling his article with keywords so it would rank higher on Google. That sub-heading doesn’t even make sense. 

It’s obvious that the reviewer I mentioned above has written a nonsensical article just to attract some traffic to his/her website. Tai has many paid reviews present on the internet too. 

I found another review which doesn’t even know what this course is about. Tai’s Ecomm Agency Program is about building an ‘agency that helps Ecommerce businesses’, but this reviewer thinks it’s about building an Ecommerce business.

tai lopez ecomm review 5
This reviewer doesn’t even know what Tai’s course is about

The above image is just a snippet of the trash present on that article. This blogger says Tai is teaching how you can make money with Ecommerce, which is totally untrue. Obviously, the reviewer hasn’t even read about the product and is writing the article based on assumptions like the previous blogger I mentioned.

Such false information has only one purpose, to deceive the consumers so they would end up buying Tai’s course. I’ve mentioned all of these blogs below in the references. Almost all the reviews of Tai Lopez’s Ecomm Agency Program are filled with such deceiving nonsense.

All the Positive Reviews for Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency are SPONSORED & DISHONEST!

Tai Lopez is PAYING bloggers to write fake positive reviews about his Ecommerce Agency program. He has probably bribed these blogs and to make the deal sweeter, he has allowed them to do affiliate marketing for the program. It’s a win-win for both of them at the cost of honesty.


Below are the fake on Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency review(s):

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DollarCap’s Review on Ecomm Agency

DollarCap's Review on Ecomm Agency
DollarCap review is bribed

This review is full of fluff and hides all the negatives about the program. The title is a pure clickbait! Thomas (the writer) clearly is paid to write this positive post. This website is notorious for writing sponsored content. The author provides little to no information about the products. As you’ll see, this is a common pattern in all these sponsored positive Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency reviews.

WebTrafficLounge’s Review

WebTrafficLoung's review on the ecommerce blueprint

This review is better than the previous one, but it has its own flaws. The author SPAMS the reader with his own product. Even then the review is full of fluff content and there are very dodgy claims throughout the review.

BizReviewed & No BS IM Reviews

I added these together because they are possibly owned by the same guy. They sell the same scam and don’t provide ANY value in their review. Just look at their “product”:

These websites are total scams and their posts are definetely sponsered by Tai Lopez!

Social Media Programs Expert’s Ecommerce Agency Review

Social Media Programs Expert's Ecommerce Agency Review

This is the most DISHONEST review of this product ever! The author literally has an affiliate contract with the product he’s supposed to “critic”. This is nothing but a scam! Most people look over these details because they trust the author/website and this is what scammers like Tai Lopez feed on!

When honest professionals do affiliate marketing, they explicitly state it in their post and maintain clarity over this deal. Whereas here, it’s pure deception. People tend to buy more through affiliate links because they trust the reviewer or the person with the affiliate link.

tai lopez ecomm review 2
Look carefully on the top, its an affiliate tracker!

It means the reviewer is getting compensation from any sale made through that link. If the reviewer earns from any sale made through the link present on his website, how can he provide an honest review? This is a BIG CONFLICT OF INTEREST! 

Instead of providing an unbiased review, the blogger is actually trying to convince the reader that Tai’s course is legit.

So, a person visits that website in the hope that he would read an honest and unbiased review and ends up forming a misinformed opinion. That person would’ve wasted his hundreds of dollars on that shady program. 

Don’t you think it’s immoral? 

Tai wants All The Money, No Consequences!

Tai Lopez is a seasoned online scammer. He has sold many courses that don’t offer any value but certainly pay his bills. He’s aware of the kind of nonsense he speaks in his ads and courses, that’s why he’s certain that it wouldn’t work. 

You might say, “But Tai says everywhere that it would work.” 

Not everywhere. 

On his website, he has a humongous disclaimer that claims that “the success of Tai Lopez, testimonials and other examples used are exceptional”. Here’s a screenshot of his website (tailopez.com) stating the same:

Tai is not liable for the losses you suffer because of his course
Tai is not liable for the losses you suffer because of his course

Tai Lopez is not responsible for any results, only you are. His lawyers must’ve advised him to clarify these things otherwise he would be liable for a class action lawsuit. He has done countless scams like Ecommerce Agency as well, I found out about all his past scams in this Tai Lopez review.

He might say in his ads that his programs would put you ahead of everyone else and make you a millionaire but he doesn’t take any responsibility for these claims. So, take them with a bucket full of salt. 

Tai Lopez’ Ecomm Agency Program is not his only course that deceives its users. He has released 67 Steps, SMMA, and many other courses for which he used the same marketing tactics and scammed hundreds of people through them. 

Reviewers are Lying About the Prices of the Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency Program!

A common theme among the numerous reviews of Tai’s Ecommerce Agency Program is they are justifying the low-quality of that course through its price. Here’s an example:

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Reviewers are lying about the actual price of Tai's Ecomm Agency Program
Reviewers are lying about the actual price of Tai’s Ecomm Agency Program

They all know that the product they are recommending is trash so the only way they can claim that it’s legit is through its price. But that’s another lie.

The $100 price you’d see everywhere on the internet is just to dupe the viewers. The actual cost of the Ecomm Agency Program is around $1500, which is certainly a lot more than the one everyone’s claiming to be. 

You can see the video below where I’ve outlined the actual pricing of Tai’s course:

Checkout Page of Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency

There’s also a 30-day money back guarantee but if you’ll read an honest Tai Lopez review, you’ll find that his customer support is horrible and they wouldn’t process your request in time. 

Tai Lopez’s Ecomm Agency Program is totally a scam, nothing else. He lies about the pricing so he can scam you into purchasing the actual product. You’d think you’re only paying $100 but you’ll end up paying $1500. If that’s not a scam then I don’t know what is. 


Tai is at it again. He is lying in his ads, he is paying people to lie for him, and he is lying about his product to generate sales. The worst thing is, he is trying to monetize a catastrophe and is taking advantage of the fear and uncertainty people have in these times. He wants to get rich by stealing from people. 

If there’s one conclusion you can draw from this review, it’s this:


I couldn’t have said it better. Stay safe and avoid viruses like Tai.

Here are some much better free alternatives to his horrible program:

I won’t just say the course is bad without giving you some good alternatives! Below are the three best ecommerce guides which will do wonders for you. Trust me, these are not only better than Tai Lopez’s useless program, but they are free!

  1. Hubspot’s Guide on Ecommerce Marketing
  2. Ahrefs’ Guide on Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Marketing for Ecommerce

The above resources are free of cost and I’m not affiliated to them in any way. I’m sharing them here so you can see what a reliable and trustworthy resource looks like. You don’t have to pay a single dollar to learn the level of Ecommerce marketing Tai is teaching in his trashy course.

Questions you might have for Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency

Is Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency worth it?

No, the Tai Lopez Ecommerce blueprint program doesn’t provide ANY value to the customer, while costing $997!

Doesn’t the Tai Lopez Ecommerce Agency give you special tips that can’t be found anywhere else?

Unfortunately no. All the information provided in the course is common knowledge and it’s definitely NOT worth the price tag.

Are there any cheaper alternatives to Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency program?

Yes. All Tai Lopez does in this program is tell you the basics which can be learned for free on YouTube or for a small fee, on SkillShare or Udemy.


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  • https://nobsimreviews.com/tai-lopez-ecomm-agency/
  • https://www.seospark.co.uk/tai-lopez-ecomm-agency-review-is-this-a-good-opportunity-or-big-scam/
  • https://www.socialmediaprogramsexpert.com/tai-lopez-ecommerce-blueprint-agency-course-review/
2.9 Total Score

Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency is an elaborate scam. With fake positive reviews, fluctuating prices, and its horrible quality, Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency is the worst product Tai has released yet. Avoid!

2.8Expert Score
Customer Support
2.9User's score
Customer Support
  • Useless product
  • Dishonest positive reviews
  • False advertising
  • False claims
  • Low quality
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  1. 0.85
    Customer Support

    His e-commerce agency course is the biggest rip off I have seen. The course was too expensive and taught nothing unique or interesting. I have been following his method for months and so far, the results have been very disappointing. Tai made it seem as if the course was for the current market but I highly doubt that.

    I think he repackaged all the information he sells in his other programs and sold it to people in 2021. Most of the advice is outdated.

    I don’t suggest getting his course.

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  2. What about russell from clickfunnels ?

  3. 1.5
    Customer Support

    is this a BS blackmail site that extortes to have reviews removed….hmmm???

    Helpful(0) Unhelpful(1)You have already voted this
    • Well, if that were the case, wouldn’t reviews go ‘missing’ from Gripeo.com? We simply do NOT remove anything, nor entertain any requests, or cater to any threats to remove. If our users wish to exercise their right to free speech and share their opinions, we will certainly support their endeavor. Criticism is not all bad. It allows people to improve themselves and strive for a higher standard.

      See, we took your criticism and concerns in the right spirit, and I hope this answer suffices your curious mind.

  4. lmao, nice review jackass. Tai’s products are legit, the guy just bought Pier One and is making other high level moves whilst you’re here writing a crappy review moaning about it.

    Also a bunch of those blogs you mention, yeah some of them are pretty spammy but you are doing the exact same thing here, you’re using Tai’s name to get SEO traffic, no different to those guys just they are promoting other products.

  5. 0.5
    Customer Support

    My husband also bought Tai Lopez SMMA 3.0 and I don’t know what kind of value you got out of it. The whole course was fluff and there was nothing new in what he taught there. If you don’t know anything about social media, then maybe you can learn something from it, but otherwise, I don’t think so. Either way I didn’t think it was worth the price.

    - CONS: Fraud
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  6. 5
    Customer Support

    I bought all of Tai’s courses for $497 lifetime access about a month back. And it is the best thing that has happened to me. I absorb each and every word and my life is in for a transformation.It is sad I missed him for at least three years for reviews like this one. I have done tonnes of courses and nothing comes close to his. Some of his 5 minute tips are diamonds compared to the 50 hours of rambling costing thousands of dollars. By the way his SMMA 3.0 costs $49 and is 100+ hours of PURE GOLD. I know this comment will not be approved but I don’t care. Thank you.

    + PROS: Twenty four carat gold that can transform your life forever.
    - CONS: Absolutely nothing!
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  7. 0.5
    Customer Support

    I bought the Tai Lopez ecommerce blueprint program a few weeks ago. I really love to study and I recently came to know about Tai Lopez from one of my friends who is a big big fan of Mr. Lopez. My friend talks about him all the time whenever we are disucssing success or stuff like that. Yeah, he’s kinda obssessed with him. He recommended that I buy the ecommerce blueprint if I want to build the best passive income source I can during Covid19. That was a big claim if you ask me, because these days its difficult to even get a job let alone a passive income source. But I bought it anyways because I was interested in this ecommerce thing. And it was total garbage! The guy literally has NO data or research to prove the insane claims he makes in his ads and the summary of the program. I expected Tai Lopez to be an expert in ecommerce marketing and business, but it turned out be a rich snob sharing his useless/unreliable ideas while standing in his house. I did not know anything about Tai a month ago and I only decided to buy the program because it seemed useful. I would have to appriciate the sales pitches of this guy thou, he fooled me into expecting a good program.
    About the program:
    In the ecomm agency program, he explains what is ecommerce and why it’s the best thing to invest in (by the way, it’s not). Then he proceeds to explain some really really basic things like customers, traffic and importance of proper inventory. You can learn all this for free you YouTube, I actually learned about all of these terms from a YouTube playlist. I thought, “maybe he’ll share some secret tips or tricks, he cannot charge me a thousand bucks for spewing this basic $hit”. Turns out, I expected too much for a thousand bucks, he never shared ANY secret tips or tricks in this course.
    No refunds for the Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency:
    I will breifly share waht happened when I asked for a refund. I emailed the Tai Lopez refund team and asked them that I wanted a refund for my ecommerece blueprint. At first everything was seeming to go smooth like butter. They asked me to share my order ID,etc. and I was happy to do that. BUT, that’s all they did. I never got my $997 back! I don’t know what tf to do honestly. I feel like a moron for trusting Tai Lopez. I should have researched a little before throwing away my money. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THE TAI LOPEZ ECOMMERCE BLUEPRINT.
    I would not buy anything from any of the Tai’s companies, they just steal refunds and are lie in their ads. I wouldn’t have hated Lopez if the program had any sort of value whatsoever. But it was nothing but a disappointment. Avoid Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency!

    - CONS: Overpriced No refunds Lies in the ads No value
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  8. 1.35
    Customer Support

    Hello guys so I bought the Tai Lopez ecommerce blueprint program ansd, it’s not worth the price! So I saw his ad on YouTube and I went ahead and bought the ecomm agency program. Trust me, you don’t want to waste your money on this thing, Tai Lopez exaggerates what you will learn in the program by a thousand percent. He teaches some really really basic things that you can learn a single blog post, or a binging session on YouTube. And I didn’t know anything about this fake positive reviews that the guys talking about. I don’t even know what to say about this kind of scam. I would definitely never ever by anything from Tai Lopez in my whole life now. I DO NOT SUPPORT SCAMMERS. I still find it really shocking that he paid up bloggers to write good stuff about his product. That is a really cheap thing to do. It’s not something that someone with a good product would do for sure. Avoid the Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency program!

    + PROS: Popular guy
    - CONS: Overpriced Fluctuating prices Fake positive reviews!
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  9. 1.25
    Customer Support

    Holy ©rap! Thanks man! I was just gonna buy his program. I have bought Tai’s 67 Steps program and wanted a refund, but his customer support always ignored my emails. It wasn’t a lot of money so I stopped boethering about it but man it was evil of them to keep my money even though I wanted a refund. I assumed he would have become a better person and would have stopped stealing small refunds lol. Thanks again brother! You saved me a lot of money!

    + PROS: Creative
    - CONS: Doesn't refund No value in the product
    Helpful(6) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  10. 1
    Customer Support

    This is definitely a classic Tai Lopez move, when will this guy ever learn. Well he defintely earns millions from doing this, maybe you can’t get rich without stealing from people. I bought his SMMA back when it was launched and when Tai Lopez did crazy marketing for it. The program was nothing above useless. Believe me, you will regret spending your money on this A-Hole. He makes really convicing ads but his courses are a sham.

    - CONS: Sham, Lies about quality,
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