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Terrible customer service at TCF! I will be moving all my accounts. The card stopped working for NO reason. Called & waited 41 minutes. The agent said to call the fraud department without giving me any details. I said I didn’t want to be on hold for another 40 minutes. She assured me an agent would answer, not a recording. She refused to help me. I called the fraud department and got a recording saying no fraud associated with my number & hung up on it! No way to reach an agent. Called back customer service four more times to get my card working. My account has plenty of money. No fraudulent charges.

Only small charges for weeks. All five times I called back to customer service I was on hold for more than 20 minutes before getting an agent on the line. Every agent said they had to put me on hold to look up the account. After being on hold another 10-15 minutes the call was cut off every time. I can’t get any answers, and I need my debit card. 

3.3 Total Score
Stay away from TCF Bank

Worst customer service ever

  • Bad customer service
  • Holds more than 30 minutes
  • Agent won't help
  • Customers referred to other numbers
  • No way to get agent on phone in middle of day
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