Tristan Caudron

Lost me $XXX,XXX through bad investment

Tristan Caudron is a greedy and selfish financial advisor. He only cares about filling his pockets, no matter what method he uses to do so. Don’t make the mistake I made. I mean, don’t hire him. 

My experience with Tristan Caudron (Caudron Megary Blackburn Wealth Management) was too painful. He caused me a loss of $XXXXXX by recommending me a horrible investment

Tristan’s Background:

Tristan is a Managing Director of Investments at the Caudron Megary Blackburn Wealth Management Group. He is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, a Certified Financial Planner, and an Accredited Asset Management Specialist. He has received a lot of recognition for his work.

His address is 101 North Union Street, SUITE 220, Alexandria, VA 22314-0000. 

How Tristan Caudron Scammed Me

I had hired Tristan after I saw him in Forbes’ list of America’s Top Wealth Advisors in 2018. That’s a huge accomplishment and I was looking for an expert to help me make some investments. When I found out about Tristan, I thought he would be perfect for this job because of his level of experience and expertise. Tristan is the MD of Investments at Wells Fargo Advisors, so you can understand how prominent he is. 

When I had hired Tristan and his company, they behaved in a great manner. They used to respond quickly and whenever I’d call Tristan, he would respond appropriately. He used to pick up my calls right away and I was very happy with their customer service. I had no idea that this amazing customer service would vanish in a click as soon as they got my money. 

After he caused me the loss of $XXX,XXX, his company’s customer service degraded drastically. Moreover, Tristan vanished completely, he was never available. 

Tristan and his team were helping me in managing my retirement funds. For several months things went okay until one day Tristan called me up and requested a quick meeting. It was a little surprising because he had never called my cell to get a meeting before, his assistant was usually the one who got him an appointment. 

Anyway, when I met with him, he told me that it would be best if I invested XX% of my portfolio in a particular company. The mere fact that he wanted me to invest XX% of my entire portfolio to be in one company made me highly skeptical. However he kept urging me that it would be best for me to invest my funds in that specific organization. 

Although I rejected this proposition at first, he kept requesting me to invest there. He even said that I should follow his advice because ‘he is the expert, not me’. 

So, I gave in and invested nearly $XXXXXX in that company. It was a horrible mistake because after only a few months, that company filed for bankruptcy and I lost all of my investment. I didn’t get a single penny out of that company. 

I found out about the bankruptcy of that company quite late. His team didn’t inform me about that investment or that company and they kept me in the dark.

I have no words to explain my frustration when I got the news. His team was unavailable ever since that company went bankrupt. Tristan, who was always available on call, vanished. Apparently, the guy was always on vacation. 

His team members, his assistant, everyone just kept telling me bullsh#t such as ‘Tristan is away on tour’ or ‘Tristan is gone on a family vacation’. 

His terrible investment advice had lost me $XXX,XXX so I wanted to know if there was any method of getting back any of that lost sum. However, when my financial advisor wasn’t even available, I couldn’t make any significant decision in this regard.

Whenever I try to contact Tristan or his company, they avoid me. Tristan is a fraudster who is stealing from retired folks. I can bet my life that Tristan had some vested interest in that company he recommended. Otherwise, why would any financial advisor recommend his client to invest 40% of their portfolio in one single enterprise?  

Before that company even came on the map, Tristan used to stress on diversifying the portfolio. And diversification is something I’ve heard about in many places. So when he gave me such weird advice, I had become skeptical right then. I should’ve fired him right away but I made the dire mistake of trusting him. 

Tristan seems like an expert wealth advisor. However, he is only an expert in scamming people. The way he is running Caudron Megary Blackburn Wealth Management only indicates that he has built his wealth through stealing from innocents. 

I didn’t know what to do so I shared my experiences here. I don’t want anyone else to become a victim of this scam. Tristan Caudron should know better. He should stop stealing from innocents and get punished for his crimes. 

I wonder how many people have lost their savings and retirement funds because of that thief. Please, if you’re reading this, stay away from Tristan Caudron and his company. You can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars as I did. 

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Tristan lost me $XXXXXX and I'm pretty sure he can pull that off again with someone else. He is a fraudster and you shouldn't trust him at any cost!!

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  1. It’s so disappointing to read this. I was googling reviews of Caudron Megary and that’s when I found this article. If Tristan Caudron is really that horrible of a person, I certainly wouldn’t want to spend my money there. Thanks for saving me from this scam.

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