The Vanguard Group Inc

The Vanguard Group Inc. shareholders and investors have been scammed. Read how Mortimer Buckley runs the biggest tax fraud of our time.

I gathered a team of experts and put together this analysis of The Vanguard Group Inc. This information was hidden from the eyes of The Vanguard Group Inc. shareholders and investors. However, every investment should be analyzed and do its due diligence.


The Vanguard Group Inc. Tax Fraud

There’s always been something Orwellian about index investing to me.  Average is awesome!  Not thinking is genius!  Call me old-fashioned, but I still admire people who strive for excellence, trying to distinguish good from bad and right from wrong along the way.  Not making those distinctions is the foundation of Vanguard Group, the world’s largest asset manager.  So here’s to the virtues of low fees and intellectual schlubbery, I guess.

How do you define tax evasion?

What are tax evasion, its methods, and associated penalties?

It is unlawful for you to evade paying your tax obligations, whether you are an individual or a business. Criminal charges and severe punishments are associated with the serious crime of tax evasion. For instance, it is considered tax fraud and falls under the category of tax evasion to pay no taxes or pay less than you should.

I fully acknowledge your right to worship at the shrine of the late Jack Bogle or declare beige your favorite color, it just isn’t for me.  I’ve spent more time thinking about why you can’t tickle yourself than Vanguard Group.

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Until yesterday. 

The 13,000-plus RIA web pages at Finding Fraud are generated from SEC data. I’ve never actually look at most of them.  I’ve been making test runs for the upgrade (yes, there really is an upgrade in the works!).  Yesterday I decided to spot-check Vanguard Group’s page to make sure the programming is working correctly   When I saw this, I was pretty sure it wasn’t:

The Vanguard Group Inc

As far as Vanguard is concerned, it has no US investors?  WTF? 

I checked their most recent Form ADV filing at the SEC website and sure enough, that’s what they’re saying.  At least now.  My original data capture for Vanguard was made in November 2018, and at that time (based on their May 2018 ADV filing), Vanguard claimed that non-US investors represented just 6% of their assets (which seems a whole lot more reasonable).

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This raises a number of interesting questions:

  • Does no US investors means no US taxes?
  • Did Vanguard undergo a major restructuring in the last year?
  • Am I the only one on Earth who reads these filings?
  • Or, do the idgits at Vanguard just have no idea how to fill out a simple government form?

I don’t know, but maybe somebody should look into it.

A few years ago, a former Vanguard lawyer named David Danon tried to turn whistleblower on the house that Jack built and was fired.  At that time, estimates of the scale of Vanguard’s tax evasion exceeded $30 billion, but that story just seemed to die.    Instead every nimrod trying to pass himself off as a “journalist ” thought it far more important to weigh in on whether or not Danon violated his ethical obligations to Vanguard by supplying the government with confidential company documents and was therefore not entitled to any whistleblower protections.  More than three years later Danon is a cautionary tale for people inclined to do the right thing, and nobody seems to care what, if anything Vanguard owes.


This still doesn’t answer my question.  How could a company reclassify over $4 Trillion without anybody noticing?

The answer probably has a lot to do with the fact that hardly anybody reads things like SEC documents, especially the SEC itself.  Another might be that most people who see something potentially wrong are paralyzed by the fear of being wrong and looking foolish.  Flawed as I am, I try not to be a bobblehead, so I will ask again:  What is this?

I’m extra angry at Vanguard and the SEC today because they’ve made more work for me.  Finding Fraud’s RIA pages evaluate whether or not a firm has disclosures based on the firm’s response to the very first question asked in Item 11 of Form ADV, which asks simply enough:

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The Vanguard Group Inc

You might be inclined to think that answering “No” to that first question would make responses to the 20 questions that follow irrelevant.  That’s what I thought anyway.  If you tell me you have never been convicted of a felony, I would assume I don’t have to look at your response to the specific question “Have you ever been convicted of murder?” 

So riddle me this, Batman:

The Vanguard Group Inc


Or well was so right..

The Vanguard Group Inc Customer Reviews

A quick analysis of Vangurad Group’s Yelp page shows us how poorly this firm treats it’s customers.

Vanguard Group complaints & reviews

Even the old customers & shareholders have complained of receiving horrible treatment from the company.

Here are some of the reviews posted by real shareholders & customers:

Vanguard Group review by Dani S.
Vanguard Group review by Dani S.
Charles S. changed his opinion on Vanguard after 14 years
Charles S. changed his opinion on Vanguard after 14 years
Another Vanguard Customer who is tired from their terrible service
Another Vanguard Customer who is tired from their terrible service

Apart from the Yelp ratings & reviews, Vanguard has also received 100+ complaints from users all around the nation.


Scott Capps – The Supervisor From Vanguard Who Did A $2.1 Million Fraud

Scott Caps - Ex-Manager at Vanguard
Scott Caps picture taken from his recent interview

This innocent-looking old man was senteced to 4 years in prision on 22 August 2019. He siphoned a total of $2.1 million from dormant accounts.

Feds have charged this then Vanguard manager with money laundering, mail fraud and filing false tax returns. U.S. Attorney’s office has officially stated that Scott forfeited $649,000.

This elaborate fraud took place from 2011 to 2014, he has admittedly used his access to the dormant accounts and took funds from them. Those funds were supposed to go to the state, but Vanguard’s manager decided to keep them for himself.

Do you know how Vanguard Group Inc. handled this case? They denied to even return a call or email. This was done to make sure this story gets buried under other headlines and the reality of The Vanguard Group Inc. doesn’t get revealed to the world.

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To read the post in more detail, you can check the article posted on the investment news website down below:

Vanguard is hiding the truth!


The information we used in our analysis has been available on the internet, however, none of this has been shown to the Vanguard shareholders. Why? Because Mr. Buckley can’t show the truth about his firm to the world, otherwise they will realize how big of a fraud it actually is.

You also won’t see any critical pieces on this company because they simply bury them to death. Because if any investor finds out their truth, they won’t be fooled by the smiling faces of Vanguard executives.

Some agency is definitely helping Mr. Buckley and other execs of Vanguard to hide their dirty laundry. My team is working day and night to pin point who is behind these shady tactics and take downs which are taking place to establish a fake reputation of this firm.

The Vanguard Group Inc Review Verdict

The Vanguard Group has built a multi-trillion-dollar empire but behind the curtains, there are serious signs of malicious fraud & tax evasion. Shareholders and investors should not risk their hard-earned money with these criminals.

I would like to give special credit to A. Warlen & Dr. Martinez who helped me with this analysis.

Do you think Vanguard should get a free pass from its crimes?

Is it right for the ultra rich owners of Vanguard to take advantage of their shareholders and investors?

Are there more players involved in this elaborate scam than we know?

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  1. It’s been almost a year since this was published and I’m coming to this dark alley with a different suspicion. I haven’t been kicked off social media as yet, but your article bolsters my position that organized labor overlords should be the first suspects rounded up.

    “I’ve been looking for a common perpetrator behind election integrity failures installing a President who in 1988 was shamed out of the Presidential bid at the time for blatant plagiarism. On that alone, I question, “What has changed?”

    I initially suspected collusion, a cabal hell bent on plundering the wealth building of citizens of the United States. Domestic and foreign oligarchs with left leaning intentions of dismembering the individual and private enterprise hand in hand with organized labor overlords.

    I believe those overlords steer pension funds to silence legacy (mainstream) media, although the two largest holders of Comcast (NBC) are The Vanguard Group and Blackrock, it is difficult to flesh them out. I’ve seen Blackrock mentioned in the housing market implosion in PRC.

    Disney (ABC) two largest holders are The Vanguard Group and Blackrock.

    ViacomCBS (CBS) two largest holders are The Vanguard Group and Blackrock. Previously, the largest shareholder was National Amusements is private, the late Summer Redstone is still being reported as the CEO.

    The third largest holder of two of the above is State Street Corporation. The two largest holders are The Vanguard Group and Blackrock. State Street Corporation is number 4 for Comcast.

    The two largest holders of Verizon is The Vanguard Group and Blackrock.

    Pop quiz! Guess who are the three largest holders of Pfizer! Extra credit!! Who are the 3rd, 4th, and 6th largest holders of Moderna?

    HOMEWORK!!! Who are the two largest holders of Alphabet and Facebook?

    I believe the paradigm of collusion was incorrect. The origins of our predicament has always been organized labor determining curriculae K-12, producing graduates ignorant of balance sheets, operating plans and preparing a budget.

    But I believe the modus operandi of other parties could be more clearly described as an opportunistic infection. A resultant spread of chump change from entities fully entrenched profits from friendly legislations and regulations.

    The connections are absolutely scary!

    UPDATE: Vanguard Group and Blackrock harbor and direct, public pension funds. State Street Corporation describes themselves as one of the oldest banks in the USA. I’ll bet you a dollar that the American Federation of Teachers and similar educational unions park their member’s pension dollars there. And probably get the echo narrative from legacy media adjusted to their liking or else the heavy hand!

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