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The Total Takeover And Matthew McMills Scam

On May 15, 2014 the corporate team of The Total Takeover spent over two and a half hours sharing their grievances with The Total Takeover and Matthew McMills.  There are some amazing claims that are made.  For Example:

  • The Total Takeover has low value content and Matthew McMills charges for training he does not complete.
  • The Total Takeover charges you multiple times and Matthew McMills does not provide refunds.
  • The Total Takeover tools are copied from others and many don’t work.
  • Matthew McMills is not a caring person and is a foul mouthed person.

I had a chance to talk to Matthew McMills and he does not agree with the claims that are made about him.  I will let you decide who is telling the truth.

Claims Debunked in this The Total Takeover Review

Making Money Online Made Easy

The most lucrative unconventional yet legal ways to absolutely make a killing working on your computer or tablet from home.

There is no other place to find this much valuable and powerful information.

Matthew McMills from his bio – At the age of 26 Matthew McMills came out of seclusion to begin his journey of helping the “average person” become successful in their home based business and/or network marketing company. After attaining what few ever do through internet marketing, Matthew McMills has now shifted his everyday life into training and teaching others how to “work from home and live the life they want”.

The Total Takeover Scam Reality

Started in November 2013.

Cost: $100 per year.

They claim you can purchase the tools they offer individually for $47 each, but the purchase buttons did not work at the time of this post.

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You will get paid a 50% commission on all sales you refer, commissions are paid out every Friday.

There is no trial period to see if the information is valuable and the tools are working as advertised.

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The above statement does not match with the following claim they make on their website.  “The most lucrative unconventional yet legal ways to absolutely make a killing working on your computer or tablet from home.”

Your membership Fee and program are non-refundable. All sales are final. – Source The Total Takeover FAQs



  • Out Sourcing – 4 videos
  • Add $1000 to your monthly residual – 4 videos
  • How to Build a Huge List – 4 videos
  • Auto Selling (Zero Recruiting) – 5 videos
  • Cheap Paid Traffic (Secrets) – 5 videos
  • Make Extra Money During Christmas – 2 videos
  • Building The Proper Mindset For Internet Marketing – 2 choices
  • How to Capitalize off “Pre-Launches” – 3 choices
  • Create a Word Press Blog in Minutes – 3 videos
  • Affiliate Marketing Made Easy – 4 choices
  • 60k – Local Business Video Marketing – 5 choices


  • Facebook Business Puller
  • FiverrList Tool
  • Google Maps Local Business Scraper
  • The Youtube Assistant
  • The YouTube Competitor Analysis

In the current introduction video for The Total Takeover Matthew McMills tells you to not fall for fake marketing tactics like showing expensive homes and large income claims.  The only problem is these are tactics that he has used to sell other business opportunities.  Below is a video of him promoting cash gifting.

Matthew McMills has even produced a video of him walking through a model home which he claimed was his home.  He has made claims that he is an internet millionaire.

The Total Takeover started out as a $50 per month cash gifting scheme which was modeled after another scam called the Infinity Downline. The Total Takeover has recently turned into a $100 per year affiliate scam.  You pay $100 per year to gain the privilege to refer people to low value training and tools.

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One of the big problems with this conversion to the $100 affiliate program is that people who were under the old program paying $50 per month were not grandfathered in and had to pay $100 to remain a part of the program. Losing your residual income and having to pay again would seem to be a tough choice to make for people in the program.

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Matthew has run many different schemes to get your money including various forms of cash gifting which is illegal.

Here is what the ATTORNEY GENERAL Of Michigan has to say about Cash Gifting.

No matter how these schemes are presented, the bottom line is the same for all – cash gifting schemes are illegal….

All 50 states have laws against pyramid schemes.

Other schemes Matthew McMills has been involved with.

Internet Guru University
MCA under the name McMoney
MCA under the name McMills
Travel Venture International
Royal Cruise Matrix
The Peoples Program Cash Gifting
– Source

The Total Takeover Review: Final Conclusion

The Total Takeover is the creation of Matthew McMills who has been a part of many money making schemes in the past.  He has used questionable marketing practices to sell these schemes.  The Total Takeover was a $50 per month gifting scheme where payments were made directly to members.  It has now become a $100 per year affiliate scam that does not offer refunds.  I recommend you avoid The Total Takeover and Matthew McMills.

3 Total Score

The Total Takeover's owner Matthew McMills, is a serial scammer and just like his previous companies, Total Takeover is a fraud as well. It's highly suggested that you avoid them!

  • Fraud
  • Owned by a Known Serial Scammer
  • Gifting Scam
  • No Refunds!
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