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Advisors Never Listen and Never Meet with the Client 

My friends had hired TSG Wealth Management some time ago. They were looking for a financial advisor to help them invest. TSG Wealth Management seemed like a good choice to them but after spending more than XXXXX on them, they both are certain that these people are the worst. 

My friends work together in an organisation and after working for so many years, they decided that they wanted to invest and make their money work for us. They first started by reading books on investing and decided that hiring an expert would be the best. Who would have thought the expert would turn out to be so incompetent? 

They searched for financial advisors in Irvine, and found TSG Wealth Management. Their managing director, Mark Schulten is in Barron’s list of Top 1200 Financial Advisors and has a quite impressive rank there. This prompted them to give those people a call and arrange a meeting with one of their advisors. 

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They are fishy and selfish people and their behaviors change on a whim. Before my friends had made some kind of financial commitment with them, they behaved very professionally and responded quickly to any queries. But after my friends paid them an advance and hired them, they changed. 

Why TSG Wealth Management is Bad (Incompetent)

Whenever my friends would meet their financial advisor, they would ignore anything they said. Both of my friends had plenty of questions, plans, and thoughts to share but the advisor wouldn’t even bother to listen to them. Over and above, they rarely met with their financial advisor from TSG Wealth Management. 

Did You Know?

Financial advisors are professionals who are experts in finances and provide financial services and advice to clients based on their financial situation and goals. However, now a days there are various scammers who dupe the investors by claiming themselves as financial advisors.

My friends had even arranged a meeting with Mark Schulten, but he canceled that appointment sometime before. It was all a nightmare when they hired TSG Wealth Management. 

The financial advisor would never contact Their Clients or arrange a meeting.

They had to call every now and then to get an appointment. Then, they would cancel those meetings randomly and notify them on the day of the appointment. It was so frustrating because they would have to change my entire day’s plans accordingly. 

They paid those guys for many months. And they only met with them only a handful of times. TSG’s advisors are never available. 

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The first time they met with someone from TSG was when they had first hired them. My friends wanted to discuss their future investments and what suggestions the advisor had, but instead of listening to them, the advisors gave vague information and vaguer advice. When my friends asked about those funds and why the advisor thought they were suitable for the friends, he ignored their questions and started talking about other funds and investments.

After that meeting, my friends wanted to have another meeting to discuss why they should go ahead with those investments. It was their money after all and they didn’t want to spend it on something they didn’t know anything about. But after that meeting, they had to wait for many months to meet with their advisors again. 

TSG Wealth Management is a very expensive firm. They charge various kinds of fees and at that time, they were getting a lot of money from my friends every month. Sometimes their fees would go over thousands of dollars but they didn’t mind much because they expected them to be the best. 

Their Advisors Never Discuss Their Client Goals

Apart from the unavailability of the advisor, the second thing that bothered my friends a lot was that their financial advisor had never asked us about their long-term goals. It seemed as if they only cared about stuffing specific funds with my friends’ money. Whenever they tried to discuss their plans and goals, their advisors would ignore them altogether. 

Their random meeting cancellations and careless attitude make them the worst wealth management company in the US. There are so many things they have to improve that it would be better if they just shut down. 

Imagine paying thousands of dollars every month to a person and finding out that they are always unavailable to discuss their work with you.

3.4 Total Score

TSG Wealth Management is the worst financial advisor you can hire. Their advisors are never available and they don’t care about you.

  • Excessive fees
  • Advisors remain unavailable all the time
  • Careless attitude
  • Random cancellations of appointments
  • No care for the customer’s time or money
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  1. I don’t recommend dealing with any financial advisors. Most of these people are selfish snake oil salesmen whose sole priority is stuffing their bank accounts. I had worked with a terrible financial advisor before who never listened to my financial questions or issues. That man was only concerned about the investments I made and only recommended me those investments that earned him commission. It took me a lot of time to realise that he was ripping me off.

    That guy would always act all innocent and caring to make it seem as if he cared about my finances but he did not. That man never cared about my financial health ever. All that person cared about was the commissions he was making from the investments he recommended to me. I found out about this commission thing very late when I started doing some of my own research on the investments he kept suggesting me.

    The returns he kept saying were awesome, were never actually any good. I was missing out on tons of profits that could have enhanced my overall financial well-being. Not only did that lunatic waste a lot of my time and charged me heavily for it but he also cost me a lot of money. I had not hired a financial advisor to lose money; I had hired him to increase the money I had. Obviously, I discussed the financial suggestions he kept making with him and it became obvious that he was only using me for my wealth. Since then, I stopped working with him.

    Reading your experience only made me realise that there are plenty of financial advisors as terrible as mine. Whoever these TSG wealth management people are, they should know that people aren’t idiots and would realise it sooner or later just how pathetic their services are. Their shop is running only until their illusion remains functional. As soon as the veil is lifted, people would jump the ship and would never look back. These scams never really think that far ahead. They are so focused on ripping people off in the present that they don’t realise how much damage they have done.

    If these scammers don’t stop, they don’t know what hell awaits them. In the end I only want to say this –


  2. Yikes, I’d definitely avoid these guys.
    Thank you for this review. I was looking for a financial advisor and was really considering TSG wealth management. You saved me a lot of trouble and money.

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