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Customers all around the United States have issues dealing with taxes. They find difficulty in evaluating the issues with income tax or tax returns along with various other ways which primarily involve the taxation entities. At times, issues related to the sale of properties and audit appeals are too delicate to be handled by any person. Since the department senses to be very keen and serious over the issues related to taxes; there is a need for positive tax resolutions which shall save the individual or companies from any blunder or a crack-up that would lead to legal counsel and exercises. To put a pause at the issues at reaching such extreme positions, the tax relief companies are taken into consideration by certain people as working with a tax attorney enhances the chances for a positive tax resolution. The ‘US Tax Shield’ is an example of such a tax relief company that ‘help’ people find solutions to their high taxes when it comes to dealing with the IRS. With the aid of such companies, there can be improvements in tax credits, tax rates, and federal tax returns. Apart from these assistances, they can prove beneficial in cases of tax schemes, frauds or scams. It becomes tensing at the time when such companies tend to demonstrate fraud for themselves. Such is the case with US Tax Shield who blemished their cases with their unprofessional approaches in solving cases of several clients. 

  US Tax Shield has failed to keep up certain standards in the market questioning to their quality; which was specifically related to the memberships in certain associations and groups. With a membership, it is seen that these companies intend to gain greater respect and acceptability in the market which they succeed in getting. US Tax Shield, on the other hand, has failed to get a membership from one of these entities – which can cause a factor of anguish among their customers (which have been legitimately adequate). Moreover, discussing the legal limitations US Tax Shield provides to its customers; the pricing structure and pricing expectations have very rarely been discussed on the website which keeps the consumer under the light concerning the cost of the services. This can eventually prove very unethical in the sense that high-paying bills aren’t the deal between a customer and a company. 

The Unblemished Image of US Tax Shield

It might seem to the general public that this company has a good image and name within the tax relief companies. It certainly isn’t easy to believe in how this company has been manipulating the general public with their “unblemished” image to attract them. Good advertisements made people trust in their services and the so-called good reviews on the internet strengthened their beliefs. These good advertisements and reviews aren’t certainly authentic if judged on the grounds. Considering the stained services that US Tax Shield provides, it certainly is clear that these reviews are made up and are just one of the many marketing stunts that are being executed while being in the bigger picture. These specifics dejectedly made people believe and move towards a conclusion over the choices; persuading them to finalize on allowing them to handle their tax problems. The company, unfortunately, took advantage of those in need and showed them a Utopian conclusion to their issues which made them believe more in them.


  It is way over digestible that over such legal work; there can be certain latency and “excuses” for its incompletion. While discussing how the US Tax Shield takes up their cases and the amount of solemnity they show while propagating such cases. With advance payments, this leads to the starting of the case which is filed by the company and then taken to the state for resolutions and consultations. It was to the utmost surprise to several clients that the company did close to nothing in putting up an effort to resolve their issues. It then was discovered that this tax relieving company took a specific method while countering their clientele i.e. by fixating them in the dark. It is important for the readers to imagine the severity of scam in this issue; with thousands of dollars concentered at stake along with all the legal documents and direct contact with the government, it puts all the integrity of a citizen or a company at stake; which unlikely is very dangerous in its nature and can put a lot of damage to one’s integrity as a citizen. It was very clear, as quoted by a customer of US Tax Shield, that there was nothing yet accomplished after days of waiting. Yet they made excuses over the case which showed their criminal intent in not completing the case. The excuses were mostly of nature where the state wasn’t answering to their calls, or they hadn’t been getting in touch with anyone or if nothing worked out, they simply took the weight off by commending non-cooperation from the state’s side.

Apart from all the stated excuses; it is predominantly written in the books that it is their responsibility in getting it done, that is for what they are hired by the clients in need. In such a situation involving high profile work, it is then necessary for a company to close a case in positive resolutions as it might lead to penalties and different punishments, if not taken up to the mark.

The Other Side of the Story

 The excuses were stated from the side which is being alleged of criminal acts, yet there is always another side of the story. This side turned out to be more surprising and hence seemed more bona fide. While the US Tax Shield proclaimed that they’ve tried their best in getting into contact with the government entities; it came into the knowledge of a client who faced such excuses that the company called the state once over the concerns of a tax lien on his bank account. After this, they reported the case to three different reporting agencies which also led to no result.

 After analysis of the situation, it was then discovered that a legal drawback that has been discussed above became a dominant reason for such incidents. A company that is not recognized either registered will face such problems. It seems normal until here.  

Case Closed

  The company continued with the similar claims they had made from the start. There wasn’t anything new with their excuses; exclaiming that they can be of no help for the client in his case as they are done with their attempts. Eventually, this led to the closure of the case which wasn’t still explainable in terms of the work and its integrity. It was unclear how such a company can show such unprofessionalism while legally fighting a case. With such expertise in legal work, their claims of the severity of the case seemed sheer lies. The deception didn’t stay in the curtains for long. 

Refunding and Stubbornness

After all the ‘tries’ to convince over taking up the case and resolving it, the clients talked over refunding the money that they’ve paid as an advance. Ethically, the company must return them their money as they’ve failed to resolve the issue for which they were being paid; yet it was all a way around. The client asked for the money back which the right was all along, they became unresponsive at this point too. They stopped picking up the calls and started ignoring the clientele’s mail. They either put their calls on hold which is completely unethical and irresponsible from such a company working over such a credible profession. Yet they showed their unprofessionalism and the severity of the scam. 

Information Scam 

  There have been several narrations by different clients on how they altered or faked the information that was required in the case. It is said that they gained the same information about a certain client’s account which had no partiality in solving the case or redeemed any breakthrough. Yet they got the same information over and over again and pretended it to be new now and then. This wasn’t expected from a legal company but it looked more like a team of scammers that are involved in draining the money out of people’s needs. At another place, it came into consideration of how they falsified and confused their clients. Over the case of getting back the taxes, the company asked time for making up a financial statement. It, unfortunately, was nothing new except it had been paraphrased. It has been the information provided by the very client for further inquiry. This information scamming and clientele confusion shows the incompetence of the company in the legal works. This usually happens in most cases with unregistered companies. Our world doesn’t understand the severity of the case; instead, they move for the money which leads to the inclusion of fraud within the system.

Fraudulent leading to penalties

  Many clients have been paying the US Tax Shield thousands of dollars to resolve issues involving penalties and bills. Surprisingly, according to the clients; the company stated that issues have been resolved. E.g. a divorce NYS tax issue was resolved according to the company. Simultaneously, the client received letters with a huge bill of the NYS taxes which left them perplexed and anguished. In another case, the client referred to the number of promises the company made while filing the case; then it came to his astonishment that whenever the progress over the case was asked, the client was replied with the change of staff which led to the latency. At the very same time, the client has to pay penalties and bills over the incompetence of another company. These kinds of clients that are counted in dozens who have put thousands of their money on stake face such penalties because of the inefficient lawsuit they’ve hired.

Changing staffs and Lies

 It has been reported in most cases that the company has exclaimed the change in the attorney that has led them to start over a case from scratch. It has also been reported that the company took information from a simple case over and over again yet they failed to give any breakthroughs over it. At certain points, it also came into the knowledge of the clients that they have been given tax procedures and schedules of tax returns that could’ve been done by the client themselves. Regardless of this, the client had to pay thousands of dollars to get such simple work done; which technically meant that the company has been of no use to the consumer service. At some places, the company had taken so much revenue from certain clients that they confessed that they could’ve resolved the case themselves by paying the tax returns themselves without involving such companies.   


With a range of scams reported along with never-ending cases of fraud; the company still replies with the “seriousness” it shows while handling their clients. Whenever it comes to handling legal issues and issues especially related to taxations; these should be dealt with delicacy. Such lawsuits and companies should be contacted that have a history of good clientele handling and are properly registered. As with the case of US Tax Shield, they have been promoting scam within a very delicate boundary. This can be disastrous in terms of both money and life for people who have been facing taxation issues. Henceforth, it is important for the clients to be very careful while selecting and should be doing proper research before handing over the case to a company. With proper research, only then they can ensure the legal work and its authenticity. Such uncertified companies should never be taken into account that has nothing on the plate except excuse, lies, unethical behavior and unprofessionalism for the client that can lead them to nothing except more complications.  

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  1. I’m not surprise about Scam shield after hearing there Bogus Scare tactic Ad on a Radio Station.that Sounded Immediately suspect and untrustworthy. so i decided to look up reviews about them on the Better Business Burrow website myself. and it’s good thing i did..from all the Crooked Handed Complaints I Read about them Hurting More People. By putting them In a Debt trap Instead!” listen to the reviews.. & STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM!-RUN! – You were Warned!*

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