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TowerPoint Capital – Ponzi Scheme Being Run By Scammers


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The tremendous growth of technology and improvement of digital infrastructure offering opportunities to young adults to practice and showcase their skills is what attracts people to any organization. An organization that will solve challenges for young graduates and promises to provide quality and improved services to the community is what Americans want. TowerPoint Company is an organization that is willing to offer quality and unique technology to its consumers. Towerpoint Capital is a Real estate and digital infrastructure company in North America with its headquarters located in Atlanta. Even though the revenue generated at TowerPoint is unknown and its competitors remain anonymous, the Company has offered fifty job opportunities.

What is TowerPoint Capital?

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Being the real estate industry, TowerPoint Capital is a digital infrastructure that aims at empowering wireless service providers and cell site owners with knowledge that will result in the best and high use of wireless assets. TowerPoint Capital is a private sector that was founded in 2007 and is well known to provide deployment options for 5G and 4G technologies in North America. The industry has significantly offered wireless services on land, rooftops site, and communication towers. (,21.htm).  Being a digital infrastructure, its rate of providing liquidity and capital to cell tower sites has remained expeditious. TowerPoint’s goal is to empower tower owners, site owners, and wireless service providers with the knowledge that will enable them to pursue high-use or wireless assets. 

Did You Know?

TowerPoint Capital is a telecommunications infrastructure and real estate investment firm. The firm has a total revenue of $48.3 Million.

Why TowerPoint Capital?

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A good and captivating environment is what every employee needs to provide an excellent job. Any company has to provide a favorable environment for its workers. TowerPoint Company is greatly known for its open culture which anyone can comfortably work and get along with. TowerPoint management is relatively accommodating and this has attracted quite a significant number of employees.

The working environment is easy and cool with a semi-laid atmosphere. There is a high ability to earn a good amount of money in commission. Food is always provided to all workers and they are often taken out for drinks. In addition, TowerPoint Company offers support and provides all tools required by salespeople and various positions. The cell tower company does not allow micromanagement and people work together to achieve a better product. The act of teamwork has significantly contributed to the massive growth of the company. Employees who have worked with TowerPoint have rated it 3.2 out of 5 for culture and values, work-life balance, and career opportunities.  However, a complaint was raised about limited training and opportunity for advancement for employees.   Also, there has been a claim of lack of office backup, and upper managers and business owners’ failure to support the sales team.

Opportunity available in TowerPoint Capital

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TowerPoint not only focuses on providing technology services to its customers but also lays a platform where young individuals can train from scratch and get opportunities to work for the company in due time. The company provides both informative and extensive training and exposes its trainees to future opportunities for their careers.  There has been a great experience for those who have worked with this company and they have witnessed the company grow into a big organization (

Also, a firm backup to the sales team from the in-house deal closing team provides detailed and clear directions on investment to ensure anticipations turn into closed deals. The organization has thus provided an opportunity for professional growth, especially for young adults who have been involved in managing the company.  The amazing leadership team in TowerPoint Company has genuinely and responsively checked trainees’ opportunities where they can practice their skills effectively (  However, on 26th April 2017, a consumer by the code 1321156 raised a complaint concerning poor leadership. He/she said TowerPoint Company is run by uneducated site owners which result in inefficiency in the marketplace. The consumer claimed that the company offers 20 percent below the market value (  Also, another consumer complained of limited training and lack of opportunity for advancement on 11th June 2015.  

Conflicting Payment

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The main goal why many people seek job opportunities is to get money.  An organization that makes good and on-time payments attracts many employees.  On the other hand, a business that fails to offer good payment services for its workers is always a turn off. TowerPoint has faced a great challenge while making payments especially offering commissions to salespeople. A claim was raised on 26th October by an anonymous employee saying that the company is always inconsistent while paying commissions the salespeople deserve. Also, senior managers would look forward to stealing from lower-class salespeople, and as a result, these have made many salespeople retreat. Even though they provide decent paychecks, the company rarely gathers enough reasons before they cut commissions. 

The management team at TowerPoint Capital

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In any organization, managers play a vital role in making both short-term and long-term decisions. Managers are always the pillar of a company and their contribution is what determines whether the business grows or fails. Organizations where managers support their employees and provide a direction that their team can trust always take the company to great heights (Shastri & Amor, 2021). However, this is different from TowerPoint managers. Claims of poor management in TowerPoint are at a high rate.   Managers at Towerpoint have been reported to lack cooperation and fail to provide support to their sales team. Even though there are high chances to earn a good commission, there is no backup support from the office. The act of managers churning people has forced many employees to take a turnover and no good employee can be found in the company. Further analysis indicates that only 43 percent of employees would recommend their friends to work with TowerPoint Company.

Also, the lack of proper training from management has limited TowerPoint Company from meeting its goal. It is always possible to make good money while you have the right sale process but the management here is always preoccupied to meet their sales goal. As a result, the sales team lacks appropriate assistance to make better sales.

Never bite a hand that feeds!

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The collaboration with Crown Castle Investment has highly contributed to the growth of Towerpoint capital. The latter was well known for making frauds to new tenants and selling all the deals to Crown Castle. Even though this has left many new investors in tears, it has led to huge revenue for TowerPoint Capitals. However, San Diego offices blindly killed future deals with Crown Castle, and as a result; this ruined the relationship with the American tower.

The cell phone investment company 

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TowerPoint Capital is a company that majors in cell phone investment.  The cell phone company was introduced to consumers on 25th September 2015 and is ranked 355 of 1709 in the telecommunication industry. Since then, TowerPoint Capital has received four reviews which are price affordability, diversity of services or products, customer service, exchange, cancellation& refund policy.   Currently, the cell phone investment company is facing a serious accusation of fraud, and an investigation for fraudulent and deceptive business practices is being carried out.  Fraud and deceptive business practices have contributed to the deteriorating growth of the company with a rating of 1.7 leaving many consumers dissatisfied.

One Rate TowerPoint Capital

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Lack of satisfaction from consumers has significantly contributed to the low rating of the cell phone investment company with an average of 1.7 stars. The high cost of services has made many consumers unable to afford and benefit from the services. The cell phone company services are costly and those who are not in a position to pay face intimidation ( Also customer services are poor and they are well known of scamming new tenants. They encourage customers to sign a partnership with them and promise a huge upgrade profit with the new tenants and later sell it to Crown Castle ( High price affordability and poor customer service have highly contributed to the poor rating of the company.

Why TowerPoint Capital is a Turnoff to many consumers

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Any business position where customers receive low gain or a total loss is always a turn off. TowerPoint Capital is well known for its effort to convince people to take less cash allocated for cell tower leases compared to the market value. The cell phone company pretends to aid customers in creating value for the cell phone tower but later sell a hundred percent of the deal to Crown Castle International. (   Many new investors lack any profit and partnership as they had been promised. Potential customers are highly encouraged to avoid strong business with TowerPoint Capital as they always offer services but fail to guide customers on the appropriate quote to take. Customers who fail to pay for the high cost of services and help face intimidation and threats from the staff. (  The act of fraud and intimidation has highly discouraged many customers and they have been forced to go for other investment companies.

TowerPoint as a Ponzi scheme

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Like a Ponzi scheme, TowerPoint Capital convinces its customers to sign up for a business deal with them and work as partners. The customers are to invest money and then they split the share with cell point investment (   Ponzi schemes always invest frauds from their new customer and then use the money to pay existing investors while some they keep for themselves. (,do%20not%20invest%20the%20money). The new customers do not receive any product while the existing investors experience a high rate of the fraud scheme. TowerPoint Capital misleads its customers by trying to raise a business opportunity and later scam them. The buy-in and share are taken and used to pay the existing customers and some are kept for the company’s gain. Officers are well known for making long calls trying to convince customers to sell assets that they are not supposed to. This is one of the reasons most business partners are discouraged from doing partnerships with TowerPoint Capital.

Is TowerPoint guilty of Theft?

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In addition, there are still some claims that TowerPoint Company had tried to steal Elem School property. The land was sold in 2003 and payments were done through the cell tower income stream to its original owner. The Center for Corporate Governance (CCG) driven by its greed conspired with the landlord and produced papers that allowed CCG the right to school property. Four years later the CCG hang its cell site revenue illegally through their layer and unknown SPVI who is now recognized as TowerPoint Capital claiming the school property. (   Another claim was raised on 2nd September 2019 concerning TowerPoint taking control of the land they had raised a tower on. The efforts of seeking a lawyer, consultant, or agency are fruitless. It is always wrong for a company that offers to work hand in hand with its customer in manipulating and presenting situations to finally take control of monetary gain and land from small landowners (****5568.html).  

2.7Expert Score

TowerPoint is a real estate and digital infrastructure that not only provides telecommunication services but also other career opportunities such as training. Towerpoint Company was founded in 2007 and its headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia. The real estate company has been said to have poor management that fails to support its salesperson despite providing a platform where people can train and further their careers. On the other hand, Towerpoint Capital is a cell phone investment company that has been related to a Ponzi scheme. The real estate company is well known for committing fraud against its’ new tenants and trying to convince them to sell their assets. TowerPoint Capital has been accused of misleading consumers who make partnerships with them and later selling all the deals to Castle Crown International Investment Company. The act of “killing” the agreement with customers has left many frustrated and strong business people who are highly discouraged from partnerships with this organization. As a result, many customers have raised complaints and the company is under investigation.

Customer Experience
  • Smooth Talkers
  • Know how to get your money
  • ConMen
  • Unreliable
  • Unethical


Shastri, Y., Hoda, R., & Amor, R. (2021). The role of the project manager in agile software development projects. Journal of Systems and Software, 173, 110871.

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