Tree of Life Center – TLC Fertility – Rude & Careless

Tree of Life Center – TLC Fertility is a fertility clinic with a ton of negative reviews and complaints. According to its clients, the pricing here is quite high and the staff is not very friendly. 

Several customers complained about how Dr. Jovanovic fails to explain the risks associated with the procedures properly. The nursing staff has also received a poor rating from the customers. 

In the following review, I’ll go through some of those complaints and help you get a better understanding of what this clinic is:

About Tree of Life Center – TLC Fertility

Tree of Life Center – TLC Fertility is a fertility clinic based in Los Angeles, California. Their address is 18370 BurbankBlvd #511, Tarzana, CA 91536, US and their contact number is 818-344-8522. 

They have recently acquired California Fertility Clinic. Dr. Jovanovic runs this place with his team including Dr. Man Li and Caroline Kim. 

Apart from the LA location, Tree of Life Center – TLC Fertility has additional locations: 

Miracle Mile:

5455 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1904, Los Angeles, CA 90035, US. 

Canyon Country: 

26615 Bouquet Canyon Rude, Suite #1, Santa Clarita, CA 91350, US.

The contact number of their Miracle Mile location is 323 525 3377. Similarly, the phone number of the Canyon Country location is 818 344 8522. 

TLC Fertility offers various services to its clients including: 

  • Social egg freezing
  • Natural IVF
  • Gender selection IVF
  • Sperm freezing
  • FET
  • IUI
  • Invocell IVF

And several more. 

On paper, Tree of Life Center – TLC Fertility seems like an ordinary clinic. However, it has attracted a ton of criticism from its clients. In the next section of this review, I have shared some of the many complaints this fertility clinic has received from its customers: 

Tree of Life Center – TLC Fertility Doesn’t Communicate Properly, Has Cold Staff

Tree of Life Center - TLC Fertility

The above reviewer shares that their experience with TLC Fertility was mediocre. Dr. Vuk Jovanovic seemed nice and knowledgeable. However, he kept rushing the appointments and used to forget crucial details about the patient. 

The reviewer had to keep reminding him of important details. They suggest the clinic to avoid treating their patients like a number. 

At least, they should look up their file before they walk in. Also, the doctors and the staff shouldn’t assume that the patients know everything. That’s why they are the patients. 

The reviewer shares that their experience with the clinic was quite stressful. Furthermore, it seemed to them that the staff was a little cold at times. They weren’t friendly and kind. 

Although the doctor was nice and friendly, the cold behavior of the staff made the reviewer feel like a number. 

The reviewer recommends other consumers to be extremely cautious when discussing finances here. In their experience, the clinic had surprised them with an additional fee of several thousands. What’s worse is that the clinic didn’t give them any heads up. 

The reviewer believes that TLC Fertility should communicate more clearly with its patients. 

Initially, the clinic had quoted one amount but a few days before the frozen embryo transfer, they surprised the reviewer with additional thousands to pay for the transfer. Keep in mind that the reviewer had already scheduled the appointment for the transfer. 

The reviewer says that it would have been better if they had informed them before because they needed time to come up with the additional thousands. 

If the clinic had communicated properly since the start, the reviewer says things would have been less stressful. 

$20,000+ Treatment Ended Up Unsuccessful

Tree of Life Center - TLC Fertility

The above reviewer’s procedure was unsuccessful. She liked the behavior and attitude of the staff and Dr. Ben-Ozer. 

However, she noticed that the doctor was quite aggressive with the hormones and medication. The reviewer later found out that such aggressive medication can fry your eggs as they are more delicate than when you are young. 

Also, the reviewer says it would have been better to do a mini or mild IVF which uses less meds. Furthermore, the doctor performed multiple IUIs consecutively. In total, TLC Fertility performed 7 IUIs on the reviewer, all of them were unsuccessful. 

Undergoing so many treatments was stressful and expensive. In retrospect, the reviewer says that she would not have done so many of them. 

She doesn’t recommend the clinic as her treatments were unsuccessful. However, she says that the doctor is quite compassionate. 

Furthermore, the treatment was quite expensive. The Stimulated IUI cost $5000 while the Regular IUI cost $2500. Similarly, the charges for using the surgery center for extraction were $10,000. The rest of the IVF expenses were around $15,000. 

“They Don’t Care Once They Get Paid”

Annie had a consultation here and it was fine. However, she paid for a blood test and they  told her that she would have 2 follow up calls later to go over her hormone levels with genetic testing. Also, she had paid extra for the genetic testing. 

They scheduled her for 5 PM on a different day. At 5:20, Annie called them to ask if anyone would call her and they told her that the doctor was running late. Also, they said they couldn’t tell her how much longer it would be. 

Annie says that they went back and forth for a while until they let her reschedule. She didn’t know that they expected her to keep her whole evening open for a 5 PM appointment. 

Annie didn’t like how the staff kept saying that she was scheduled for 5 PM as if it wasn’t running late already. Then again, she had already paid for everything so she realized that they didn’t care about keeping the follow ups. 

Later, she called them to know if there was a window of time to hold. But nobody informed her about it. They didn’t tell her about the rescheduled time or the appointment either.

Furthermore, they didn’t let Annie speak to the billing department and told her that someone would give her a call which never happened. 

Annie says that freezing your eggs and embryos is vulnerable enough but having to deal with this kind of unprofessionalism is absurd. She says that the clinic behaves properly at first but once you pay up, they stop caring about you.

Later, she added an update to her review. The clinic had told her they would call her back and issue a refund but they never did. 

Additional Tree of Life Center – TLC Fertility Reviews:


The above reviews indicate that Tree of Life Center – TLC Fertility is not as great or caring as it claims to be. From rude staff to careless procedures, the reviews paint a terrible picture.

Due to these reasons, it would be best for you to find a different fertility clinic in Los Angeles or nearby areas. 

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Not recommended

TLC Fertility has received a lot of criticism because of its nursing staff. Furthermore, their prices are significantly high in comparison to others. Considering how stressful their treatments can be, it would be best for you to find a different fertility clinic.

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