Tom Bilyeu – Skeletons in the closet? (2023)

I was one of the consumers of Tom Bilyeu products, from the quest bars to his mumbo jumbo talks known as the “impact theory”. I have used both of these spinoffs and I ended up regretting it. I want to share my experiences with Tom Bilyeu’s craps.

A few months ago I was abode munching quest bar for my breakfast and sometimes for lunch. I consumed this stinking bullshit for more than a year and I routinely consumed 2 to 3 bars per day. For delivery, I had a customer’s account at quest nutrition’s online shopping stall. I used to get a delivery of 1 box in a week. In all conscience, the Quest bars were so yummy before.

Tom Bilyeu and his chefs, scientists, or whoever they have changed the staple components and the packet labeling, quest bars are the big zero products. Shame on you Tom Bilyeu with your band.

I am not diabetic but the last time I ate the sickening Quest bars as usual on my breakfast that’s where my complications began. The taste was skanky and I noticed a great difference from the older quest bars I knew. I never could finish even a quarter of the bar. I checked the box to confirm the expiry date and the ingredients label. I noticed a turnover of some components while the bars were 6 days to the expiring date, so the complication had come as a result of the ingredients change.

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Within an hour I started to feel ill and had some stomach upsets. Luckily I had not left the house to work. I called my doctor to come over and check on me. According to my doctor’s assessment, he observed that my blood sugar had shot up to abnormality. I had a severe headache, stomach bloating, and gas more and my blood sugar was 115. That was quite a shock since I had no diabetic background although the doctor told me that it was caused by the nutrition of which it was the Quest bars.

Like hell, I had been consuming protein bars for more than 10 years that is from other brands before I switched to Quest shit. In all those years I have never had any complications or encountered any kind of side effects. The doctor gave me a massive insulin dosage to put to right my blood sugar level. Due to my condition caused by the quest bars, I missed my job for 2 consecutive days being under medication due to diarrhea, prolonged farting, and unconditional headache.

The experience was so annoying and cockamamie. I am 100% sure that the person in charge of the Quest nutrition chemical industry buddy Tom Bilyeu, his wife, and the entire esprit de corps do not consume those shit. I disposed of the remaining quest bars because even my man’s best friend could not consume such kind of stools. I lost my money on purchasing unhealthy stuff, missed my job, and worst of all I suffered from ill health.

Buyer beware, save your money and maintain your healthy life. Do not consume the Quest bars, avoid them for your safety. Chewing a piece of gum or tar is far sweeter than eating the Quest bars. If you got rodents and cockroaches at your home quest bars will act better than dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT)to eliminate them. And if you want diarrhea and farting you can try the quest bars. There are more than enough brands out there producing tested and approved products for human consumption.

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So I canceled the weekly delivery to save my health and money. I prefer eating a raw banana and avocado or other stable diets rather than buying those shit again. Quest bars are the most unseasoned, excessively processed, and not ready for human consumption. Those products are now the crummiest things I and my puppy have ever eaten in our life. Since I took off from consuming the Quest bars, I am now living a healthier life and I got no manifestation of diabetes.

By Tom Bilyeu Criticism

Since I had known Tom Bilyeu for a few years through his “sweet” (don’t mistake me, it’s before the degradation in product quality) quest bars I as well as decided to follow him for his so-called “impact theory”. It’s a famous theory that this lad is making money from too. So I signed up for the “impact theory online university” hoping at least I could get some instructions on how to ace the comprehensive fundamentals of a hit in business.

As an entrepreneur, I looked forward to mastering the great ideas from the theory. Tom Bilyeu does live to coach in a video but I was disappointed by some of the guest speakers who were so pathetic and misinformed.

During the signing-up process, there was a monthly plan for mindset (costing $47 per month), business ($97 per month), and a monthly bundle for both the mindset and business combined at $120 per month. Nevertheless, he had indicated a “save 50%” on signing up for a yearly plan.

The pricing for the yearly plan was $297 per year for the mindset curriculum, $597 per year for the business curriculum, and $797 per year for the combo bundle plan. I resolved in signing up for the combo bundle plan at $797 to save 50% of my money. I believed that Tom Bilyeu had what it takes to give me million-dollar-worth ideas. I was guaranteed that if the course seemed to be crap, my money would be refunded on cancelation.

Without equivocation, the value I expected from the talk about the thing called “impact theory” did not meet my aspirations. I never liked how Tom Bilyeu talked with self-pride plus the puny reasoning guests he displayed in the talks. Like hell, I could not hold on following and listening to the kind of crap in those silly talks for a whole paid year. I immediately canceled my subscription and requested a refund on that same day.

After requesting a refund, I was asked to wait for 14 days for my refund request to process. I asked the reason for that and the person in charge told me I have to wait in line because there are thousands of customers in the line awaiting their reimbursement too. I was patient until the 14 days collapsed but discouragingly no refund was made as promised.

I contacted customer care again to query about my refund and repeatedly I was asked to wait for more than 14 days. The guy on the line gave me some lame reasons that there was a technical problem retrieving my kickback request. That was aggravating and up for grabs. It was unbelievable that on signing up, Tom Bilyeu states that the reimbursement is guaranteed and it is hassle-free.  That is so smart of him.

So now after waiting for the next order 14 days being the 28th day of waiting, I received the kickback as promised. Unfortunately, the bastards had deducted $200 from my $797. I asked the reason for such a huge reduction in my money. Again they gave me a sore reason saying that the $200 was rolled back for one month of subscription for the ridiculous thing called “impact theory”.

That was disgusting since I had canceled the mediocre teachings from Tom Bilyeu and his companion the same day I signed up. I realized the refund was delayed for 28 days so that they can claim payments for a whole month. That was so unfair that after canceling my enrollment I logged out of following the program. Tom Bilyeu asshole swallowed my $200 for just a piece of tomfoolery. That bastard is just a decorated con who wants to make easy money.

About Tom

Who is Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is an American businessman and the co-founder of a private company known as Quest Nutrition located in Northern America. He is also the host and co-founder of a media company known as Impact Theory located in Beverly Hills, California, United States of America. He is an associate at the “Innovation Board for Peter Diamandis’ X Prize Foundation”. Tom Bilyeu’s net worth is more or less $400 million. He is the husband of Lisa Bilyeu.


About Quest Nutrition

This company was founded by Tom Bilyeu in the company with his wife Lisa Bilyeu, Mike Osbom, Ron Penna, and Shannan Pena. Quest Nutrition was established in the year 2010. This company produces and markets protein powders, bars, cereals, chips, and cravings products.

Quest Nutrition Company has over 1 thousand employees. Some of the former employees of this company lament being once a part of this thoughtless company. At present, there is a lawsuit filed against quest bars for the fiber and calories in the bars. There are proven claims that the Quest bar has more advanced fiber and calorie content.


Many of the Quest nutrition products consumers have kicked up a fuss about the vile Quest bars. It’s so unfortunate that we as consumers have been trusting this company. But beyond the shadow of a doubt, quest nutrition decided to take advantage of customers’ trust by producing unhealthy products. I along with other consumers have confidence in the product’s labeling when choosing what to eat and not. Unfortunately, the mislabeling of Quest bars has led a lot of consumers to regretful and icky experiences.


About the Impact Theory

Impact Theory is a media company founded by Tom Bilyeu and his wife Lisa Bilyeu. The Impact Theory studios are located in Beverly Hills, California, United States of America. This company was established in October 2016.  Impact Theory has a 3-stage for a business plan which include community building (stage 1), incubation (stage 2), and building and selling (stage 3). On Impact Theory’s social media platforms, Tom Bilyeu and his wife have over 1,500,000 followers but now it’s minus me and some of my friends who had followed them. Most of us who have tried this baloney have ended up weeping over losing money in ridiculous theory.

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In this unprofitable theory, Tom Bilyeu hosts different guests for interview talks. Some of the displayed guests at Impact Theory are Peter Diamandis, Laila Ali, Dr. Drew, Jason Silva, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris, Terrell Owens, John Paul Dejoria, Michael Strahan, and Dr. Steven Gundry.

My View

Every product invented by Tom Bilyeu is meant for his benefit but never considerate to the consumers. The cocksucker who made the changes in quest bars is a criminal and should face justice. Quest Nutrition Company should fix the ingredients content to where it was before or else they should bang the doors and try another business. The current quest bars are harmful to human consumption.


A piece of advice to those in love with protein products, please stay away from Quest nutrition products because they are harmful to your health. There are great protein blends out there that are healthy and validated for human consumption. Do not assume the fact that Quest nutrition products are corroding. Do not be a victim of unpleasant ramifications. Please if you read this alert your family and friends. For the Impact theory you can just follow Tom Bilyeu on social media, that’s okay, but do not waste your money signing up for the thing he is calling “Impact Theory University”. That thing is a hogwash press conference with empty philosophy. Run from Tom Bilyeu’s products.

If you have encountered any unpleasant background with Tom Bilyeu’s quest nutrition products or impact theory rubbish please share your story. Start with “STAY AWAY FROM TOM BILYEU’S PRODUCTS”.

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<strong>Concluding Thoughts</strong>

Tom Bilyeu is a reckless and self-centered individual who sees human beings as money-generating gadgets. His products messed up my health and swiped my money. It’s through my encounter with this flimflammer that I for sure raise awareness in a wide-awake society. It’s with much concern that I wish this article helped someone somewhere. I am so much grateful to know that a lawsuit has been filed against this predatory company. Hoping for the best for justice to prevail. Justice for the buyer. There is no facility for a demo account, strong customer support, and complete details of payment methods. The recently updated social media accounts of the broker add to the woes of their customers. I strongly advise you to stay away from such fraudulent and dangerous brokers. You’d be better off with someone else.

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  1. Tom sold Quest several years before the time of your review.
    And how can you say Impact University is no good if you only attended one day? You sound like maybe a jealous “friend “ from his past.

    • Tom was forced out of quest in 2017, which made him start impact theory and was replaced by david ritterbush. So not only are you wrong but you attack the author for criticizing your hero? lol

    • Tom didn’t sell quest. Tom was pushed out of quest in 2017 which made him start impact theory, he was bought out by the 2 other partners before its sale in 2019. Not only are you wrong but you go on to attack the author because they criticized your hero

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