Travis Bott- Is He an MLM Ponzi Scammer? The Truth Exposed (New Update2023)

Travis Bott
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Travis Bott is involved in multiple major MLM scams. Find out how major those scams are and what he claims to be in this detailed review.
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Travis Bott: file photo

Travis Bott (4,958,288) had another “MLAgents Community” account on Traders Domain in addition to stealing over $5 million through an account linked to his name.

An additional $5,014,315 was in the MLAgents Community account.

Travis Bott’s MLAgents Community was mentioned on Coffeezilla’s video on MLM scams

The term “MLAgents” stands for “Meta Labs Agents”.

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The NFT Ponzi scheme operated by Holton Buggs’ accomplice Travis Bott is called Meta Labs Agents.

Bott worked behind the scenes and managed the “tech” part of the scams, whereas Buggs was in charge of the promotion.

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21/11/2023 Update
As of now, Travis Bott has not responded nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

This was done through Bott’s failed NFT Ponzi factory, Meta Labs Agency.

Bott had been involved with MLM Ponzi scams for a long time before joining forces with Buggs.

In the middle of 2017, Travis Bott initially came to BehindMLM’s attention. Through Ryze AI, we were able to connect Bott to Divvee’s illicit securities fraud offering.

With the help of Westmyn, a front business used to execute securities fraud through Investview’s Wealth Generators, Bott reappeared in late 2017.

The CFTC summoned Investview in 2018 and later penalized it $150,000.

Travis Bott started Onyx Lifestyle on his own a year later.

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Travis Bott with Onyx Lifestyle (Source)

What was left of Onyx Lifestyle was incorporated into Digital Profit in the middle of 2021.

In August 2021, a “bad trades” exit scam caused Digital Profit to collapse. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost by investors.

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Divvee explores forex. Ryze AI? Hodo Global? Travis Bott?

Midway through lMetaTrader4’sivvee launched to a lacklustesponse.

For $9.95 a month, the company offered customers access to discounts, although this service was never very popular with retail clients.

By year’s end, the company has expanded its service by including “Rank and Share”.

Affiliates and free users were rewarded with points under Divvee’s Rank and Share program for rating mobile applications.

On the back end, Rank and Share profit both directly and indirectly from new Divvee affiliate recruiting.

Rank and Share initially reignited interest in Divvee, but starting in March, interest started to decline once more.

Ryze AI is a product that Divvee Corporate and its affiliates started selling last month.

A forex trading bot called Ryze AI is said to be integrated with the free MetaTrader4 trading platform.

Ryze AI comes into play since MetaTrader4’s ‘end users can create their trading scripts and robots that could automate trading’.

Google search results for “Ryze AI” are dominated by listings connected to Hodo Global.

A travel savings MLM business called Hodo Global was introduced last year. For $199, users can get access to Ryze AI, which they refer to as an “automated investment future”.

Despite Hodo Global’s announcement of Ryze AI in January, interest in the company decreased during 2017.

In their Ryza AI marketing movies, Hodo Global, like Divvee, is eager to note that they do not themselves provide the trading bot. They only offer licenses for access to it.

Hodo Global’s website has a link to a “Capital City Markets FAQ” document from a Ryze AI brokerage FAQ.

Capital City Markets says on its website that they were developed to deliver the best trading experience to both retail and institutional traders by a skilled team of Forex experts and financial industry professionals.

There is no information on Capital City Markets’ website about who owns or manages the business. The domain name for the Capital City Markets website was only obtained in November 2011.

To return to the Hodo Global FAQ, the business does state that it is “registered with and authorized by (the) Vanuatu Financial Services Commission.”

Important Questions About the Legitimacy of Travis Bott’s Venture

1. What led Capital City Markets (CCM) to choose Vanuatu as its place of incorporation?
CCM decided to obtain a license in Vanuatu after careful study and learning about HODO’s potential for global marketing for several reasons, some of which are given below:

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a. The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission recently passed legislation that effectively regulates the foreign exchange (FX) market in Vanuatu.

As a result, CCM obtained the Security Dealer License, making it one of the first organizations to do so.
By focusing on South/East Asia, CCM’s first mover advantage will enable us to gain market share in a significant regional market.

b. Adaptability. VFSC has decided that vigilance, not excessive regulation, will be the metric by which governance will take place, in contrast to peer regulators in alternative jurisdictions.

To address issues about funding, trading, leverage, and hedging, CCM will be able to provide their underlying clients with specialized trading conditions.

c. Banking. International counterparties (banks and payment service providers) have a positive opinion of Vanuatu and provide banking services to our customers.

d. Operations. All of CCM’s operations will be sourced from the European Union, despite the firm having its domicile in Vanuatu.

If you have sensitive information or have had a personal experience with Travis Bott but want to stay anonymous, then submit it using our secured form. You can connect with our expert contributors and help in finding the truth. We never share your information with 3rd parties.

Customers will gain from personalized customer support while dealing with issues like onboarding, funding, and trade-related questions.

The two most important takeaways are hidden within the waffle;

Capital City Markets is a fictitious business operated by someone or something doing business in Europe. Because there is little to no regulation there, they selected Vanuatu.

Keep in mind that Capital City Markets’ website lists a UK phone number as the only public connection to Europe the company has.

With Ryze AI, these are the first significant warning signs.

A respectable jurisdiction should be the company’s registered address, and it should be transparent and have nothing to conceal.

Instead, Capital City Markets portrays itself as a lopsided structure created to offer maximum security to the people in charge of the business.

I am at a loss as to why a respectable forex trading organization would be organized in this manner, aside from the desire to eventually take advantage of clients.

And that’s only the FAQ’s first query… As you read on, the situation only gets worse:

The company’s fiduciary segregated client bank accounts are where the client’s funds are received.
In the unusual case of default or bankruptcy, the monies are “off-balance sheet” and cannot be utilized to reimburse creditors.

In other words, if we steal your money, there’s nothing you can do to get it back because we’ve hidden it away.

Ryze AI is oddly absent from the Capital City Markets website. I also failed to secure Divvee to it.

Divvee is far less transparent regarding the platform’s sponsors.

Travis Bott is introduced by Divvee’s President Lance Conrad in a promotional film that was posted to YouTube on June 21.

Bott is presented as the “Director of Ryze” as seen in the screenshot below.

rJKQ 7gotS3OM53siShqloEhCYqFV ltR2SKvO4K C5izW1T L7za8 ihLkzeaihBVhgzJZ2xVjVuu44oLiDHviI6KyYfqHPi4ZHL8NNYNfy1As6FXxFEXVp
Travis Bott’s involvement in the scam
Hey guys, super excited to be here … I’ve had fifteen years of experience in the industry.
(For) the last three years of my career I’ve spent (it) helping develop this product that we’re calling Ryze.

Bott lists himself as the CEO of CTB Rise International as of 2015 on his LinkedIn profile. Though not quite three years, that comes close.

CTB Rise International, a Texas corporation, is listed as “no longer active” on Corporation Wiki.

There are no connections between CTB Rise International and Capital City Markets that I could discover. however, Travis Bott was advertising Ryze at a Hodo Global affiliate event four months prior.

It is not known if Bott is a part of Capital City Markets.

Bott describes a subscription model for Ryze in the Hodo Global video, allowing affiliates to deposit up to ten million dollars with the business. The subscription price charged increases with the amount invested.

Approximately nine months ago, $700,000 was funded. And the balance of the account has now reached $950,000 or more.
Right? So, a little bit more than $250,000 in closing earnings.
That works out to roughly 4% every month when you average it throughout the period.

Surprisingly, Travis Bott insists that Ryze AI is “not an investment” despite the clear passive ROI nature of the technology.

However, a short while later, Travis Bott continues by illustrating how Ryze functions;

What would be the return on a $50,000 investment if you received a 4% return?
2,000 bucks, correct?

Bott halts himself in mid-sentence several times before “guaranteeing” Ryze AI comes back. He prefers to use the word “assured” instead.

However, yeah. Not an investment platform is Ryze AI.

Despite Ryze AI’s efforts with Hodo Global appearing to have stalled over the previous seven months, Divvee is now preparing to launch the same platform.

Combining everything we know, Divvee and Hodo Global are both US businesses advertising an automatic FX opportunity to US citizens.

Whether Travis Bott and whoever he is working with have put it up through Capital City Markets, CTB Rise International, or another method, the appearance of an offshore firm is ultimately only pseudo-compliance.

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Money is paid to Divvee and Hodo Global to access the platform, therefore in a way both businesses’ payment processor systems are connected to those of Ryze AI’s real owner.

That’s presuming, of course, that Bott and the people he’s dealing with don’t somehow directly connect with Hodo Global and/or Divvee’s owners.

Why then the secrecy?

You must be registered with the SEC to offer securities in the US.

The SEC does not have any records of Hodo Global, Divvee, Capital City Markets, CTB Rise International, or Travis Bott being registered.

As a result, Ryze AI is an unregistered security offering that is prohibited in the US.

Whoever finally provides the platform, US MLM firms Divvee and Hodo Global are both promoting Ryze AI to its US affiliates.

Currently, according to Alexa, 75% of traffic to the Hodo Global website comes from the US. It is 44% in Divvee, with both companies’ websites receiving the majority of their traffic from the US.

I felt compelled to mention that Hodo Global’s corporate address is the same as bHip Global’s, whether there is more to it or not.

BHip Global is owned by Terry LaCore, who in 2008 paid $50,000 to resolve charges of securities fraud.

Up until this point, I haven’t disclosed that Ryze AI has a website at “”

On December 6th, 2016, Travis Bott registered the domain.

The Ryze AI website lists a Mckinney, Texas location, which is the same business address shown on the Hodo Global website.

This is not the same address as bHip Global, which was substituted for the Mckinney address on the Hodo Global website.

However, I digress. It doesn’t matter if LaCore is involved or not in the end.

As a Ryze AI investor, you are giving money to individuals who have taken special measures to evade regulatory oversight.

You don’t know who you’re giving your money to through Ryze AI, where they’re operating from, or what you’re doing with it.

The corporation may give you a few token trades to track, but nothing that will let you know exactly where every dollar of your ROI went each month.

But that’s kind of the goal. People who know everything there is to know about forex trading are not the target market for Ryze AI.

The idea of depositing money with Ryze AI and receiving a passive ROI of roughly 4% plus what they initially deposited at the end of the month is being marketed to Hodo Global and Divvee affiliates.

If the SEC looks into Ryze AI’s connections to Hodo Global, Travis Bott and Divvee, things won’t likely turn out well.

Travis Bott and Holton Buggs’ Meta Bounty Hunters Ponzi

I looked into the possibility that Meta Bounty Hunters was an iBuumerang spinoff earlier this month.

Now, I can affirm that it is. Holton Buggs and Travis Bott are the masterminds behind the Meta Bounty Hunters Ponzi scheme.

The promotion of the program by iBuumerang officials led to suspicions that Meta Bounty Hunters was an iBuumerang offshoot.

Specifically, Avinash Nagamah, “Travel Savings Ambassador for Europe” at iBuumerang.

Holton Buggs was consequently involved. However, I couldn’t confirm that until last night’s Meta Bounty Hunters premiere event.

J1GmGcC3fVREbDMm1gvyaZ7DBrrtId6JWwNRMJN8WtAkA7BqrEOViP0xA9HF0fRspJq5 AmwTG4vSxsP0GOlWvWsyKpBRQ5FDYvfnukO4XxsV9WJVSsSH5ry2 YA4jj QaO5YvD3mSBrReTFEPbocKw
Travis Bott and others at an event

That’s it. Nagamah is once more in the front right position, and Mike Sims of OmegaPro is seated next to Travis Bott at the rear.

hlkhL7MBTyUoG4jtEHCIqPBMfztobtOo tqq3PybYlgdYP5DeLxvLhi

UK authorities recently took action against OMP Money as part of what is thought to be a larger worldwide probe.

Omega Pro is/was utilizing the UK shell firm OMP Money to swindle investment cash.

Uncertainty exists regarding whether Sims’ involvement with Meta Bounty Hunters was influenced by OmegaPro’s regulatory issues.

Let’s get back to Holton Buggs and Travis Bott, our major players.

In the MLM sector, Holton Buggs is most known for his tenure at Organo Gold. He appears committed to rewriting history to benefit crypto fraud.

In 2018, an effort was made to draw Organo Gold distributors into the Ormeus Global Ponzi scheme, and Buggs was at the center of it.

After that plan fizzled, Buggs launched iBuumerang in 2019.

By the end of 2021, iBuumerang’s website traffic started to decline, and now we have Meta Bounty Hunters.

Travis Bott has a history of committing securities fraud. Over the years, BehindMLM has linked him to several Ponzi schemes.

In the middle of 2017, Travis Bott initially came to BehindMLM’s attention. Through Ryze AI, we were able to connect Bott to Divvee’s illicit securities fraud offering.

With the help of Westmyn, a front business used to execute securities fraud through Investview’s Wealth Generators, Bott reappeared in late 2017.

The CFTC summoned Investview in 2018 and later penalized it $150,000.

Travis Bott started Onyx Lifestyle on his own a year later.

What was left of Onyx Lifestyle was incorporated into Digital Profit in the middle of 2021.

In August 2021, a “bad trades” exit scam caused Digital Profit to collapse. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost by investors.

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The majority of Meta Bounty Hunter’s promoters seem to be iBuumerang resellers.

CIvvZsfJyzJbiW4E2l8eYeSXFOXbEeAh3LLQbeSGK82Wfj kDoBPpBxrC P0DL1zPff4CKVs607CT58jj8vpag5oCUv90dLZs6FOSvEj u1X3SAaJWzC5cff4c9VbmTK4i0UBjFdFSngJJ3AKYsco I
Travis Bott’s venture tends to reuse old resellers

There is no mention of Meta Bounty Hunters on iBuumerang’s social media to keep the public from realizing it is a spinoff.

According to this BehindMLM evaluation, Meta Bounters blends pyramid and Ponzi fraud.

This is wrapped up in NFT investment positions that feature Star Wars-inspired rocket men cartoons.

l5F1fPqLijvwlp2r2DaoKGH0GYnhAJeNpqwmaxwVedX5AIIC5u7W0mR8NphvljahHDuJ jVMDW

Meta Bounty Hunters have currently sold about 6100 NFTs, according to OpenSeas. At $2000 each, Buggs and Bott will receive a speedy $12.2 million payout.

A portion of each Meta Bounty Hunters’ resale will also go to them.

Meta Bounty Hunters’ current floor price is 0.74 ETH, or about $2800. However, as there are only 1-2 NFTs sold each day, this is unlikely to be correct.

The NFT community is riddled with wash trading scams. We’ll probably get a better idea of how much money investors in Meta Bounty Hunters lost once that settles down.

Holton Buggs, Travis Bott, Meta Bounty Hunters, and any other individuals connected to them are not SEC-registered.

Meta Bounty Huntresses: Travis Bott’s Second Wave of Securities Fraud

Travis Bott is also a part of Meta Bounty Huntresses.

The Meta Bounty Hunters Ponzi, run by Holton Buggs, is preparing for a second round of funding.

The name of the unauthorized securities offering is Meta Bounty Hunters: Season Two; Meta Bounty Huntresses.

Through the Meta Labs Agency platform, which Travis Bott runs, Buggs manages his NFT Ponzi schemes.

a79doIFQRz1z Gc72LI5Lim85yFiKbt1EFWGfuzqwRGEaPPizmsj4hfArkhLNujYMshdUHsoLuZesEfurI4sKE8HanaAEUpkL OBP6UAD0kNGExjGKa4z 0kjo3I

Although their commercial relationship hasn’t been made public, Buggs and Bott are said to be partners.

David Hunt, a Meta Bounty Hunters insider, intends to launch Meta Bounty Huntresses on October 15th, as was made known in a webinar on October 13th.

CmYXvdgMhuPe6HPIOuI1CN1PX iMSbK ukkL2diZxvyX2t mSu6VnmIlV4 mp0VxirwZ6HrKhYm JLU7Ug7kgBH7LMBZ3TWhumYiTjLcazfPeuZ3JV6UPGpnFusuZq0VGUzzVzgJa0HRWah7fPIJE0

Hunt promotes returns that have already been given to investors in Meta Bounty Hunters to advertise Meta Bounty Huntresses.

Between 2% and 3% per week on average during the previous six months.
We have already returned more than $20 million to our (NFT) holders in the past six months. only to purchase a single photo.
The amount you receive will vary depending on how many photographs you purchase.

It’s critical to remember that the $20 million Hunt alleges MBH has paid out – has not actually been withdrawn. Keep in mind that this amount cannot be verified without audited financial reports.

Those that are claiming reflections have already earned back $2000 of their investment within the first six months.
You won’t come across many of these when searching for investing options.

It’s also significant to remember that 80% of invested capital is allegedly utilized to finance return payments. Purportedly because MBH also has an MLM element, which depletes the investment pool’s available ROI funds.

Additionally skimming off the top, Holton Buggs and Travis Bott reduce the amount of ROI funds available.


All of this brings up the reason for the need for “season two” of Meta Bounty Hunters. Math is math, and MBH requires new money to continue the swindling, just like any Ponzi scheme.

Due to the exponential growth of ponzi liabilities, Meta Bounty Huntress NFTs will be flogged for $2500 apiece. This is an increase from the initial “season one” commitment of $2000.

This equates to $22,220,000 at 8888 NFTs.

The ROI term was also changed from weekly to monthly, which is another proof that Ponzi math is putting unavoidable liability pressure on MBH.

When you consider how the money is moving within the fraud, Meta Bounty Hunter’s returns are getting close to parity, which is mathematically impossible. Launched to recover as much of the returns handed out as possible, Meta Bounty Huntresses.

Travis Bott

Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Travis Bott, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

When invested funds run out, the cycle repeats, and MBH Season 3 is released. Then season 4, season 5, and so forth follow.

Over time, the law of diminishing returns takes effect, and a classic Ponzi collapse eventually occurs.

Investment in Meta Bounty Huntresses begins for insiders on or around October 15.

Insiders who invest are categorized as:

-whoever made a minimum investment of five Meta Bounty Hunter positions;

-Those that made an “iconic” Meta Bounty Hunter NFT investment

-everyone who made investments in three or more of Travis Bott‘s NFT Ponzi schemes, Meta Labs Agents

The public can now invest in Meta Bounty Huntresses as of October 16.

Most people remember Holton Buggs for his work on the MLM phenomenon Organo Gold. Buggs tried to combine Organo Gold with crypto fraud, which caused him to leave the business.

Buggs’ attempts to commit crypto bro fraud failed. He later made a comeback to his MLM beginnings with the travel-based MLM opportunity known as iBuumerang.

The COVID-19 epidemic severely damaged iBuumerang, and the company never fully recovered. Buggs gave crypto bro fraud another try, and the Meta Bounty NFT Ponzi schemes are the result.

O565ldYaLaDloJ7AScOnWzWiZgfRRNPlBlJu4JKuMgiQi2baWWpkM6q6XMpru9TSrtPYV4WNT N2vgty6cZ8RRWiFnaO3o4Hs3WTns3Q AhcvETCD0YEo cPiW9g3eD2W1JtDufuHTCdKco60jVKwHM

It is thought that iBuumerang affiliates make up the great bulk of investors in the Meta Bounty Ponzi scheme.

Hunt, an iBuumerang Black Diamond who acknowledges falling for numerous cryptocurrency scams, refers to Buggs as his guru.

Hunt responded when asked about the iBuumerang logo behind him:

We operate under that type of business model, iBuumerang. That is the neighborhood that Mr. Buggs helped to build.
And since we trade there, the majority of folks in iBuumerang learned about this NFT before anyone else. We also generate several streams of income there.

Meta Bounty Hunters was primarily a sausage fest.

Gf1UyjMKGUcxofW7 7pRmbNfFSPNY7pWk pB8QtC8opZNnlTLvrZZ5eTappXwgCNTzZ SKrVlfLbXqDQNOVVb VgkuQGmi WLpZHtxwdMgLTVTQmOEAotfVC I9MYY4dNWnyaxeVi9GWm 9pdUgJg s

My cynical side thinks that Meta Bounty Hunters with boobs is an attempt to cater to the female affiliate base of iBuumerang.

Travis Bott has been involved in multiple MLM schemes at this point.

X97m2V45y7y9IvIasU9l MC8tpFAsgHRF7P6aCq9yoqBpNx3d3 L0gfqbipyuRmCcBmGv3rnrJGIrQQ8lquqPjAvx0pIlFmIuTefyz3 j1GI EeQKi6K3H9LqnD863d0kpn7cLshU3G636PwfTDe4qA

Speaking about his prior losses from cryptocurrency scams, Hunt advised potential MBH investors;

My understanding of what went wrong and why I lost money on some initiatives began to develop.
Additionally, there were obvious warning signs that I truly ignored since my greed took over.
That occurred roughly five years ago. Fast forward to the present, and I now know what I consider to be right and wrong.

Hunt took five years to grasp that participating in Ponzi schemes early means you are the one robbing and defrauding other people.

C684c89EjKHuuhrIduLe0lJjWqfE5M0YpdDy70uOPPnCZ4tX1caiv xmHMI6c9GPezb2cB2PBg0JrE2T15v0rB3 WtZKocdviRCvd HyNlDWVOUc0q3aEADjIgscRcbj4LW Fz3M2aKRoHJ8l5fHcsM

Holton Buggs, Travis Bott, David Hunt, Meta Bounty Hunters, nor Meta Bounty Huntresses are SEC-registered companies.

Unregistered securities cannot be offered, sold, or promoted in any nation with a financial regulator.

Despite what was said above, math makes it clear that most investors in Ponzi schemes lose money.

Travis Bott- Is He an MLM Ponzi Scammer? The Truth Exposed (New Update2023)
Travis Bott- Is He an MLM Ponzi Scammer? The Truth Exposed (New Update2023)

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  21. It has become really risky these days to even think about trusting anyone. These scammers should be ashamed of themselves. Is this the way they want to earn money? Do they even have any humanity left in them?

  22. This man should be punished very severely for what he did to the victims. This is ridiculous. Is this how he wants to grow his wealth? This man should be put in jail.

  23. Such scams are rising every day. We must do proper research before investing money. This is crucial that we check the license of the company. If they have a legit license or not. The company must be regulated. Only then we can think about investing.

  24. This guy is a fraud. He should be ashamed of himself for letting his customers down with false promises. It is sick. This is the worst thing you can do to make money with another person.

  25. This man is a criminal, he has scammed so many innocent people for his greed. He should be behind bars for his crime. He should get punished otherwise it will be injustice to the victims.

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