Therese Daly

A woman, who was already disqualified from driving because of her last offenses, was convicted of driving without insurance or a license. Now, a bench warrant has been issued for her.

Her name is Therese Daly. She was convicted at Galway District Court for multiple traffic offenses such as failing to produce a license, driving without a valid license or insurance, failing to produce an insurance certificate when the Gardai requested for the same. Also, she couldn’t produce either of them within 10 days of the offense.

Therese’s address is Cuirt na hAbhainn, Claregalway. She wasn’t present in court but the hearing proceeded regardless.

Judge Mary Fahy said that she was playing ducks and drakes. She also added that the case had been dragging on for over 2 years. 

Garda Shane Lambert told the court that Therese Daly was stopped on 7 June 2018. She was in a silver Mercedes with the tax and insurance on display for a different vehicle. 

She undertook to generate the car’s insurance and proof of proper tax at Oranmore Garda Station in 10 days but failed. 

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Then, she was stopped at Lakeview on June 20 in Lakeview, Claregalway in the same silver Mercedes. And this time she didn’t have an insurance disc on display. 

Her car was detailed and she said she will produce her insurance and license at Oranmore Garda Station in 10 days. Again, she failed to do so. 

In total, Therese Daly has 24 prior convictions and 21 of them were related to road traffic issues. 7 of them were related to tax and 3 were insurance offenses. 

In September 2016, she was convicted of similar crimes at Galway District Court. As a result, she was disqualified from driving. 

After hearing the case, Judge Fahy convicted her of the offenses and issued a bench warrant for sentencing. 

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