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Health Centers Enhanced with $1 Billion of The Biden Administration

Community Health Centers all over the US have been awarded $1 billion by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Announced on September 28, 2021, these funds will help the renovation and construction projects to improve facilities such as mobile medical units, freezers for storing vaccines, telehealth implementations, and other financial requirements related to COVID-19. 

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said “Health centers are lifelines for many of our most vulnerable families across the country, especially amidst the pandemic,” in the press release issued by the department. 

He added, “Thanks to American Rescue Plan funds, we’re modernizing facilities across the country to better meet the most pressing public health challenges associated with COVID-19.” 

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Health Centers are the backbone

Currently, the health center is fighting on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and is often characterized as the backbone of the American public healthcare system. They are diverting non-acute COVID cases from the overwhelmed hospitals and have completed over 15 million vaccinations. 

They have increased virtual visits with a 98% adoption rate to make sure patients receive crucial services without any interruptions. These services include behavioral health visits as well as wellness checks. Continuity of care is vital for the patients of health centers as a lot of them are from low-income backgrounds and suffer from multiple chronic health issues. 

Source: National Association of Community Health Centers 

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