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Tyler Pratt is a famous YouTube marketing specialist who helps small businesses in generating more and more leads and sales using social media. He is a known figure who posts YouTube videos every day on YouTube about different ways for making money online which eventually drives traffic to his online courses. 

Let’s see in detail what all his courses are about:-

Easy Payday and Daily CPA Cash Final Word

These courses are fully imbibed with high-level SEO skills. And these skills are necessary to make affiliate marketing work. If one doesn’t have SEO skills, one needs to get really good at making great content work on YouTube and that’s a grind which Tyler Pratt knows very well! Tyler Pratt consistently makes videos for at least a year and this eventually generates more leads say 10-20 leads per day. The only downside of trying to build the online business with strictly YouTube traffic is that YouTube videos do end up going out of date in 2-3 years.  Based on the research of Tyler Pratt’s courses, it really lacks the step-by-step guide to producing traffic. It is more theoretical based on how online marketing/affiliate marketing works. Having gone through Tyler’s interviews and YouTube channels, it’s clear that his main source of business is his YouTube traffic which he gets it from!


YouTube is working for many like Tyler Pratt which doesn’t require any other skill other than making a video and uploading it. High-level skills pay more per hour one spends working on and this is where building lead generation sites and blogging comes into the picture. One can use a strategic approach by using a high level of SEO Skills to dominate over the competition and makes sure that the digital properties get the top end traffic. It’s smarter to develop the skill of ranking websites as well. Money making is faster then.

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All of his products and courses give you a quick solution to make money online and this is what these training courses aim to do. I have shared some of the reviews on his courses in detail:-

Affiliate Marketing Millionaire by Tyler Pratt

 So imagine you’ve bought this course from Tyler Pratt which comprises of 8 modules of Affiliate Marketing basic training wherein you’ll learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing, setting up lead generation funnel and traffic source to drive sales.

A glimpse of the membership area  

Module 1 is all about choosing a niche and Tyler recommends choosing the big three namely Dating, Fitness, or Make money niche. Here, you’ll be learning how to sign up for affiliate networks like Adwork media, Clickbank, etc.

Module 2 is about the introduction of some examples of Facebook Page and Groups and setting them up.

Module 3 is about promoting an affiliate offer and creating a compelling Facebook ad. I suggest you to stay away from this method if you’re a beginner and short of a $1000 budget to spend on Facebook ads. Tyler is giving a very short explanation, yet trying to promote affiliate links to you.

Module 4 is about YouTube as a traffic source. Here, Tyler shows a strategy to get traffic but can actually cost a bit of money. There is no complete training provided on getting traffic. 

Module 5 is all about Instagram traffic. Here, you’ll learn basic information on growing your Instagram pages.

Module 6 is about Marketing Funnels. Here, you’ll be taught what the owner himself set up the system such as email follow-ups, lead magnets, and traffic generation strategies.

Module 7 is about reviewing websites by creating a simple website and reviewing the products based on your niche.

Module 8 is a funnel builder by showing step-by-step guide to set up a funnel using a conversion pro system.

My recommendation:

I do not recommend you get the Affiliate Marketing Millionaire course because of its tricky upsells offered which in turn helps in selling his courses, over 90% of the information is laid in general, overhyped and without in-depth details of how to execute the plan. There are unnecessary offers to buy. All of his sale pages are very misleading and exaggerating. I would appreciate it more if he is upfront with the material one gets inside the course. 

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3 Step Profit by Tyler Pratt

Tyler Pratt 3 Step Profit Review By MMOZ! Is 3 Step Profit A Scam?

The official 3 Step Profit Website looks fairly standard with a sales video at top of the page that lacks information and instead you learn that how Tyler offers a product that teaches you how to make money online in 3 days! The majority of training that you’ll find in 3 Step Profit is centered around Affiliate Marketing. You might not be familiar with this process if you’re a beginner in trying to make money online. Affiliate marketing is thus promoting a product or service and getting paid to do so. This process can be run at practically zero cost. Nonetheless, there are additional costs to becoming a successful affiliate marketer and with 3 Step Profit training. After joining 3 Step Profit training, there are several options for upgrading your membership. 

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3 Step Profit method is a combination of a couple of things. firstly, the technique is based on launch jacking which involves promoting the latest products on the internet to make a quick profit. Secondly, you are encouraged to create review videos for YouTube that make money as an affiliate. This method is used all over the internet by thousands of marketers and the competition is fierce. Making money with these techniques is thus very difficult.

My recommendation:

I can’t recommend you this product because I think that your money could be spent in a much better way. I would much prefer to see an online training system that was totally upfront with its additional costs. The training here offered is nothing new to learn and the competition level is extremely high if you start using this technique. I don’t recommend this as a long-term business strategy and you’ll end up in difficulties in making money on regular basis.

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  2. Program promised to start earning day one ! Went through training modules ( several hours) and after seeing all the other add ons needed to purchase to actually get started
    I requested refund . Was told that had to complete all add on ( cost $) before could get refund
    Had physical challenges along way and returned later to complete all add ons only to not be able to log back in
    Finally decided to contact card company for a Refund!!
    Regret not reading the reviews first!

  3. I am quite an expert in this field and that is why I am here making you known with reality. Tyler Pratt’s CPA profits is nothing but crap.

    If you have $300 that you want to waste, then you can go ahead. Be it a newbie or an experienced person in this field, this course won’t help you grow at all.

    In today’s world, there are millions of courses that are more interactive and the videos are so much more interesting. But this video here, is nothing but all theory. The guy definitely doesn’t know how to make videos. He doesn’t know how to make a good presentation and that is why there are just random texts present throughout the video.

    And this is the major reason why this module is not good for newbies. They don’t know anything about the field and that is why they are here. But Tyler hadn’t given any introduction about the topic and had directly to the major topic.

    There is a 31-page notes, which nothing more than copy paste. I mean, did he think that no one is ever going to realise what he is doing. The only thing good in the entire module is his voice over. The speed is just fine and works well. But other than that there is nothing good about his presentation.

    The course is not very extensive and is just fine. For me it doesn’t even qualify as a course. To anyone buying this course, trust me you can learn better from any other course than this.

    Invest your $300 wisely.

  4. The videos are just fine, and not really a very helpful one. The course lacks the basics and that is what makes it really bad for me. Anyone who is looking on how to learn to make money online, let me tell you that this course will not help you earn pennies.

    This course is formulated in such a way, that no one but Tyler himself can only understand. His claims of one earning $300 in 20 minutes is fake. The only person earning through these videos is him. He has put in numerous other videos which will allure you to buy his other products. And these products are also as useless, as this one. His marketing strategies are great, but not the ones you should be impressed by.
    His claims are fake, and there is no guarantee that you will earn $300 in twenty minutes. The whole process is bogus and that no one can earn so much money so easily.

    He says that making videos can help you earn money, but tell me this, just after you upload your video, will you be able to earn $300 in twenty minutes. No matter how good you have shot the video, no matter how good the content in it is, it is going to be very hard for you to earn $300.

    The whole thing just doesn’t fit right and that is why this module is a big big NO for me. And if someone is looking out on reviews if they should buy this or not, then take my suggestion don’t buy this. This module will never be able to teach you how to earn money online, as this guy himself lacks clarity throughout the module.

  5. Thank you for your review. However, I’m so disappointed with all these scams or individuals that make it hard for beginners and take from people who are only trying to find a better life for their families.

  6. I really appreciate your work!!! It has been very helpful in trying to discover if Tyler Pratt is a scammer. I was really disappointed to find out he is just about making money off of newbies like myself.
    If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. This one like all the others is so full of hype, you’re an idiot or very green to believe you’re going to make 9,000 a month. If it was true millions would be jumping on this opportunity. All of these like you said, it’s all about the upsell, lining his pockets at our expense!
    I am a struggling father of three boys and I am desperately trying to find ways to make extra income. I am new to learning about Affiliate Marketing so if there are any resources that are genuine and real please contact me via the email I provided.

  7. If you think you can make $7000-$8000 per month using this, you are living in a fool’s paradise. You will be highly disappointed .
    There is no secret revealed how to make money. Its just generic slide shows which one can google and get.
    Here newbies without any experience will not achieve anything at all.
    Its full of hype and only an idiot will fall for the fake promise of making $8000 per month.

  8. This guy – once you subscribe to any of his crap videos on you tube – will flood your inbox – with one new scam after another. He’s like a tick,that stays on you until you pull him off.

  9. One of the major promises made in the Passive CPA Profits course is the guarantee of earning within twenty minutes. He posted in different advertisements that earning within 20 minutes is guaranteed. This attracted many persons to this course.
    The promise is a significant fake promise, as there is no way of earning using this course. It is just an outline of the course, where basics are also not appropriately covered.
    The people who come to take such courses are mostly newbies. As they do not have much knowledge as well as experience, they try to rely on such classes which give you huge promises. They do not have the responsibility of fulfilling even one of them.
    The course is a set of videos and theory materials. These materials are made vaguely covering the outlines of the course. It neither has an introduction nor a proper way of explaining things.
    According to this working for 30 minutes a day, you will be able to earn $9000 per month, which is another false promise given by them. Not 30 minutes, if you work 30 hours a day also your chances of earning even a single penny are not guaranteed.
    Earning using this process requires a lot of knowledge, skills, and creative thinking. It is not at all simple as we might think. It requires a lot of practice and moreover patience and consistency. These processes do not have any secrets or short cuts.
    If there are secrets, like their statements and advertisements, most of us would have earned a lot. They are fraud people making such fake promises to the aspiring population.
    They are killing many people’s dreams of hopes. It also takes away your hard-earned money away from you. You need to spend thousands of dollars before you get to the process of earning. So, use free material so that your money and time will be saved from getting wasted.

  10. 2.1

    Being a newbie, I wanted to earn money desperately using CPA marketing. Since this is my first time, I wanted to take a course which gives me thorough knowledge. In doing so, I have gone through many advertisements of Passive CPA Prophet Course and I got attracted to it. The course has made many promises stating that it would be revealing many top secrets for newbies through the video and theory.
    He stated that he earned $322.58 using the system in less than 20 minutes. I got attracted as I am a newbie here, as most of the newbies will get drawn to such promises. I sincerely hoped and expected that some secrets would get revealed by him here.

    I finally realized that this course does not suit a newbie like me. The concepts that are being explained here are not from the beginning, and the instructor did not even take a single step to make us understand. The tone which he kept on for teaching was very fluent, and it is not only tough but very close to impossible to understand it.

    The promise he made is that he would make a newbie, like me into a professional which is totally out of place. Attached this he also made many promises like giving many secrets which help in earning instantly in 20 minutes or even less.

    He said that he would be revealing not one secret, but many secrets, which is total fake news. No secret is there to be revealed in this course.

    He also promised that by working for only 30 minutes a day, anyone would be able to earn $9000 in a month. They will not even need any special skills such as technical skills, website knowledge, or anything for doing so. Finally, it is a waste of time for freshers here.

    - CONS: Horrible Fraud Fake Course!
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