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Fraud expert making millions

If you are a Tai Lopez fanboy then I would advise you click away right now, because I won’t be sugar coating anything. I believe in speaking the truth and reveal the truth for my readers so they don’t get scammed. Now that it’s out of the way, let’s talk about the man himself.

Tai Lopez is a controversial figure in the internet entrepreneur arena. He has done countless shady activities to earn the $$ he has today. But he’s not as smart as some of the other scammers of the industry like Neil Patel so his tracks are easy to uncover.

He hasn’t changed with the time and Tai’s recent businesses are just as fishy as the ones he started out with.

Is Tai Lopez trustworthy?

To find that out, we have been investigating him for the past 90 days and in this post, we will uncover our findings.

Who is Tai Lopez?

He has many names, but we’ll stick with Tai for the sake of simplicity. Tai Lopez is an online self-help ‘guru’ who garnered his fame with the help of his viral garage video back in 2015. He lives in Los Angeles now and runs MentorBox.

For your convenience, I’ve summarized the basic details about Tai Lopez down below:

  • Date of birth: 11th April 1977
  • Place of birth: Fullerton, California
  • Family: Ben Avanzato (half-brother) and Maya Burkenroad (cousin)
  • Girlfriend: Kenna Alastair
  • Net worth: ~$60 million

His father was in jail throughout his early childhood. Tai has always been hungry for money and power. His hunger is what drove him to be the maniac he is today. He quit college and started to save up money to travel. He even went to India and started living with Amish before returning to the USA after 2 years.

Tai’s life changed when he started Elite Global Dating LLC in 2007. It was a genius but unethical idea. We will be talking more about it later in the article. After this, he started the 67 Steps Program, The Grand Theory of Everything and a dozen more businesses. One thing was common in all of his businesses; they all manipulated the customer into an illusion of value.

Tai Lopez’s Refund Scam Products

As a digital entrepreneur, Tai has released plenty of information products. Having such a huge collection of products has helped him in generating a strong income for himself.

And his dubious marketing strategies have helped him in promoting his various products effectively. As I checked his products, I noticed a distinct theme among them. I’ll discuss the most prominent and popular products of Tai Lopez here to give you an idea of the extent of his scams.

Mentor Box

Probably the most popular product Tai has created so far is the Mentor Box program. It’s a subscription service and claims to give you the knowledge of multiple books directly from renowned experts. Seems like a great deal, right? It isn’t. 

Mentor Box is one of the biggest online scams out there. Not because it’s filled with garbage (which it kind of is) but because it’s filled with crappy upsells and a horrible money-back guarantee.

Signing up to Mentor Box costs around $60 a year or around $7 a month, depending on the offer you take. They continuously run numerous offers and discounts on these subscriptions, marketing them as if they’re available for a “limited time only” to create urgency. The truth is, the discount offers are always there in one form or the other. 

Another issue with Mentor Box is the amount of upsells one encounters there. You’ll see multiple upsells there. Tai and his company will keep spamming you with offers and deals on their other products. 

If you don’t know what upsell means, according to Google,” persuade a customer to buy something additional or more expensive.” So there you go.

This is just shady marketing. And that’s why Mentor Box isn’t worth subscribing to. 

The 67 Steps

You must’ve heard about the 67 steps unless you were living in a cave.

Tai ran a multitude of ads for this product, which he calls, 67 Steps. According to him, in this subscription-based course, he’ll teach you the 67 steps you need to create wealth.

He uses deceptive ads to market this product as well. 

You’ll see him using flashy cars, piles of books, giant mansions, only to sell you the dream that you can have it too if you subscribe to his 67 Steps. But when you pay for a course like this, you expect to learn something useful and practical.

The 67 Steps program is a major disappointment in this case. It doesn’t give you any applicable knowledge except some regurgitated nonsense you read everywhere online when you search for life advice. 

Social Media Marketing Agency Course

The Social Media Marketing Agency program is supposed to teach you how to start a business in this field and create a passive income stream of millions. Yes, Tai claims that you can earn millions by using the knowledge he provides in this course. 

This course lags behind in providing value to its users, just like the previous 2 courses I’ve covered. I thought of trying his ‘money-back guarantee’ in this course, because many people think this guarantee alone makes his courses legit. 

But when I tried to get my money back, my request was not processed. I waited for weeks but I didn’t get a reply from Tai’s customer support except an automated response stating that they had accepted my ticket.

If his money back guarantee doesn’t work in this course, I don’t think it’d work with any other course. That’s why his courses have numerous negative reviews online. 

What others have to say about Tai Lopez

Before we checkout the different businesses Tai has started, let’s check out what do the people think about him. 

Tai Lopez is the WORST!

R/Entrepreneur is one of the biggest communities where entrepreneurs from all around the world gather and talk about all kinds of things. One of the top posts of all time on this community is actually on Tai Lopez. The user u/fateofmortality posted this a year ago. 

He claims that he hates Tai Lopez because of his annoying ads. You can check out the post down below, if you want to read the comments then you can check out the references section in the bottom of the article.

One of the commenter say they watched one of Tai’s video on investment where he was supposed to give you a golden tip and after 30 minutes of bull$hit, his advice was to “buy low, sell high”.  With 398 upvotes, another commenter laughs at Tai Lopez and state the house and Lamborghini Tai had in his viral video weren’t even his. 

If you want some good entertainment along with some good bits of advice on Tai, definitely check out the post. I’ve attached a couple of screenshots for your enjoyment down below:

We’ve another post on r/Entreperneur. This one was posted by u/215TallHands around 9 months ago and it has exactly 400 upvotes. It is archived now so we can’t post any new comments or even upvote any of the existing comments.

In the post, u/215TallHands is basically asking for help from his fellow community members. He wants to know if Tai Lopez is the real deal or just like other pyramid scheme guys or in simpler words, is he full of $hit. 

The top comment of this post, with 257 upvotes gives a genius answer (shout out to u/theREALspanky). I’ve summarized his comment for your ease. His comment basically states:

With a really low entry barrier, nowadays anyone can become a self-help guru like Tai and this has flooded the market with dumb people who don’t know anything about their “fields of expertise”. Anyone can rent a mansion from AirBnb, take out his/her phone and record a video where they can claim how they worked hard for years to “build an empire”. The basic setup of becoming a self-help guru on the internet only requires a website, a podcast and a shallow personality. 

There are some hilarious comments on this post as well, and like always, I’ve attached the screenshots down below:

Tai Lopez is a SCAMMER. My experience with him!

This is another post I came across on r/Entrepreneur and this one is just tragic. It was posted by u/joltzipper more than 3 years ago. Below is the summary of the whole post.

The user got Tai’s Accelerator program and it is basically useless. He teaches nothing useful in the whole thing and 90% of what he teaches here can be found on his YouTube channel for free. Actually the content you pay for is worse than the free one. The course claimed, it will show Lopez’s behind the scene stuff, but there’s only 3 of these videos and even there, he’s only talking $hit to his employees.

The user claims that Tai’s Knowledge database and money program are totally worthless. You can get more value from a good book than both of those combined. Tai is only trying to upsell the customer to buy insanely expensive stuff in these courses. He claims that you’ll get a “chance to meet” him in person and an opportunity to convince him to invest in your business idea.

Joltzipper tried to get a refund as he realized that Lopez’s course was nothing but trash. However, he never even got a response from Tai’s team. He only bought the Accelerator course because Tai Lopez guaranteed a 60 days money back guarantee. Tai was obviously lying when he said that, because even after several attempts to contact Tai’s team, he got no response at all. Joltzipper strongly recommends you not to buy anything from Tai Lopez.

Here are a couple comments from the post:

It pains me to read about such incidents. Scammers like Tai are duping enthusiastic young entrepreneurs and stealing their money. He convinces his audience that he knows the “one thing” that can make them rich while in reality it isn’t that easy. His crazy social media numbers can easily fool anyone into thinking that he’s reliable, what they don’t understand is you can get thousands of followers just by running ads. 

Quora’s questions on Tai Lopez

Is Tai Lopez a scam?

To find the answer, we went to Quora, a social media platform which is known for its intelligent userbase. The top answer on this thread is posted by Adame Dahmani, the answer was found helpful by more than 500 people.

Adame found out about Tai through one of his ad campaigns which were promoting Tai’s Accelerator program. He figured out that Tai was a fraud when he noticed the common red flags most scammers tend to show. Below are the red flags Adame mentioned in his answer:

  • Limited time offers: In most of his ads, Tai claims that the offer is only available for a limited while in reality it never ends. By doing this, Tai generates a sense of urgency and this causes the victim to buy his course in order to not miss out this “once in a lifetime opportunity”.
  • Credit Card payments only: You can’t use PayPal to buy Tai’s products. Why? Because its hella difficult to dispute unauthorized charges when you use credit cards. Tai can be taking hundreds of dollars from your credit card and you might not even be notified.
  • 75% discounts: No reputed company/organization gives 75% discounts, because their products are real and they provide value unlike Tai Lopez’s ones. The $4,000 course that he is selling for “only $997” is just $hit. His explanations for his insane pricing are dumb as a doorknob as well. Tai says you’ll be better off spending 1k on his non-sense course over spending thousands of dollars on community college. 
  • $500k worth of premium content for $1000!!!: This claim is exactly as bizarre as it sounds. Tai Lopez claims he charges $10,000/hr. for his consultations, we don’t know how true that statement is, but why would anyone give anyone $500k worth of something for $1000. Either Tai Lopez is generous or his claims are BS. We both know which statement makes more sense 🙂

Why & How frauds promote Tai Lopez and his Useless Products

Tai Lopez has an affiliate program which is quite appealing. By promoting his products, you can earn upto 50% of the product’s price, which is a ton of money, considering his programs are expensive as f*ck.

Many people are already making use of this offer and promoting Tai’s products all over the internet without even trying the product themselves. And if people are promoting his products after using it, then they are just utterly dumb (or really new to the self-help industry). 

There are many selfish people in the world, who only want to convince people into giving them money, they don’t care if they have to lie or deceive. Unfortunately, Tai Lopez is one of such people and it’s better to stay away from him than to give him a chance. 

And we don’t even know how much he pays the sponsored blogs to write good stuff about him! It’s possibly in millions of dollars!

He has robbed many people by taking money out of their credit cards without any authorization and not refunding it. It’s just too unsafe to trust him now.

Free Alternatives to Tai’s products

I’m not going to tell you to avoid Tai Lopez without giving you a better and free alternative. I’m going to list a couple of alternative places which can provide you equal or even more value than any of Tai Lopez’s products can ever will. They are mainly subreddits as I’ve found that they are really versatile and you can post your own stuff here as well, free speech is always a good thing to have.

  • r/Entrepreneur : This subreddit is full of valuable informational posts. This place has everything you’ll need to learn to become a great entrepreneur. Just sort by the posts by “Top-All the time” and you’ll get everything you need. 
  • r/cutthebull: Cutthebull is a smaller version of r/Entrepreneur. It also has some great posts and as it is not as large of a community as r/Entrepereneur, your questions will often be answered relatively faster.
  • r/digital_marketing: Tai claims to be a marketing expert and to know everything about Social Media Marketing. It is better to go to this subreddit and start your learning from there (even if you are an advance guy). This subreddit has some gold posts that are proven to help thousands of marketers around the world. To make things better, all of this is free!
  • r/GetMotivated: If you are feeling a little low on motivation, then a few scrolls on this sub can get you fired up in a matter of minutes. 
  • r/productivity: This sub is for those people who tend to procrastinate and need help with organizing their life and become better at handling stuff life throws at them. Even I use a couple tips that I learned here. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Matt D’Avila: This YouTuber is one of the biggest self-help influencers on the YouTube platform. He is an highly skilled individual and his videos are gems for any self-help focused individual. They’ll help you a LOT more than Tai’s products, trust me.

FAQs about Tai Lopez

Below is an FAQ section where I’ve covered the most asked questions about Tai Lopez. I hope this saves you some Google searches 😀


How much is Tai Lopez’s net worth?

$60 million. Lopez built his multi-million dollar empire with the help of elaborate scams like Elite Global Dating, The 67 Step Program, Mentor Box and now the Ecommerce course

What is Tai Lopez’s age?

43 years old as of 2019. He’ll turn 44 in 11th April 2021. (DOB 11th April 1977)

Is Tai Lopez a scam?

Yes. It may seem unbelievable, but after spending hours researching Tai’s past business practices, I’ve concluded that Tai Lopez is a fraud.

Is Tai Lopez legit?

It is a grey area as Tai is not a convicted fraud right now, but his companies are known for taking money out of people’s credit cards without authorizations and he also uses black hat marketing tactics to promote his products. 

How does Tai Lopez make money?

Tai Lopez sells [email protected] courses, fluffy consultations and runs several scams. He makes millions of dollars per year from these sources and lives a king-sized life now.

How did Tai Lopez get rich?

Tai Lopez launched a dating website scam under the name Elite Global Dating in 2007. He stole money from the users and spent it all in travelling. Then his big break came through when his video went viral.

How did Tai Lopez get famous?

In 2015, he released a video named “Here in My Garage” which he shot in an AirBnB rental to fool people into thinking he owned the place/car. The video went viral and Tai Lopez used this moment to market his $hitty products.


During my research I couldn’t believe how many people have fell victim to Lopez’s crimes. Here I have linked the articles I have used to construct my report. 

2.5 Total Score

Tai Lopez's companies steal the credit card information of the user and takes money from it without any authorization. He has an history of scamming people. His products doesn't provide nearly enough value for their cost and thus, should be avoided. There are definitely a 100x better free alternatives to his $hitty courses.

2.5Expert Score
Customer Support
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Customer Support
  • Consistency
  • False advertising
  • Steals money from credit cards
  • Duped thousands of people
  • Serial scammer
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  1. 1.85

    Not worth the time and money

    + PROS: Branded
    - CONS: Junk Product Plagiarism
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  2. 1.75
    Customer Support

    I bought the Mentor Box subscription after seeing countless ads for it. In their advertisement, Tai Lopez and the other guy (sorry I don’t remember his name), were telling how they have interviewed multiple authors and the authors explain their books in videos. For me personally, that sounded like the exact thing I would want! I’m diagnosed with ADHD and thus have a really difficult time focusing on particularly mundane tasks like reading or cleaning the dishes. I bought the subscription right away and started my “learning journey”. If you have any idea about ADHD, then you definitely know how impulsive we are, so I didn’t check ANY reviews about the founders or the products before making the purchase.
    Soon after I went through the website, I realized that it was false advertising and the place was full of filler interviews with other scammers. The authors who weren’t actual scammers didn’t explain anything of value in their so-called “interviews”. I can’t explain how massively disappointed I was. I didn’t pay a $hit ton of money for this BS. However I thought to myself, “C’mon man it can’t be that bad, let’s give it a try for a few days, they do have a refund policy, don’t they”. So I tried it out for around 3 days but after forcing myself to watch a couple of the [email protected] videos and other fluff, I finally decided that I can’t let my money be wasted on this. So I went through the cancellation procedure and canceled my membership, not a big deal right? Well for Tai Lopez’s company it was. Soon after I hit the “cancel membership” button, I lost access to all the “amazing content” (it is sarcasm, the thing was trash, absolute trash). However, it was a one way street as Tai Lopez and his team didn’t give my refund! I sent them a lot of emails asking about the refund, but after two responses, they just stopped responding. By this time I didn’t know about the refund scams that Tai Lopez actually does. After reading this review, I totally understand how his business works. This guy should be in jail for fraud!
    How does he get away with all this?!
    I really really wish I had found out about this Tai Lopez review before wasting all that money on the fraud.

    + PROS: Validation
    - CONS: Useless courses (MentorBox is especially useless) DOES NOT REFUND MONEY!
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  3. 1.35
    Customer Support

    I have been trying to get a refund for Tai Lopez’s ecommerce course that I bought 4 days ago. The course is totally trash and I can’t find any use for it except for wasting money. I tried to get a refund on it but Tai’s customer support is unresponsive. I’ve sent them 5 emails and only got a response for one of them and the response was from a f*cking bot! I don’t know how this guy is even popular at this point. How can he get away with all these non-sense scams?! Tai Lopez does steal your money, be careful!

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  4. Reply
    Dr. Henrique J. Duck
    June 23, 2020 at 7:07 pm
    Customer Support

    The primary product that Tai Lopez sells is 67 steps to getting anything you want out of life: wealth, health, love, and happiness. It costs $67 per month. The program includes 67 steps, videos of Lopez, life-coaching calls from Lopez, book-of-the-day recommendations, and other bonus content.

    “Tai seems like a very knowledgeable person, a very smart person, but he’s an internet marketer. That’s all he is. I’ve watched a dozen and a half motivational videos on YouTube and got more out of them than Tai’s program. They are one in the same and preach the same regurgitated information. Read a Tony Robbins book for God’s sake! Tai’s program is Tony Robbins and YouTube motivational videos rolled up into hour-and-a-half long sessions of listening to Tai talk.” – Source Scott Godar

    I want to be very clear with you there are no 67 steps, 100 steps or 1000 steps that will give you anything you want out of this life. There are things you can’t have in life like living forever or being someone else.

    Here is Tai’s bio from Linkedin:

    Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. Through his popular book club and podcasts Tai shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness with millions of people worldwide.

    Over the years, Tai sought out the secrets to the “Good Life” by setting up his life as a series of experiments. He began by reading thousands of books from the most impactful figures in history: Freud, Aristotle, Gandhi, Charlie Munger, Sam Walton, Darwin, Confucius, and countless others.

    He spent two-and-a-half years living with the Amish, worked at a leper colony in India, and helped Joel Salatin pioneer grass-fed, sustainable agriculture on Polyface Farms.

    He then joined the long list of entrepreneur college dropouts and ended up completely broke (sleeping on his mom’s couch) until he talked five, multi-millionaire entrepreneurs into mentoring him.

    Tai went on to become a Certified Financial Planner and worked in the world of finance before becoming a founder, investor, advisor, or mentor to more than 20 multi-million dollar businesses while settling in the Hollywood Hills.

    He appeared on various TV and radio shows, spoke at top global universities like The London Business School and the University of Southern California, and created one of the top downloaded podcasts and YouTube channels, “The Grand Theory of Everything.”

    In order to get feedback from an even larger audience, Tai started what is now one of the world’s largest book clubs that reaches 1.4 million people in 40 countries with his “Book-Of-The-Day” free email newsletter.

    Tai recently summarized all he has learned from his mentors and compiled them into a series of ‘mentor shortcuts’ he calls, “The 67 Steps.”

    He also created an alternative to the traditional business school. This “Business Mentorship” program combines the best of self-learning with the best of a University degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods.

    December 2001 – Present (14 years 2 months)Beverly Hills, California
    Investor focused on online education systems that help people solve the 4 hard problems of life through mass marketing.

    LLG Financial Inc.
    November 2003 – November 2007 (4 years 1 month)

    Wealth Management
    GE Capital
    November 2001 – November 2003 (2 years 1 month)

    Here are some additional details about what he did at GE Capital:

    Tai Lopez, Co-Founder, CFP®, ChFC, CLU
    Tai is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner and co-founder of The Legacy Life Group, which was formed when he and co-founder Jon Dewar merged their businesses in 2003.

    In the financial planning arena his expertise is on fixed life insurance for estate planning, bringing in his LLG team members affiliated with LPL Financial if a client has a variable or securities need. Tai entered the financial services business with GE Capital and quickly became one of the youngest and most prolific district leaders in the USA for GE Financial Advisors. He has assisted thousands of people in finding the most appropriate life insurance and he is a driving force in LLG’s goal to be the top financial resource for clients nationwide. – Source

    Tai Lopez fails to mention on his Linkedin profile that he was the CEO of Elite Global Dating LLC and is the CEO of

    “My Overall Description – I am the CEO of this website. I am an investor and entrepreneur.” – Source

    Tai Owns Model Promoter

    Tai Lopez is an insurance salesman that purchased some dating sites and is now selling the 67 steps to getting anything you want out of life: wealth, health, love, and happiness.

    Here are some examples of how Tai Lopez’s dating sites work:

    When you sign up for this site – the general free check it out part – you start to receive well timed out emails that are set up to look as though they are coming from people who are generally interested in you. Not an overload but a reasonable number of emails that make you think people who are already paying and sharing the same desire to date are actually interested in you. YOU ARE INDUCED TO SIGN UP.
    Once you are signed up – and you respond to someone who initiated contact with you. They NEVER write back. NOT ONE of the people who originally emailed you. In short order you realize that they have a system in place that sends out these type of emails and that it is all FAKED. – Source

    I wanted to warn people about this fake web site. Like most people are saying, the minute you sign in, even before posting your picture, suddenly they are interested in you! Tons of hot guys (not normal compared to all the fuglies on the MANY free web sites). While browsing these pics of hot men, chats pop up trying to talk to me. I admit, I was dumb, I signed up for the free trial, and tried to respond back to the chats (took about 5 mins) and suddenly these men weren’t interested in talking to me. WTF? The emails stopped, too. The guys that did email me, I wrote them back, not one response? HAH! I’m so hot why aren’t they responding back to the girl they emailed!?

    Like someone else said, I noticed the same profiles would pop up interested in me when I was no longer a member. Don’t waste your money. They are all fake!! – Source

    If you are wondering where those hot profiles come from, I think I have the answer:

    By creating a profile on you grant the right to use your profile (and all its contents) on other owned and operated websites. – Source Terms of Use

    As of January 2016 Tai Lopez appears to own the following websites:

    Tai Lopez Review Conclusion

    In my opinion, Tai Lopez is running a scam. He is using ridiculous claims and the symbols of wealth to sell you a program that can’t provide the results he is offering. Tai Lopez is an insurance salesman that purchased some dating sites and is now selling the 67 steps to getting anything you want out of life: wealth, health, love, and happiness. He claims that his success is because of the mentors he has had in his life. In my opinion, few if any multi-millionaire entrepreneurial mentors would recommend working for GE Capital as an issuance salesman as the way to success. I would avoid the Tai Lopez 67 steps scam and the Tai Lopez Ecomm Agency Scam.

    + PROS: Good Speaker
    - CONS: Veteran Scammer No Ethics Steals Refunds Sells Useless Products Ran Several Scams Countless Consumer Complaints
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