Unicorn Ultra Blockchain: Is this a Ponzi Scheme?

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On its website, Unicorn Ultra does not provide ownership or executive information.

Below are the two well-known website domains, Unicorn Ultra operates:

  • On December 14, 2022, u2sto.xyz was privately registered.
  • Private domain uniultra.xyz registered on December 5th, 2022

The firm appears to be targeting Vietnam, according to promotional films on Unicorn Ultra’s website.

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The above picture tells us that more than 200 people assembled at the Unicorn Ultra Community Offline Event on April 15 at Tan Son Nhat Pavillon in Ho Chi Minh City to hear experts from Unicorn Ultra discuss their viewpoints and examine the blockchain market.

Although it wasn’t positively confirmed, this suggests that Unicorn Ultra Blockchain is managed from Vietnam.

How exactly does a Ponzi scheme operate?

An investment fraud known as a Ponzi scheme draws investors with claims of great returns and no risk but fails to invest the money as stated. Instead, it pays off earlier investors with money from future investors while maybe keeping a portion of the profits. These schemes typically fail when recruiting investors becomes challenging or when multiple investors attempt to cash out. They depend on a steady flow of new buyers to operate. They are called after Charles Ponzi, who ran a similar scam using postal stamps in the 1920s.

However, always think twice before signing up with or contributing any money to an MLM firm if it is not completely transparent about who is in charge of or owns it.

What do you understand by MLM companies?

A marketing (MLM) strategy is used by several retail companies to sell their products and services. MLM motivates current participants to advertise, sell, and entice newer members to join the company. Suppliers ask for compensation depending on the sales of the products they have purchased. New workers are urged to close sales to make money when they join the distributor’s network or downline.

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Multilevel marketing, a sound business strategy, is frequently employed by businesses whose revenue is based (heavily) on sales. Multilevel marketing schemes rely on networks rather than traditional retail channels to promote sales and sign up for the first time. Network marketing is a term that is frequently employed to refer to them.

26/12/2023 Update
As of now, Unicorn Ultra Blockchain has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

Products from Unicorn Ultra

  • No retailable goods or services are offered by Unicorn Ultra.
  • The Unicorn Ultra Blockchain affiliate membership itself is the only product that associates may promote.

Compensation Strategy for Unicorn Ultra

Associates of Unicorn Ultra Blockchain buy U2U tokens. The amount charged varies according to the amount of the initial investment

Round No. of tokens capped 
115 cents at $1,000,000
220 cents at $2,000,000
330 cents at $4,500,000
440 cents at $10,000,000
550 cents at $15,000,000
660 cents at $21,000,000
770 cents at $28,000,000
880 cents at $28,000,000
990 cents at $ 27,000,000
10$1 at $25,000,000

The “vesting pool” where invested U2U tokens are kept generates a passive income.

For the first six months of this procedure, the spent U2U tokens are kept locked up before being “released” to investors at a rate of 5% to 20% per month.

When associate investors are recruited, Unicorn Ultra’s MLM division pays.

Rankings for Unicorn Ultra Affiliate Referrals

Affiliation Ranks for Unicorn Ultra

The pay structure for Unicorn Ultra Blockchain associates consists of four ranks.

They are listed below, along with the requirements that apply to each:

Join Unicorn Ultra as an associate and deposit $100 in U2U tokens to become The Face.
Friend of the House requires you to invest $1,000 in U2U tokens and bring on three affiliates who are ranked by The Face.
Become a brand ambassador by investing $3,000 in U2U tokens and hiring five associates who have earned the title “Friend of the House.”
Employ five Brand Ambassador-ranked associates and deposit $5000 in U2U tokens to become a brand spokesperson.

A U2U investment must be active for recruited associates to qualify for a rating.

Initial commissions on referrals

Down three levels of recruitment, Unicorn Ultra pays referral commissions (unilevel).

  • 7%, up to a maximum of $10,000, at level 1 (personally recruited associates).
  • stage 2: 5%, maximum $20,000
  • level 3: 1%, with a ceiling of $30,000

Referral fees are given out by the “leaders referral commissions” listed below once initial referral commission restrictions have been achieved.

Commissions for Leaders’ Referrals

Unicorn Ultra Blockchain gives out referral commissions according to rank qualification after initial referral commission caps:

The Face-ranked associates make 3% on stages 1 through 3.
Associates in the Friend of the House ranking receive 5% on level 1 and 2% on levels 2 and 3.
Level 1 Brand Ambassador rated associates get 7%, and Levels 2 and 3 affiliates earn 2%.
Level 1 associates of Brand Spokesman earn 9%, while levels 2 and 3 affiliates earn 2%.

Note that the compensation structure of Unicorn Ultra Blockchain does not expressly state if Leaders Referral Commissions are paid down three tiers of recruiting.

I’ve guessed that this depth is kept given how high the first recruitment charges are.

Community Partnership Commission

On downline U2U token recruitment, Community Partner Commissions pays an extra 6%.

A Unicorn Ultra Blockchain may choose from the following options to be eligible for Community Partner Commissions:

  • qualified as a brand spokesperson; 
  • create $200,000 in downline U2U token investments and have three associates who have been awarded the “U3 medal”

I’m not sure what the U3 medal is as it isn’t described in Unicorn Ultra’s compensation plan.

Signing up for Unicorn Ultra

The Unicorn Ultra Blockchain affiliate network is free to join.

To participate fully, you must buy U2U tokens. I think that the bare minimum investment is $100, however, it’s not stated specifically.

Investing in a variety of stablecoins is encouraged by Unicorn Ultra.


Therefore, we can say that Unicorn Ultra Blockchain is a straightforward cryptocurrency “staking” Ponzi.

unicorn ultra blockchain

Associates invest in U2U tokens, store them with the business (this seems to be required for at least six months), receive payment in further U2U tokens, and then expect to take out the money they have since invested.

unicorn ultra blockchain

Unicorn Ultra Blockchain uses the “transaction fee” deception to conceal ROI income.

however, this is not very convincing in light of

  • Unicorn Ultra Blockchain won’t be used by anybody other than the financial plan; 
  • An investment program based on a token increasing in value from 15 cents to $1+ is unlikely to be financed by fees alone.
unicorn ultra blockchain

In addition, Unicorn Ultra Blockchain describes itself as a “blockchain incubator”.

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Supposedly, cryptocurrency firms will swarm to a cookie-cutter MLM crypto Ponzi and create extra fees for transactions outside of the associate shareholder base.

Due to, various factors, this will occur.

It’s particularly concerning because Unicorn Ultra is being managed by unidentified individuals and targets Vietnam.

for linguistic reasons Even though BehindMLM doesn’t focus as much on Vietnam, the country is frequently mentioned as a hotspot for cryptocurrency fraud, mostly on the victim side of the equation.

The U2U token investment plan offered by Unicorn Ultra Blockchain qualifies as a securities offering under regulatory standards. The registration of Unicorn Ultra with any financial authority is not supported by any documentation.

The implication of this is that Unicorn Ultra Blockchain is at the very least practicing securities fraud.

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Securities fraud and MLM Ponzi programs are closely related.

Associate recruiting will stop, just like new investments will, as is the case with all MLM Ponzi schemes.

Due to this, Unicorn Ultra will soon be unable to respect associate removal requests, leading to its demise.

Ponzi programs are mathematically designed to fail with the majority of participants losing money.

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This is a dangerous Ponzi scheme you must not associate yourself with. Many investors have lost their hard-earned savings because of such scams.

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