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TitanTrade Binary Options Scam Exposed (2024)

TitanTrade Binary Options has received allegations of being a scam. Find out if those allegations are true or not in this review.
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According to our sources, the network of scammers around TitanTrade and Guy Galboiz is even more sinister than the Yukom Enterprise binary options operation, of whom Lee Elbaz, Yossi Herzog, and Kobi Cohen are currently facing charges in the United States. In actuality, it has grown even larger, involving more brands, and it has conned ordinary investors on every continent.

NRGbinary was replaced by TitanTrade, a binary options platform, according to a 2016 special report by Reuters. Guy Galboiz, an Israeli, was the organiser of both binary options systems. In 2013, Guy Galboiz served as a director of NRG Capital Limited, a UK-based company. In 2014, the business was dissolved. Since then, frontmen, nominee directors, and trustees have managed Galboiz’s businesses. Between 2013 and 2017, Galboiz operated a global binary options scam that lured tens of millions of ordinary investors.

Galboiz is also connected to other significant binary options frauds including AlfaCapitals, PWRtrade, ICoption, and AlgoCapitals. He is among the most formidable assailants of the binary options era. This is our report.

Northwestern Management Services Limited is the power source.

Northwestern Management Services Limited (NWMS) and its employees launched Guy Galboiz’s TitanTrade and the related broker scams. They supplied the required nominee directors, including Genevieve Magnan and Vanessa Payet, as well as trustees. From numerous previous Israeli binary options and broker scams, we are familiar with NWMS.

Associated Entities

In keeping with the standard pattern of a broker scam, TitanTrade’s website has been linked to numerous entities:

  • GTech Media Development Ltd (Israel)
  • NRG Capital Limited (UK
  • Ultra Solutions MG Limited (Dominica)

Ultra Solutions MG (UK) Ltd (UK)

  • Titan Trade Solutions Limited (UK)
  • Titan Trade Capital Limited (Australia)
  • GN Capital Limited (Marshall Islands)
  • Primero Capital Solutions Limited (Anguilla)
  • One Tech Media Limited (Seychelles)
  • DOM Technology Services Limited (UK)
  • MHGG Tech Solutions Limited (UK)
  • Alfa Capital Limited (UK)
  • Technozone Solutions Ltd (Belize)

The TitanTrade scheme set up a different entity to handle client-victim payments for its Australian business:

  • Allianz Metro Pty Ltd,
  • Transcomm Global Pty Ltd,
  • Sansen Pty Ltd, or
  • IMC Holdings Pty Ltd

Beneficial Owners

The same “set of perpetrators” and their entities consistently run TitanTrade, NRGbinary or ICoption, as well as a variety of front firms, according to investigations conducted by authorities in several jurisdictions. These businesses are as follows:

  • MIG G.A. Marketing Finance Ltd (now GTech Media Development Ltd),
  • Ultra Solutions MG Ltd and its subsidiary
  • Ultra Solutions MG /UK) Ltd and
  • Primero Capital Solutions Ltd.

The documentation that we have access to shows that these businesses are under the direction of the two individuals.

  • Guy Galboiz and
  • Stefan Trasca.
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A written statement from Eyal Nachum, who was involved in some of the binary options frauds described via his payment service businesses Payotech Ltd, Pay o Bin Ltd, and Moneta International UAB, verified the beneficial ownership and/or control over the schemes.

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Eyal Nachum of Payobin confirmed Guy Galboiz involvement in binary options scheme operators

Involved People

The TitanTrade plan took an aggressive global strategy. Attacks against retail investors have been reported in Europe, North America, and Australia, with attacks beginning in Israel. The Australian branch is especially significant. The main actors are as follows:

  • Galboiz Guy (Israel)
  • Trasca Stefan (Romania)
  • Israel, Australia: Yoav Ida
  • Eustace Senese, aka Tony, from Australia
  • Sandy Senese, an Aussie
  • Aussie Cameron Senese

Guy Galboiz in Israel and his Romanian associate Stefan Trasca in Romania oversaw the boiler rooms. The Israeli company MIG G.A. Marketing Finance Ltd. (MigFin) operated the boiler rooms for NRGbinary, TitanTrade, ICoption, and other schemes, as Reuters accurately reports in its 2016 article.

Cameron Senese, his wife Sandy Senese, and Eustace “Tony” Senese oversaw TitanTrade’s operations in Australia. In essence, they oversaw Australia’s payment flow infrastructure. Numerous businesses, including Allianz Metro Pty Ltd, Transcomm Global Pty Ltd, Sansen Pty Ltd, and IMC Holdings Pty Ltd, were run for this reason.

Tony Senese, an Australian citizen, was already given a seven-year prison sentence in 2002 for embezzling investor cash from the bankrupt financial services company EC Consolidated Capital.

Our information indicates that Yoav Ida served as the Australia-Israel liaison officer. The businessman, who was born in 1959, oversaw the Senese family’s operations related to TitanTrade.

The Australian Proceedings

The Australian regulatory body ASIC has been actively pursuing TitanTrade since August 2016. A lawsuit was filed against the owners of TradeTTN and TitanTrade in November 2017 following many warnings issued in 2016 and a court decision that forbade TitanTrade from carrying on with business as usual.

The Senese family’s assets and bank accounts were successfully frozen by ASIC. ASIC successfully prosecuted Tony Senese, his son Cameron, and Transcomm Global Pty Ltd for contempt of court in July 2018. Despite the mandated hold on TitanTrade’s cash, the Seneses had repeatedly embezzled money. In October 2018, the court imposed penalties totaling $80,000.

Regulators’ alerts and court cases

Various regulatory bodies that oversee the financial markets have issued warnings about the TitanTrade scheme. The Australian perpetrators of the schemes are presently facing legal action from ASIC. A few cautions regarding the TitanTrade fraud are listed below:

  • Titan Trade was added to the blacklist by the French financial market regulator (AMF) in September 2015, after the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) had issued a warning in March 2015.  
  • April 2016 saw the Italian watchdog CONSOB issue a public warning against TitanTrade, and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) add Titan Trade to its RED List.
  • The Australian ASIC issued a public warning against TitanTrade in August of 2016, while the FMA of New Zealand issued an alert against the company in September of the same year. In November of 2017, the Australian ASIC began legal action against the owners of TradeTTN and TitanTrade.

ASIC press release regarding TitanTrade and its operators Ultra Solutions MG et al

TitanTrade Binary Options Scam Exposed (2024)
TitanTrade Binary Options Scam Exposed (2024)

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