Travis Cadman Investar USA – $100 Million Canadian Scammer

Travis Cadman and Ron Cadman have been doing business as Cadman Brothers Inc. Their operation started in 2006 and by the time it ended in 2010, they had allegedly defrauded investors for more than $100,000,000 CAD, by omissions and misrepresentations

Travis Cadman

Currently, Travis Cadman is the founder and owner of a company called Investar and his brother Ron Cadman is a partner in it. Both brothers are living lavish lives after allegedly stealing millions of dollars from investors.

The Cadman Brothers Inc had schemes involving real estate land development projects, and all of their schemes failed to produce the returns they had promised to their victims and caused them to lose all of their principal investments. Cadman Brothers primarily targeted elderly and retired Canadian residents and lured them with promises of high returns on their investments. Most of these aged victims have been left with NO retirement savings now.

The Alberta Securities Commission investigated Ron and Travis Cadman on many occasions in the past decade, however, none of these efforts led to any further developments. And no money has been returned to the victims of this scam.

In his testimony with the ASC, Travis Cadman admitted to having raised $73,457,000 from ~2600 investors.

After being banned by the ASC from starting any company or investment group in Canada, the Cadman brothers relocated themselves to Arizona and Texas. They have invested some of their tainted money in real estate in Texas and Arizona. 

So Travis and Ron Cadman stole millions of dollars from Canadians and when charged with securities crimes, they relocated to the USA and live like kings.

Some of the defrauded investors recently came forward with information against the Cadman Brothers Travis and Ron. There is an ongoing investigation going against Travis Cadman and Ron Cadman. The brothers own $20,000,000 worth of properties and assets across the states of Texas and Arizona.

If you are one of the Cadman Brothers Inc scam victims, then speak up against them and share information here. Also try to contact the SEC and share information with them.

Their schemes had utilized over 40 companies and I’ve listed all of them down below:

Keystone Real Estate Investment Corp-Alberta

CBI Investments Ltd.-Alberta

CBI Capital Inc.-Alberta

Frank Capital Partners Inc.-Alberta

Cadman Investments Ltd.-Alberta

744988 Alberta Ltd.-Alberta

11244344 Alberta Ltd.-Alberta

1124352 Alberta Ltd.-Alberta

Diamond Key Capital Corporation-Alberta

Diamond Key Holdings Ltd.-Alberta

Diamond Key Developments Ltd.-Alberta

Lake House Investments Ltd.-Alberta

Lake House Capital Ltd.-Alberta

Keystone Business Park Inc.-Alberta

KBP Capital Corp.-Alberta

Arizona Capital Fund Inc.-Alberta

Timber Rock Holdings Ltd.-Alberta

AZ Mortgage Corp.-Alberta

Chestermere Lands Development Corporation-Alberta

1588787 Alberta Ltd.-Alberta

1239694 Alberta Ltd.-Alberta

Cachet Fine Homes Ltd.-Alberta

Arizona Investar Corp.-Arizona USA

Cadman Properties Inc.-Arizona USA

Arizona Acquisition Fund Corporation-Arizona USA

Sonoma Investar General Partner Inc.-Arizona USA

Sonoma Gardens (Phoenix), LP.-Arizona USA

Sonoma Gardens (Phoenix), LLLP.-Arizona USA

Sonoma Investar, LP.-Arizona USA

Sonoma Gardens, LP.-Arizona USA

Sonoma Gardens, LLLP.-Arizona USA

VOS Holdings, LLP.-Arizona USA

VOS Holdings GP, Inc.-Arizona USA

VOS Holding, LP.-Arizona USA

VOS Holding GP, Inc.-Arizona USA

Renue Properties (Sonoma Gardens) Arizona, Inc.-Arizona USA

Southwest Contracting (AZ) Inc.-Arizona USA

Diamond Key Homes, LLC-Arizona USA

Cadman Investments LLC-Arizona USA

Valley of the Sun Real Estate Management Inc.-Arizona USA

Diamond Key Homes, LLC-Delaware USA

Cherokee Partners, LLC-Delaware USA

Compass Investar LP-Texas USA

VOS Holding GP, Inc.-Texas USA

Compass Investar General Partner Corporation-Texas USA

Donovan Investar General Partner, Inc.-Texas USA

Donovan Investar Limited Partnership-Texas USA

The Alberta Securities Commission Documents Against Travis Cadman & Ron Cadman


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Cadman Brothers (Travis Cadman & Ron Cadman) stole millions of dollars from investors in Canada, and they fled to the USA after being charged with Securities crimes in Alberta, Canada. These scammers are under investigation right now by US authorities. Avoid doing business with them and stay safe!

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