The Freedom Era Reviews: Is it a Fraud? The Truth Exposed (2023)

The Freedom Era
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The Freedom Era has received numerous allegations of being a dangerous pyramid scheme. Find out their reality in this review.
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Consumers of the Freedom Era from all around the world are searching for methods to earn cash from houses. This sometimes pushes individuals into paths that continuously frustrate them.

Pyramid networks are among the many frustrations individuals encounter when seeking reputable ways to make cash internet.

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Companies involved in MLM are not all the same. They might be a dangerous Pyramid scam. Similarly, not all of those mentioned are reputable companies.

Therein lies the issue of locating job possibilities that allow you to be the boss of yourself while working from home.

In online forums, there is often a lot of discussion concerning MLM and pyramid-type businesses. The question at hand is if MLM is a viable way to make a living from work.

These are not just MLM possibilities, but additionally MLM education for such home businesses.

These instructional approaches are also being discussed in internet-based freelance work opportunity forums. Many believe these are legitimate, whereas others are more picky regarding which instructional methods they use.

Freedom EraL Is It Legit or Not?

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What is the Freedom Era? 

Initially consider how this business is promoted on its website as well as by its subsidiaries. 

This is an MLM subscription site that focuses on ‘attraction advertising’ for internet promotion.

Clint X Morgan & Christie Ord are the creators. Enagic, an organization that sells supplements made from turmeric and expensive filters for water, is the item that they’re promoting.

In essence, attraction advertising’ is a flowery word that supports and fakes it till you make it approach. Your task is to entice folks to visit your DMs to find out more about what you’re offering.

Once they are in your messages, you sell people this system & urge them to continue the process of selling it to another.

This application is not for novices by any stretch of the imagination, so be aware of that. 

The instruction is complicated, therefore the expense is not justified. We’ll get to that later in a minute.

How Does Freedom Era Work? 


The Freedom Era education program teaches individuals how to establish a website-based company by selling and promoting pricey Kangen Enagic water filter systems & curcumin pills.

To begin, you have to be a reseller, which requires you to purchase the system for yourself and then attract others who are going to do the same thing. Your goods cost from four thousand dollars and twelve thousand dollars to purchase.

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You are not required to register as a distributor for The Freedom Era. You may instead turn into a distributor, bringing others into the network who then enroll & offer as distributors.

This choice restricts your earning potential and access to resources on this MLM network.

As a result, assuming you are a natural salesman or are open to learning, you can be a member of The Freedom Era. 

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with The Freedom Era but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

Nevertheless, if you would like to gain from the course, you have to be ready to put down a significant amount of money.

What about Enagic and The Freedom Era MLM? 

The Freedom Era isn’t the sole program that educates the people on how to promote Enagic systems. It’s at least Twelve and possibly more. It is unknown because there are numerous of them.

We only have a supposition of people who previously took part in any of these MLMs. This can occur when proprietors desire a position at the very top of their structure, or when every app has an adverse track record or becomes a hoax.

Is Freedom Era a Pyramid Scheme?

A pyramid scheme during the Freedom Era. It is an instructional course designed to demonstrate to individuals how to sell Enagic’s expensive goods via social media, sponsored posts, attractive advertising, & channels.

Enagic, on the other hand, is not a pyramid scam. Nevertheless, every one of them has all the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme. Because of the way it’s put up, it’s been wrongly suspected of functioning as one in stealth.

What is a pyramid scheme, and why is it prohibited?

A pyramid scheme is a dishonest method of making money that relies on enlisting a rising number of “investors.” Investors are attracted by the original promoters, who then bring in other investors, and so on. The system is known as a “pyramid” because more investors are added at each level.

We don’t like the program or any of those who participate in enticing unwary customers to sell expensive things based purely on that.

A pyramid scam is a business that offers to pay its customers to bring in prospective customers rather than offering a service.

This dynamic is not favorable to earning wealth. Making income inside a pyramid system is practically impossible. In addition, pyramid schemes are banned in the majority of nations around the globe.

Because Enagic offers actual things & The Freedom Era offers instruction that could be used to launch practically any internet enterprise, it is unable to label them as pyramid schemes.

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What Is The Freedom Era Training Program’s Success Rate?

Based on statistics, 72 percent – 99 percent of MLM participants lost cash. Sales via the Internet are still popular among people looking to start their very own Internet-based company.

As a result, success in any MLM organization is uncommon.

Is The Freedom Era an MLM company?

What is contained under the Freedom Era Training and Platform?

  1. Making a daily routine amazing by using the internet.
  1. Attract folks by having them contact anyone about how you’ve made their lives fantastic.
  1. anyone can own an internet firm and enjoy life in their way; might like to do the same?”
  1. Proceed to sell these folks filtering products plus turmeric products for four thousand dollars to twelve thousand dollars, as well as the monthly $99 charge for joining The Freedom Era for an educational course.

What are the products of the Freedom Era? 

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Because The Freedom Era training course aids in the promotion of magic items, the following are a couple of options:

Ionizers and water filters

  • $2890 Anespa DX
  • JRIC LeveLuk $2980
  • SD501 LeveLuk $3980
  • $4280 LeveLuk SD501 Platinum
  • LeveLuk K8 is available for $4980.
  • SD501 LeveLuk $4980
  • $5980 LeveLuk Super 501


  • UKON Supplements DD $760
  • UKON Soap DD $760
  • UKON Tea $760
  • UKON Sigma Combo $1980

Is Freedom Era an elaborated fraud?

A view is that this project is at best dubious. It may provide true ‘attraction advertising’ via the internet and advertisements for selling water filtration units and recruiting new members, but it’s expensive, plus the expenses continue to keep coming once anyone can be invested in it.

One of the explanations for why many believe this is a fraud is that the very first data supplied does not present them with a fair picture of the sort of thing to expect.

As a result, that could be deemed a hoax. At the very least, they are not offering complete transparency or explicit and readily supplied disclosures.

Final Thoughts of the Reviews 

Sincerely, an advertise things using the “do not believe it till then generate it” mentality, everyone is likely to earn a few bucks with this system through distribution rights or associate schemes.

So could gain a little momentum & generate a few dollars if anyone is adept at keeping their daily life appear beautiful on the internet.

MLM businesses are not all of them unorganized & immoral. It is vital to conduct a study when deciding on an MLM or another online company.

It is recommended that anyone can avoid The Freedom Era as well as its educational & advertising methods except if anyone is enthusiastic about promoting water filtration units & turmeric remedies. 

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Opinion of the Customers

According to the website, it is stated that most of the customers are not happy with The Freedom Era because it a scammer. 

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The Freedom Era/Ripple Effect, Clint X Morgan and Kristie Ord?

Reddit reports mentioned in the post that, the client of Freedom Era commented and said I was curious if anybody else had recently stumbled upon such businesses. It’s difficult to find data on these individuals and companies, but there are a growing number of individuals associated with them. It appears to be a pyramid scheme, and everybody personally who is participating has taken on a cult-like approach to wealth and the business in question. I’ve also witnessed some quite dubious methods of manifesting cash, such as writing on all receipts “Every time I spend money, I get it back Sevenfold.” I just invested twenty dollars, so I made $1400.” While participating, they’ve also begun sharing 5g/Bill Gates create Covid-19 theories, which I believe constitutes a component of the Ripple Affect promotion that appeals to effortlessly swayed individuals. 

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Fake PR of Freedom Era Reviews 

Fake PR report is based on the CEO website, 

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Goodbye, which “Side Hustles,” & Welcome, Abundance: The Freedom Era Reviews Motivate Entrepreneurial Success

With hyperinflation prevalent & cost-of-living prices soaring throughout the globe, “side hustles” have grown into a must-have for young adults looking to get forward. Half of the boomers & 72 percent of Gen Z hold second or third employment opportunities, most that eventually lead to full-time professions. 

Operating for another person once seemed like an adequate means to make a consistent paycheck, but instability in a few of the longest-established sectors has altered everything. Entrepreneurs need to develop unique chances by identifying underdeveloped areas & seizing on rapidly shifting patterns.

More about Freedom Era 

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Kristie X Ord & Rebekah L Femia established The Freedom Era in the nation of Australia barely three years previously, and the organization has been launching emergent businesses into the spotlight ever since. 

The Freedom Era stands out from other internet chances due to its emphasis on learning and its high-ticket service. 

Kristie & Rebekah have achieved achievement in a variety of different endeavors in addition to their work with The Freedom Era. Kristie has produced multiple books, participated in multiple podcasts as well as and hosted massive empowering gatherings with global leaders. 

She transformed herself from a stressed-out expectant mother to a contented and self-sufficient mom and wife of a trio of kids. 

Surely, Freedom Era makes a lot of outrageous claims in its fake PR to entice people into joining this scam.

They might be used to working multiple jobs in order to make ends meet, but people are going to discover that The Freedom Era has whatever people I’ve been looking, for and much more. 

The Freedom Era Reviews: Is it a Fraud? The Truth Exposed (2023)
The Freedom Era Reviews: Is it a Fraud? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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