Veritas Global Protection Services Reviews: Fraud Exposed (2023)

Veritas Global Protection Services Reviews is a company that provides extended vehicle warranties. While this is an ideal concept, many customers have complained about their experiences with the organization. Some have even called Veritas Warranty Group thieves and a total scam.

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Many customers have complained about denied claims, unworthy payouts, and bad customer service. This has caused considerable dissatisfaction and anger among people who have dealt with the company.

As a result, before selecting Veritas Global Protection Services for yourself, it is critical to read customer feedback and the company’s reality.

Veritas Global Protection Services Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Stay Away From This Company

A consumer revealed his terrible experience with Veritas Global Protection Services. He began by claiming that it is the worst company to deal with and that you should not give them any of your money. He claims that if you are fortunate enough to have an inspector agree with your dealership and approve a repair, Veritas Global Protection Services Reviews will not cover OEM parts and will ship generic, which is a big deal for critical structural things like suspension tie bars and engine parts.

They later send ground, so parts take days to arrive; this is unnecessary. So you’re paying for defective components and useless and inexperienced claims inspectors, and you can’t even speak to the inspector about your claim. 

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You are not allowed to speak with anyone who knows anything since the management refuses to connect you. You know something needs to be fixed when a company refuses to connect you with top management, a supervisor, or the inspector reviewing your claim.

He says these are major red flags, and you have your dealership in the dark, all because Veritas refuses to respond and be helpful. He went on to say that he regretted believing their guarantees.

Company’s Fraudulent Claims

Another customer shared his experience, saying that he traded in his vehicle on 3rd November and was initially told that it would take up to 8 weeks to get his reimbursement payment from Veritas Global Protection Services Reviews. The company notified him that the cheque had been mailed, received, and cashed, but the consumer still needed to receive the cheque after 15 weeks and 5 days.

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Later, he called the company and was told that he would hear from the manager within a couple of hours, but he had not heard from anyone in the company. 

He said this was one of the worst business experiences he had ever been involved with, if not the worst. He also stated that if it continues, he will be forced to take action instead of giving Veritas Global Protection a negative review. He further noted that he would give this company a negative 5-star review!

Veritas Global Protection is Fraud

According to a customer, Veritas Global Protection is a scam. The customer paid over $3000.00 for the warranty and had his car for six months. The engine light came on, and when he brought it in for inspection, the bill was 3400.00. Veritas Global Protection Services Reviews sent a technician to find out a problem that was found.

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They dismissed his claim since his time stamps for diagnosis differed. He said that the positive reviews are fake and that most are about restoring their cars. He claims that they bind clients arbitrarily and that customers cannot sue them. He advised avoiding a dealer’s offer to sell items to the customer.

Veritas Global Protection is all Thieves

According to a consumer, Veritas Global Protection is all thieves. He pointed out in his review that the company decides the amount of an estimate to pay regardless of the amount required. The customer had a breakage requiring 8 hours of labor and needed new parts.

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However, the company initially denied the claim and said they would only pay for three of the eight hours of work. When the customer tried to contact the company, they behaved horribly, and there was no way to fix it. He said the company is a scam and that no vehicle dealer should offer a Veritas Global Protection Services Reviews Warranty program.

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Veritas Global Protection Services Reviews: About Company

Veritas Global Protection is a global company that claims to provide car service contracts, extended warranties, and other F&I products to dealers worldwide. Veritas Global Protection Plans cover all automobiles, electric vehicles, exotic vehicles, RVs, and power sports vehicles.

According to the company’s website, they strive to be “A” rated in everything they do, from customer service, claims, and client support to their insurance carriers. However, the reality is quite the opposite. The reviews above clearly show the company’s policies and customer services need to be improved.

Veritas Global Protection Services Reviews: Why is the Company Not Safe? 

Veritas Global Protection is a scam; many customers would not recommend it. Customers’ poor experiences reveal significant flaws in the company’s policies and practices, which seem to put profit over customer service and satisfaction.

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If you are considering getting an extended vehicle warranty, you should look elsewhere for a trustworthy and reliable provider.

Otherwise, you’d be in financial trouble. It’s no coincidence that they have so many negative reviews. Most clients are dissatisfied and have no choice but to seek insurance and protection from another company. All because they are always looking for a reason to deny claims. There are better scenarios than this, and they must be closed.


Veritas Global Protection Services Reviews is a fraud that does not pay claims. They accept a customer’s claim and then never react. They mislead innocent people by claiming that management is investigating customer complaints and that it would take time. They never contact customers, though.

One of the most significant issues with Veritas Global Protection is that they have complete control over what they will and will not cover, regardless of what is required to solve the situation. After all this, customers are left with considerable out-of-pocket expenses and a sense of being misused. Hence, Veritas Global Protection is not a legitimate company. They have failed in terms of customer satisfaction and grievance redressal.

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