Unique LQD & Primal Group Review – Scamming Investors

Avoid Unique LQD & Primal Group. Run by J Archer and J Goodman, this scam has too many red flags. It has been exposed by its victims online and I’m sharing one of their complaints below:

Negative Review about Unique LQD & Primal Group by one of its investors

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Several years ago, he made a coconut investment with Unique LQD, run by Anthony J. Archer and Andrew J. Goodman. It turned out to be a costly error. False claims were made about having 2 hectares of coconuts, full title documents, exceptionally high returns, and income in 3 years throughout the advertisement. He told haven’t seen any returns on my neem investments to date; all I have seen are demands that I bail out Unique LQD & Primal Group by paying the necessary 10% crop management fees in an effort to save them from going bankrupt and running out of money. He asked whether the essential permits and planning permission were all in place before investing. He was told that coconuts would soon be planted and that the required permits and planning permits were already in place.

Anthony J. Archer 

primal group

 Andrew J. Goodman

He was upset about this and sought a refund, but he was told that switching from coconuts to neem was his only choice because Unique LQD couldn’t obtain water licenses for the coconuts but not for neem. Before selling the Coconuts to investors, an ethical corporation would have done its thorough research, secured the required permits, and done the research.

He thought that selling coconuts that couldn’t be planted because the licenses couldn’t be obtained is incorrect and misleading information. An ethical business would have refunded the investor’s money. Also, new investors in Primal Group were not provided with all the details or made aware of the multiple problems; instead, they were told that all was well and that everything was done on schedule.

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When investors raised their issues to Anthony Archer, he responded that he and Andrew had done nothing illegal and that they had deserved the very high salaries, credit card bills, housing charges, flights, and other expenditures that were all invoiced to the company and deducted from investors’ money. Since enormous sums of investors’ money are being siphoned out by these two, it makes sense that Unique LQD is on the verge of bankruptcy.

In Unique LQD & Primal Group Review, he told that he wanted to work there after hearing about the internet, cable TV, and everything else that is covered by business expenses. We are paying for attorneys who will represent our competitors. Anthony J. Archer and Andrew J. Goodman presented the above evidence, which was derived from the Excel spreadsheet they gave investors. When Unique LQD/Primal Group rapidly runs out of cash, they are in dire need of some naïve new investors who would accept their sales tactics and fabrication techniques in order to save them from bankruptcy. Refrain from investing with Unique LQD/Primal Group and find a trustworthy firm instead.


He advised the new investors to ask for an accountant about all the detail and also suggested asking your lawyer to check about labor lawsuits in Brazil by ex-employees. As he was not getting any details from the last 8 years there were no profits to date and also there were no harvests to date either of coconuts or neem. He faces many losses and multiple lawsuits in Brazil by ex-employees, that’s why he wants to inform other new investors to be careful.

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