Thenine Exchange Critical Review: Thenine Exchange A Scam

Thenine Exchange Critical Review: Thenine Exchange A Scam
Thenine Exchange is not regularized by any regulatory body, thus its status is not legal as a company. Read more.
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Thenine Exchange pretends as one of the premier online companies which offer services in cryptocurrency, Forex trade, and other trading activities. They offer their customers to have great trade activity by using their modern software. Excluding the United States citizens, they provide trade services to businessmen all over the world. The company accepts payments through various methods including Bitcoin wallet, wire transfer, and credit cards.

Did You Know?

Bitcoin is a decentralized asset that joins the list of traditional assets as cash and gold. As, it is trusted by most of the traders and investors and the value is promising too.

The company proudly claims business experience of more than twenty-five years in the world of trade. As a smart and wise trader, if you want to invest, you should consider various facts before investing your funds. You can read the true critical review here to understand this scam, which we will expose with facts. It will help you realize why your funds are not safe.

The nine Exchange claims that they have twenty-seven workers with a high level of expertise in trade, and around 2800 customers. They also claim to have the expertise of trade leaders who take work for the company to get high returns. Thenine Exchange claims to be a source of profit for every kind of trader so you must read here all information as a new trader.

They claim to introduce various programs which help you achieve a good understanding of business decisions. It will surprise you when you know that those programs do not help in trade knowledge and the same programs are free of cost and available on the internet.

Thenine Exchange Review

Thenine Exchange also claims that they have useful plans for your future trade and earnings. The company offers high leverage of up to 1:500, which will also apply in case of loss and you can understand that it is how much risk. They also never disclose the facts about their software and how it works. This is a red flag that they do not work under any regulatory body.

Moreover, they have not disclosed the use of the algorithm for returns. Thenine Exchange also conceals information about its founder and workers. It is imperative to have information about the management and staff of the company regarding their competence in world trade. Their price table on various currencies is also not reliable as its information comes from unauthentic sources.

How Thenine Exchange Works

Thenine Exchange does not have a suitable style for operation, and they only seem to focus on the funds you deposit. Their behavior is very much similar to scams and dubious companies. They assure you of higher profits but how they earn these profits is not disclosed. Just like other scammers, they offer you discounts and bonuses on your first investment so you should be careful while investing with them.

However, when you will trap in their net you will be making unknown persons of the company wealthy. They will also restrict your data to access their services. Nevertheless, when you fall for the bait, you will make the anonymous people behind the company rich. They will result in blocking your data from accessing any services they offer. The only good thing for this company is its claim to use Meta Trader 4 which is a gold standard and free-of-cost trade platform.

Thenine Exchange does not possess any previous data that you can assess the expected amount of profits from the company. Also, previous trade data of at least one year will be required to access the number of profits expected from various trade activities of the organization.

Thenine Exchange Investment Security

Thenine Exchange has no proof to assure you that your investment is secure. Also, many reasons strengthen the doubts that your hard-earned money is not safe. You should consider your investment security and the safety of your personal information because investing with unknown people and scammers will put all this at risk.

They claim a high level of expertise in trading but do not show any data in this regard. The company does not show any transactions which can satisfy you to make deposits with them. They do not reveal any banking details so you will be depositing with unknown persons working behind the company. There is a chance they are using their personal bank accounts to keep your investments.

Methods of Deposit and Withdrawals

Thenine Exchange has set the minimum investment amount to 10 US Dollars. The company does not disclose ways to transfer funds to your account. Also, deposit and refund methods are only working when they permit you a chargeback period of up to 540 days. When you transfer funds via Wire transfer, these transactions will not be reversible.

Thenine Exchange does not have proof of withdrawals and you may waste a long time trying to get your money. Also, the company does not disclose the required time for withdrawal, and they might charge you high fees. You should not invest your money with them as they do not have any policy for refunds.

Location and Customer Support

Thenine Exchange gives the location address that is Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, Beechmont P.O.Box 1510, Kingstown St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. However, according to our information they are misusing that location and the company has no link with the provided address.

Moreover, active customer support is essential in creating confidence among the investors and the organization but how this company works to get customer trust is not visible. This company provides customer service for five days only excluding weekends. In case of any issue, you can call their given telephone number.

Thenine Exchange also offers a form to fill out online and a live chat option for your queries. Also, they will not reply to your queries after you transfer funds for investment and may also block your access to their services.

Thenine Exchange Legal Status

Thenine Exchange is not regularized by any legal authority. They are unlawfully collecting money from the public. It is illegal in most countries to get funds from people for investment without any legal authority. The legal forex exchanges work in a trusted way concerning public investment and you can get access to their legal certificates easily.

The illegal trade organization does not work in the open market and commits a breach of business rules. Also, there is a risk that they can suddenly go out of sight with all your investment. Moreover, they can become bankrupt due to not paying the regulatory fees. The founders of Thenine Exchange hide personal data from the investors which increases the doubts about the company.

Is the investment is secure with Thenine Exchange?

Thenine Exchange has not disclosed any banking information and they don’t have any proof of transactions too.

How much time do they take to complete withdrawals?

Thenine Exchange has not disclosed the withdrawal process to its traders so you will have to wait for an unspecified time to get your funds.

Is Thenine Exchange recognized by any regulatory body?

Thenine Exchange is not checked by any regulatory body so they can do anything violating the trade regulations.

3.1Expert Score

Thenine Exchange is not regularized by any regulatory body, thus its status is not legal as a company. Its way of conducting business activities is ambiguous which creates a lot of doubts about the company. Moreover, the company does not provide proof for any one customer who earned profit so you cannot believe to get any returns on your investment. Finally, it seems purely like a dubious and scammer company.
Keeping in view the above you must do business with only forex traders recognized by the regulatory bodies, for reliable returns on your investment. They practice lawful and sensible trade activities to earn profits on investments. Thenine Exchange seems to do nothing for its customers in the shape of returns on investments.

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Thenine Exchange Critical Review: Thenine Exchange A Scam
Thenine Exchange Critical Review: Thenine Exchange A Scam

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