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Tecmactrade: Is this a Ponzi Scheme? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

Wow! Tecmactrade is involved in a Crypto Ponzi Scheme let’s find out more about it.

The website of Tecmactrade does not include any information about ownership or executives.

On July 1st, 2022, a private registration was made for the domain name “” for the Tecmactrade website.


On January 2nd, 2023, Tecmactrade posted a Boris CEO promo video ( to its official YouTube account.

The video includes a Russian dub-over, performers who are not native English speakers, and manipulated office-building shots.


The video features all three of TecMacTrade’s presented executives, but only “Kenneth White” talks.

The other two had a Russian man speaking English dubbed over them. I’m blaming it on “Benjamin Turbin’s” and “Harold Wilson’s” shaky accents.

Kenneth White speaks with an Indian tone and doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that she was given a typically male name.


“Harold Wilson” likes to model items for Indian merchants in his spare time:

20/12/2023 Update
As of now, Tecmactrade has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

The IHDP Corporate Park in Noida, Uttar Pradesh is the setting for Tecmactrade’s rental office space marketing film.

image 511

To establish our Russian link to this Tecmactrade, we have this guy roaming around in the video:


Very Boris-looking, stands in like a sore thumb, and of course, isn’t given a speaking position.

The performers were also handed laptops that were in Russian:


Combining everything, we can see that Russians run Techmactrade and that the iconic Boris CEO marketing video was filmed in India.

The administrators of Tecmactrade’s official Facebook page are Indians as well:

image 514

On its website, it gives fictitious corporate addresses for the US, New Zealand, and the UK to conceal its Russian roots.

image 515

Additionally, there are shell business certifications for Tecmactrade Limited and Tecmactrade LLC, which are registered in New Zealand and the US, respectively.

Basic registration in any country has little significance for MLM due diligence. This is a result of how simple it is for fraudsters to use fictitious information to incorporate shell firms.

What do you think of what I told you about Tecmactrade and the strategies it uses to market its products? Can you come up with any more drawbacks or advantages?

Always think twice before joining or giving any money to an MLM firm if it is not completely transparent about who owns or runs it. As I always warn you.

Let’s move further in the details of the company, for its products, compensation plans, Rank Achievement Bonus, Referral Commissions, Residual Commissions, Recruitment Bonus, etc.

Their Products

It doesn’t offer any goods or services for retail sale. Affiliates can only promote website affiliate membership in and of itself.

Their Compensation Plan

Cryptocurrency equivalents in USD are invested by website affiliates. This is carried out in anticipation of the advertised returns:

  • Micro: Invest $25 to $4999 to receive 1.6% to 1.9% of your original investment back every day for 150 days.
  • Nano: Invest $5000 to $39,999 to receive 1.9% to 2.2% per day for 140 days and a return of 35% on your initial investment.
  •  Pico-you can invest between $40,000 and $100,000 and get 2.2% to 2.5% interest daily for 130 days, returning 50% of your initial investment.

From Monday to Friday, the website pays returns. Keep in mind that the website assesses a 9% fee on each withdrawal.

The Tecmactrade MLM division provides commissions for bringing in affiliate investors.

Tecmactrade: Bonus for Rank Accomplishment

The compensation structure of this company has nine ranks.

They are as follows, along with the requirements for each qualification:

Level 1: Generate a combined investment volume of $30,000 on each side of your binary team.

Level 2: Reach a combined investment volume of $60,000 on both ends of your binary team.

Level 3: Reach a combined investment volume of $100,000 on both ends of your binary team.

Level 4: Reach a combined investment volume of $150,000 on both ends of your binary team.

Level 5: Reach a combined investment volume of $200,000 on both ends of your binary team.

Level 6: Reach a combined investment volume of $350,000 on both ends of your binary team.

Level 7: Reach an investment volume total of $700,000 on both ends of your binary team.

Level 8: Reach a combined investment volume of $1,400,000 on both ends of your binary team.

Level 9: Reach an investment volume total of $2,800,000 on both ends of your binary team.

Advisory Commissions

On bitcoin investments made by affiliates who were directly recruited, Tecmactrade provides a referral commission.

A Tecmactrade affiliate’s investment level affects the referral commission rates:

  • A 9% commission is paid to micro-tier affiliates for referrals.
  • Affiliates in the nano tier are paid a 12% fee for referrals.
  • Affiliates in the top tier get a 15% commission for referring customers.

Recurring Commissions

Tecmactrade uses a binary compensation scheme to pay residual commissions.

An affiliate is positioned at the head of a binary team that is divided into two halves (left and right) by a binary remuneration structure.

Two places are located on the binary team’s initial level. These first two slots are divided into another two slots each to create the second tier of the binary team, totaling four positions.

The binary team is formed in levels as needed, with each level containing two times as many positions as the level that came before it.

The binary team hires affiliates directly and indirectly to fill open positions. Keep in mind that a binary team may grow indefinitely deep.

Each day’s fresh investment volume is totaled by Tecmactrade on both ends of the binary team at the end of the day.

On the side of their inferior binary team, associates get compensated 10% of new investments.

It should be noted that daily residual rates of commission are restricted according to the amount of money an affiliate has staked in Tecmactrade:

  • Micro-tier affiliates can make up to $1500 every day.
  • Affiliates in the Nano Tier can make up to $4000 every day.
  • Affiliates on the Pico tier can make up to $10,000 every day.

Investment volume will be matched and flushed after being paid out, against the more powerful binary team side.

On the more dominant binary team side, any unused volume carries over.

Recruitment Bonuses

For bringing in new affiliate investors, the website pays its affiliates.

  • earn $25 for bringing in ten affiliate investors.
  • earn $150 by bringing in 25 affiliate investors.
  • Earn fifty affiliates to invest, and get $300.
  • Earn $600 for recruiting 100 affiliate investors.
  • receive $1200 for bringing in 150 affiliate investors.

Bonuses for achieving Ranks

Tecmactrade offers the following single Rank Achievement Bonuses to affiliates that meet qualification requirements at Level 1 and higher:

  1. Earn a “$300 set of headphones or cashback” by qualifying at Level 1.
  2. get a “$650 mobile or cashback” if they reach Level 2 qualification.
  3. earn a “$1250 worth of laptop or cashback” at Level 3 by meeting the requirements.
  4. obtain the “latest iPhone worth $1875″ or money” if you reach Level 4.
  1. Get a “$3000 worth of Dubai trip for 3 days 4 nights or cashback” when you reach Level 5 by qualifying.
  2. Obtain a “5250 worth gold bar or cashback” at Level 6 by meeting the requirements.
  3. Obtain a “$14,000 worth Europe trip (6 days, 7 nights) or cashback” by reaching Level 7 of qualification.
  4. Obtain a “$55,000 worth car or cashback + franchise membership” after meeting the requirements at Level 8.
  5. Earn a “$110,000 worth of luxurious car or cashback” at Level 9 by meeting the requirements.

Tecmactrade membership

Joining the website as an affiliate is free. A minimum investment of $25 is needed to fully participate in this additional earning opportunity.

Investment in a range of cryptocurrencies is encouraged by Tecmactrade.


The business strategy of this website is typical of AI trading robotic rubbish.
There is no proof that this website generates outside revenue from trading using AI bots.

The passive investment option offered by Tecmactrade qualifies as a securities offering for regulatory purposes. To seek investments, the website must register with the banking authorities in each jurisdiction.

How exactly does a Ponzi scheme operate?

An investment fraud known as a Ponzi scheme draws investors with claims of great returns and no risk but fails to invest the money as stated. Instead, it pays off earlier investors with money from future investors while maybe keeping a portion of the profits. These schemes typically fail when recruiting investors becomes challenging or when multiple investors attempt to cash out. They depend on a steady flow of new buyers to operate. They are called after Charles Ponzi, who ran a similar scam using postal stamps in the 1920s.

Tecmactrade makes misleading claims that its shell firms are officially registered with securities regulators rather than acting in compliance with the law.

No jurisdiction has authorized Tecmactrade to offer securities. Worldwide, the firm defrauds investors of their securities.

Right now, new investment is the only source of income that can be verified as entering Tecmactrade.

Tecmactrade is a Ponzi scam since it uses new investments to pay investors a return every day.

image 519

As regards all MLM Ponzi scams, the fresh investment will cease as soon as affiliate recruiting does.

This will deprive Tecmactrade of ROI income, leading to its eventual demise.

The mathematics underlying Ponzi schemes ensures that when they fail, the majority of investors lose money.

Well, I’ve covered everything I have to say about this website. Now that you’ve read it, what do you think of the whole plan? In addition to this, I can also provide a few screenshots of the genuine reviews that this scheme’s users gave it.

image 520
image 521

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