Vibhu Talwar – The Merciless Criminal Ruining Lives? Exposing The Truth

Vibhu Talwar, the owner and man behind Moolchand Healthcare aka Moolchand Hospital has a legacy of fraud and deceit behind him. It’s a family business that goes decades ago and still somehow continues to function without being exposed only because of their political clout and connections. Vibhu Talwar continues to endorse nepotism, the healthcare company is run by two brothers – Vibhu and Shravan Talwar.

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The Nepotistic Brothers – Sharwan Talwar and Vibhu Talwar

Innumerous cases of innocent patients being fooled, their money being swindled with the excuse of providing “quality healthcare” , medical negligence and reports of their own staff being mischievous have always been doing the rounds every now and then. They cleverly have been suppressing it all and i was shocked to see nothing when i happened to google – Vibhu Talwar or the nepotistic co owner Shravan Talwar.

Medical negligence is the state in which the investigating authorities do not pay full attention to each and every specific detail of the victim. It may include misdiagnosis, failure of consent, informal follow up etc.

My objective is to expose the truth they have been trying to bury and let everyone know what lies behind these innocent faces and this quality healthcare brand they try to project that has been sustained at the cost of money looted from helpless patients and their network of political connections.

Complaint on the Internet Against Moolchand Hospital

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As you can see for yourself, 25 complaints and resolution for only 2 complaints. This is just one of the popular complaint websites for consumers I happened to see. Let’s have a look at the complaints before we move on.

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In COVID times, when patients who are suffering look up to and blindly trust doctors and hospitals to take care of them, the monsters at MoolChand made life hell for their patients. They have been treating COVID patients ruthlessly, irresponsibly and in the most careless manner ever, yet charging them a bomb.

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If bad food and carelessness weren’t enough, have a look at this. How much worse can it get? You cannot even expect Moolchand to give you clean and hygienic linen or even a clean and sanitized room. Absolutely shameless.

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Vibhu Talwar has left no stone unturned, there are complaints regarding every possible thing. There are tons on the internet, i am sharing a few excerpts for your reference –

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Screenshot 2021 06 08 at 4.37.50 PM
Screenshot 2021 06 08 at 4.37.33 PM

I am sharing the link to this website, please have a look at all the complaints –

Vibhu Talwar Looting People in the Name of COVID Vaccine

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I appreciate the drive through initiative honestly, I in fact appreciate everyone who is providing vaccines right now. But I despise and find it horrible and disgusting to be an opportunist and overcharge people for the same.

Everyone know’s the real cost of the vaccines and every hospital has been providing them at a far lesser cost. Mr Talwar, do you have any shame? This is one of the most inhumane acts I have ever come across, Mr. Talwar you portray yourself as a philanthropist so may I ask why this then? At a time when you need to be helping and giving back to society, you choose to be an opportunist and mint money because you know they have no option. Shame on you.

There are such great organizations and people who have been going to all ends just to help people and serve mankind, people have been donating oxygen, medicines, food, clothes and even free vaccinations, BUT the Talwar brothers do not care and are absolutely heartless and cold-blooded. All they care about is money and filling their pockets.

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We really want to know why you would do something like this? Please respond to us in the comments below and let us know. Either you are broke and aren’t able to make ends meet and you had no option but this, or either you accept you only care about business and you have nothing to do with mankind and humanity and you are indifferent to everything that happens around you.

The best part is that even after charging such ridiculous prices, you are not able to provide service –

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Also, please have a look at their Google Reviews, all of you will be shocked and will realise what monsters the Talwar brothers are –!1m4!1u2!2m2!2m1!1e1!2m1!1e2!3sIAE,lf:1,lf_ui:2&tbm=lcl&rflfq=1&num=10&rldimm=3518552675065516297&lqi=ChJtb29sY2hhbmQgaG9zcGl0YWxI0p36veeVgIAIWhwQABABGAAYASISbW9vbGNoYW5kIGhvc3BpdGFskgEQcHJpdmF0ZV9ob3NwaXRhbJoBI0NoWkRTVWhOTUc5blMwVkpRMEZuU1VSdmVuTTJUVnBSRUFFsAEA&rlst=f#

The reviews I read here were eye-opening and left me speechless, I was beyond appalled and don’t even know how to react. I hope everyone realizes the reality and boycotts Moolchand. They need to be investigated by the authorities and Vibhu Talwar needs to pay for his sins.

The Mischievous Employees of Vibhu Talwar

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They say you attract what you are. Your employees and the nasty gang of management in Moolchand are very well suitable for a person like you. They are doing just what you do, the only difference is that they get caught and exposed but you manage to slide away.

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Harassing woman? and that too nurses? The Talwar brothers and their hospital Moolchand set a new low. Is there anything else left to do Mr Shravan Talwar and Vibhu Talwar? You have crossed all boundaries and limits and have been fortunate enough to keep it all undercover, but high time now, we will be exposing you and every misdeed Moolchand does. I request everyone to share their experiences in the comments below. Also please do share this story on every possible social media so more people are aware of the monsters at Moolchand and don’t end up going there.

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Vibhu Talwar Owner of Moolchand Exposed

He has been conning and scamming people since decades now. He and his notorious employees and staff have been ill treating innocent people and duping them of their hard earned money.

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    July 6, 2021 at 11:49 am

    One of the biggest scammers in the medical industry. The staff, the ownership and everyone involved in Moolchand Healthcare group is corrupt and a fraud, they are murderers, extortionists and everything illegal under the sun. Bunch of scammers and criminals who need to be exposed.

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