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Terrence Duckett: Family, Career, Age, And Net Worth 2024

Terrence Duckett, 62 years old, is best known as the former husband of actress Jasmine Guy, who was famous for her role in A Different World.

Jasmine Guy’s ex-husband worked at Tickety in Los Angeles for over a year, serving as Chief Strategy Officer for seven months and as Business Advisor for one year and seven months.

Full NameTerrence Duckett
Famous ForBeing the ex-husband of Jasmine Guy
Net Worth$1.5 Million
Date of BirthMay 22, 1962
Age62 years old (as of 2024)
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Marital StatusDivorced
ChildrenImani Duckett (Daughter)
Wife NameJasmine Guy (Wikipedia)
ProfessionHealthcare consultant
Zodiac SignGemini
Height175 cm-180 cm (estimated by sources)
Weight80 kg
WikipediaNo Wikipedia Page

Terrence Duckett: An Insight into the Life of Jasmine Guy’s Ex-Husband

Terrence Duckett, once married to Wikipedia page holder actress Jasmine Guy, became a notable figure through his relationship with the talented actress. While he prefers a more private life nowadays, some surprising facts about Guy’s ex-husband have recently come to light.

At the age of 62, Terrence Duckett, an African-American, has reportedly amassed a fortune of $1-1.5 million. He previously attended the University of Iowa, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

On August 22, 1998, Duckett and Jasmine Guy exchanged vows in Boston, Massachusetts, igniting speculation and public interest in their marriage and subsequent divorce.

Jasmine Guy with her daughter

The Enigmatic Background of Terrence Duckett:

Duckett’s celebrity status soared following his union with Guy, and his fame continued even after their 2008 divorce due to irreconcilable differences. Despite his enduring recognition, Duckett has intentionally maintained a low profile, offering little insight into his current romantic life.

Professionally, Duckett held the position of chief strategy officer at a prominent healthcare company based in Los Angeles. His most recent role involved serving as a consultant for the same organization.

While Duckett thrived behind the scenes, Jasmine Guy embraced the spotlight, gaining prominence through her appearances in “Fame” during the early 1980s and the ’90s series “A Different World.” Her successful career in the entertainment industry has earned her numerous awards over the years.

Unpaid Child Support Woes for Terrence Duckett:

It has come to light that Terrence Duckett is allegedly in debt for approximately $40,000 due to unpaid child support. As part of the divorce settlement, Duckett was ordered to pay $1,469 per month in child support for their daughter, Imani. However, in 2012, Jasmine Guy revealed that Duckett had not made any payments since May 2010. A spokesperson for the actress emphasized the importance of securing financial support from both parents to provide for their child.

Jasmine Guy with her husband Terrence Duckett

Court documents filed by Jasmine Guy at the Los Angeles Superior Court revealed that Duckett had an outstanding balance of $39,663 in child support payments. Although a court session had been scheduled, it was ultimately aborted, preventing Guy from serving Duckett with the documents. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that a hearing will be arranged in the near future to address this matter.

Reports suggest that Guy sought legal action to hold Duckett in contempt of court in an effort to garnish his wages or, if necessary, have him detained. This dispute over child support is not the first financial difficulty Guy has encountered concerning Duckett.

Jasime Guy with her daughter Imani Guy

Financial Challenges and Souvenirs: Jasmine Guy and Kadeem Hardison’s Shared Experience

Following the end of her marriage, Jasmine Guy had to declare bankruptcy due to the accumulated debt. Duckett reportedly owed the federal government an estimated $94,000, and the actress owed the IRS over $100,000.

Despite the financial hardships, Guy ensured she didn’t leave empty-handed from her time on “A Different World.”

During an appearance on the talk show “The Real,” Guy and her on-screen partner, Kadeem Hardison, revealed the souvenirs they had taken from the set.

Hardison confessed to keeping a jacket he had worked on, while Guy mentioned taking items related to Andy Warhol and an old-style rotary telephone. These tangible mementos were reminders of their shared experiences and professional collaboration.

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In 2016, the duo joined forces again, working together on the show “KC Undercover,” extending their partnership beyond their memorable on-screen connection.

Jasmine Guy: Ex-wife of Terrence Duckett

Wrapping it up:

While Terrence Duckett’s personal life remains veiled in mystery, his past relationship with Jasmine Guy and the subsequent revelations surrounding their divorce and financial issues have added intriguing layers to his story.

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