Teresa Fildago: The Truth Behind Ghost Haunting in Social Platforms

Are you using social media then the story of Teresa Fildago will make your blood run cold.

Many of you have curiosity and questions arise that what is so terrifying about this haunted story of Teresa Fidalgo. So, it is a story of a haunted woman who gives someone goose pimples on social media.

The fact is that the story of haunted women hopefully becomes literal among the people. In the 1970s a car accident was taken spot, it was the accident of Teresa Fildago and she died in the accident. From 1970 till now her psyche is haunting people on social media.

Multitude says that if you don’t repost messages so, be ready for Teresa Fildago’s wrath. The story of Teresa Fildago spreads all over the internet. Some of the crowd start being sure of the story is real.

In this article, you going to know the actual reality of the story whether the facts and information are true or it is only a myth that is spread all over the Internet.

Did You Know?

Other than the above story, several claims about ghost and devils swim in the web. One of it says that ghost can never harm you. Rather, they are weakest creature of almighty.

The actual story of Teresa Fildago:

Teresa Fidalgo Story

The story begins with David Rebordao’s viral video ‘A Curve.

Footage showed The car is by the peak, three of them in the car while navigating one of the friends decided to give free lifts to a woman whose name was Teresa Fildago.

The strange things that they noticed were that some weird things going to happen to them because the women take all those people to the place where her accident took place, where Teresa Fildago died.

Suddenly the back camera is on to take Teresa Fildago’s photo but before this car crashed.

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After this incident was famous as a white lady. People started making stories which the younger generations.

Initiator of Teresa Fildago’s story:

Teresa Fidalgo 3

Many of them said that Teresa Fildago is the fabrication character of the Portuguese movie.

Some of them said that it is the story of David Rebardao who is the Portuguese content creator.

As written in the story Teresa Dies in Portugal car accident in 1983 in Sentra.

David want to shoot some film shorts, so he decided to Capture some amazing locations or sites which would draw the audience’s attention to his Movie ‘A Curva. He went on a trip along with his friends. David and his friends saw a woman on the road who seemed to be strange.

The Curva movie director said that it is not based on literal facts.

In the interview with the channel Tvl 

The director commit that he was shocked to see the success of the story and that people started trusting the story.

Teresa Fildago

Numerous reputed messages were sent to the crowd on their social media accounts.

The Harsh Reality of Teresa’s Story:

image 59

The Teresa story embellishes best hollow for the social media users it spread all over the world.

In people’s minds, Teresa’s story has effects differently. Teresa died in a Portugal car accident. Now her spirit spooks the particular social media user If he or she does not pursue the rules. Like, don’t share her story, etc.

It becomes fun for the social media user to scare somebody. Things most people do simply share a photo or video of Teresa along with a message that:

“I am Teresa Hildago and if you don’t post this on 20 other photos I will sleep with you forever”. 

The fact is that Teresa’s story becomes a source of Entertainment among a multitude that goes viral all over the world. 

Real Event:

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The Portugal lady accident took place in 1983 in Sentra whose name was Teresa Fidalgo. But the fact is that on July 12, 2003, the same lady was there in the video which goes viral on the Internet. Then How she presents the video of when she died in the car accident which was happened 20 years before. 

The group of three friends had gone on the trip. They talk about supernatural powers and spirits. Suddenly they glimpsed a young woman standing on the other side of the road. She asked for the lift. The lady seems to be suspicious when she told them about her road accident, which is very hard to digest for them.

As a result, the vehicle hits three out of the three friends David endured.

The police inquiry found that Teresa died in 1983  in a car accident.

Teresa’s story gained Commerciality: 

image 60

Teresa’s story earned so much popularity. It is famous all over the world. Social media users used to share many times.

As discussed previously the trend of ‘Teresa will haunt the particular person, by this, it earned much more.

Rumors of this story become fake news and spread widely.

Some of them believe in paranormal activities, so they think the story is real.

To this story, many people’s blood runs cold on the internet.

Wrong information on social media:

Through Teresa’s story, many of them shared this story many times.

Click on the link many times, this is only for fun but some of them get frustrated.

Try to spread the real good news. fake news gained one-time popularity, but after a certain period, it started to decline.

Steps to avoid fake news on social media:

  • Try to find out the grammatical error.
  • What is the source of the post?
  • Try to search for the same news from a variety of sources.
  • Just follow the trend that is happening currently in social media.
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Always be alert while using social media. Try to have proper information about posts, links, and stories. That people share with you.

Always remember some things are not for you. 

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