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Update: Now THW Global wants to charge you $995, plus $39.95 monthly to become “Certified” and have a replicated online marketing system that provides a total turnkey solution to promote and sell advertising on the THWGlobal Video Platform.

THW Global Scam Warning

Is it possible for something that is free to be a scam?  In my opinion, it is possible for something that is free to be a scam.  For example, if you use deception to get people to do something like build your mailing list for you.  The scam that I would like to warn you about is THW Global scam.  THW stands for “Ten Hours Weekly”. They are offering free money-making opportunity for you to join.  Of course they are not paying yet, but they promise they will be very soon.

Here are the details of the THW Global scam:

THW Global Pay Plan: Up to $25 per hour watching Better Than YouTube Type Videos. Also huge management 6 figure opportunity. International advertising giant needs millions of IVs over the age of 18 to invest up to 10 hours weekly giving comments on commercials, TV pilot programs, movie trailers, video surveys and so much more. Over 90% can be done from any smart phone or computer anytime / anywhere 24/7. From the comfort of your home or on the road.

It’s YouTube in reverse. At YouTube they pay out mega millions to people who get high traffic of people coming to their posting. THW Global does just the opposite by paying millions to the viewers who watch content not place content. There is no fee or gimmicks to start working with our company. This is a Global offer so if you know anyone anywhere pass this message on to them. In fact when you register with THW Global you will get a welcome letter three personal URLs in case you wish to recommend others to work with us. THW Global will reward you up to $5 for every person who earns up to $25 an hour that you personally recommended. This means if someone you recommended worked 10 hours they would earn up to $250 and you would earn up to $50. and this goes on for as long as the person you recommended works with THW Global. See even more incentives below. Advertising is the 4th largest global industry.

THW Global needs over 50,000 active IVs in each territory to start testing. They also need people from every race and language. This will be a Billion $ Division in this $650 Billion Dollar Industry. So if you know anyone who would also like to do this. As long as they are over 21 with a HS Diploma send this to them. You will be rewarded for doing so by receiving $5 for every $25 they earn. – Source

They give you the impression that you could be making $25 per hour 10 hours per week.  They fail to mention how little you can expect to make per hour of your time.  Right now you can make maybe $1.50 per day watching videos with other money making opportunities. These scammers can’t keep strait what age you need to be to join this money making opportunity.  First they say you need to be 18 and then they say to only send this offer to people over 21.

The key to this scam is to offer you a ridiculous amount of money so that people will recruit their friends into it.  This is building a massive worldwide mailing list for the unknown people behind this scam. Then they will roll out a paid option to make money from the people that thought they were getting involved in a totally free money making opportunity. 

They are now gathering demographic information on the mailing list they are creating:

THWGlobal is pleased to announce the introduction of our first Demographic/Interest Survey. The survey will be the first in a series of Surveys designed to collect vital information about our International Viewers in order to match their respective profiles with our advertisers and video stream providers. The surveys are an integral part of the THWGlobal. Identifying and prioritizing relevant demographics will enable THWGlobal to maximize our initiatives and radically improve our marketing effectiveness.

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Demographic profiles provide an excellent means of discerning which segments of our group are a likely target for a particular product or service. Moreover, they can provide a clear view of how key brands are perceived by consumers in terms of advantages and disadvantages. In addition to creating competition, demographic profiling can reveal strategic insights into why our International Viewers prefer one brand to another within a given sector. Ultimately, these insights provided by our Surveys will be used to increase sales for the company viewership. – Source Facebook

No information is provided about the actual people that are running this scam.  They have hidden the contact information for the ownership of the website and they do not provide an about us page that says who is running it.

They don’t even share what company they will be using to pay you:

Q: How will THWGlobal make payments to IVs?
A: THWglobal will utilize several global payment systems and or gift cards to redeem points earned.

THW Global Review Conclusion

Is it possible for something that is free to be a scam?  THW Global is a perfect example of a free scam.  They use deceptive claims to get your name, email, and country.  They are now gathering demographic information through surveys for their mailing list. Then they will roll out a paid option to make money from the people that thought they were getting involved in a totally free money making opportunity. Do not give your information to a money making opportunity that is not upfront about who they are and how much you will be making.  Don’t be fooled and become a recruiter for these scammers. I would avoid the THW Global scam.

2.5 Total Score

THW Global is a perfect example of a free scam. They use deceptive claims to get your name, email, and country. Combined with the other red flags, they are dangerous and should be avoided!

  • Deceptive
  • Steal Information
  • False Claims
  • Unethical
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