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Universal Capital Mortgage Corp – Fake Reviews and More

Would you trust a mortgage lender that uses fake reviews to seem genuine? Probably not. This means you can’t trust Universal Capital Mortgage Corp because this company is trying to pull wool over your eyes through its shady tactics. 

Many scammers and shady organizations use such methods to deceive their clients. For example, you have prominent scammers like Sam Ovens who pay blogs to praise them and you also have service providers like The Fertility Center of Las Vegas, paying for fake 5-star reviews.

The problem of fake reviews isn’t new. It’s been going on for a few years but if you already know who’s trying to deceive you with this method, you won’t fall for their mischievous schemes. 

That’s why I have written the following review. It will help you understand the truth behind the Universal Capital Mortgage Corp: 

Don Maher: The Serial Con-Artist Behind Universal Capital Mortgage Corporation

Universal Capital Mortgage Corp. is a mortgage lender in Los Angeles. Their address is 21241 Ventura Blvd 260, Woodland Hills, CA 91364, US and their phone number is 800-736-0565. 

This company was incorporated in 2009 and its office stays open between 8 AM to 5 PM on weekdays. Don Maher is the CEO of this company. He makes many claims about his expertise and claims to have exceptional knowledge of the loan market and the available programs. 

He also claims that he pays a lot of attention to product knowledge, client confidentiality, and unique property issues. His company claims that Don Maher is the most trusted resource in the California home loan market. 

While Don claims to be the most trusted resource in the industry, his company, Universal Capital Mortgage Corporation claims to be California’s top originator of non-warrantable condominium loans. 

So far, Don Maher and Universal Capital Mortgage Corp seem like any other lending companies operating in California. But there are several red flags in this firm that make it a risky venture. 

Moreover, I’m not even talking about the horrible FB page this company runs or the bizarre claims it makes about its condominium loans such as being the most preferred lender in all of California. 

Data shows that Don Maher doesn’t have anything to back up his claims of being the top lender in California. So, he uses illicit and unethical business tactics to get customers. The next section of my Universal Capital Mortgage Corp review will give you more info on this topic:

Using Possibly Fake Reviews On Yelp & Google To Manipulate Clients

The first sign that Universal Capital Mortgage Corp is using suspicious reviews is on their Yelp page. 

It has a 5-star rating with one review. 

The reviewer simply says that Don is the #1 for non warrantable loans and delivered the fastest and smoothest experience. However the profile doesn’t have any friends and not even image. 

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You might say, “Well, who makes friends on Yelp?” But the profile shows it has posted 20+ reviews on the platform. And there is not a single image posted. 

This means the profile is a throwaway account which is an account you create on a platform to do one specific thing and then leave it forever. They are temporary accounts that people create to do one particular thing. It allows them to remain anonymous as well. 

So, the sole review on Universal Capital Mortgage Corp’s Yelp page is from a throwaway account and is giving it 5-stars with a lot of praise. 

Apart from Yelp, there are suspicious Google reviews on this company’s business listing. 

Most of these reviewers have only added one review on the platform and don’t give any reasons for giving this business 5 stars. Have you ever created a Google account for adding one 5-star review on a business? Probably not. 

This is further evidence that Don Maher is using fake reviews to peddle his claims:

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Adding fake reviews allows companies to create an illusion of being trustworthy. Around 90% consumers read reviews before making a purchase so shady organizations like Universal Capital Mortgage Corp use fake reviews to promote themselves. 

Thus, when writing a product review, the goal is to improve or damage ratings artificially.

Universal Capital Mortgage Corporation Review: Conclusion

Obviously, you can’t trust Don Maher or his company. They are trying to deceive customers by adding fake reviews on their business profiles to seem like good service providers. 

Many of their 5-star reviews don’t share any information about the experience. As I pointed out above, many of them are from throwaway accounts and only add a few praises on the firm to justify giving 5-stars. 

Beware of such shady organizations. 

2.5Expert Score

Don Maher uses various unethical business tactics to promote his business. Hence, it’s very difficult to trust him and his company, Universal Capital Mortgage.

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