Vicky Sarin- Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

Vicky Sarin
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Vicky Sarin has received multiple complaints from his customers. Find out what those complaints say in this review.
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Due to the widespread curfew during this pandemic, every workplace and business went online. The education sector benefited from this and prospered. The number of education/E-learning apps expanded as more kids began to rely on online education, tuition, and school. ‘Byju’s’ would be one of the few early and more widely publicized apps. Alongside it, several apps like “Coursera” and “Unacademy” also gained popularity. The fundamental question is whether online educational platforms were reliable when parents and students trusted them for their children’s education. 

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Let’s find out what happened with the GetcertGo app.

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Vicky Sarin claims that he has previously worked on teams that have created a variety of digital enterprises, including those in education, employment, film reviews, digital marketing, YouTube content management, social media agencies, etc.

Vicky Sarin also served as the CFO of HT Media’s Digital division and the owner of their B2C e-commerce company, Shine Learning.

Vicky Sarin A tourist admits that driving carelessly in a crash in Palmerston North killed his mother.

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In an automobile accident in Palmerston North, a tourist has acknowledged to be the reason his mother died.

On Thursday in Palmerston North District Court, Vicky Sarin, 41, entered a guilty plea to reckless driving that resulted in death and careless driving that resulted in injury.

Last Friday at 12:35 p.m., Sarin was operating a sedan on Roberts Line close to Palmerston North Airport with his wife, mother, and two children. A 4WD and the sedan collided.

7/12/2023 Update
As of now, Vicky Sarin has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The driver’s seat passenger behind Sarin, Kusum Sarin, 63, of Haryana, India, passed away at the site.

Tourist Sarin hails from Gurgaon, which is located south of New Delhi. Simon Parsons, the defense attorney, said that the Sarin was traveling along Roberts Line as she approached the railroad crossing immediately before reaching Railway Rd.

Sarin slowed down and proceeded through the rail crossing without stopping at the subsequent stop sign since he didn’t notice any flashing lights on the rail crossing.

Four other patients were sent to Palmerston North Hospital, two of whom had moderate injuries and the other two had critical ones. In the collision, Sarin’s 12-year-old daughter shattered her arm.

One individual was inside the 4WD. By Thursday, Sarin hoped to have returned to India and finished the formal rites for his mother.

As the oldest son, he needs to be back in India before the tenth day to deal with the ashes, Parsons stated. I ask that it be handled by the court today (Thursday).

Sarin will be sentenced on Friday, according to Judge Gerard Lynch, who stated that he didn’t want to handle the case on the spot. His name was temporarily suppressed, but that permission expired on Friday. 

Lynch responded, “I understand the family’s sorrow, I don’t ignore it. “It just comes down to principle and how carefully we can move forward.”

In the lobby of the court, Sarin declined to comment. He had come to the nation on December 20 with his mother, wife, daughter, and son, who was five years old, and they were traveling the North Island. 

The remaining members of the family have left for India. In 2016 and 2017, Sarin had already visited New Zealand.

Vicky Sarin- Deep View of Complaints against Vicky Sarin

  1. The lawsuit is related to court procedures that followed a fatal accident that happened on December 28, 2018, close to Palmerston North Airport.
  2. An Indian national, the complainant was in New Zealand with his mother and relatives at the time. He observed a railroad crossing where the lights weren’t flashing as he was leaving the airport in a sedan. After slowing down and passing through the crossing, he failed to notice a stop sign that was situated close by. He ran the stop sign and hit a four-wheel drive vehicle. The second car had no chance to stop, resulting in a “T-boning” of the vehicle of the complainant. As a result, his mother, who was riding in the back seat, passed away immediately. Both his daughter and the other car’s driver were hurt. He was accused of reckless driving that resulted in death.
  3. In Palmerston North District Court, he made his appearance and entered a guilty plea. Without more information, the judge was unable to decide how to proceed, therefore the sentencing was postponed until the following day, when the additional information would be available. Additionally, he issued a temporary injunction hiding the complainant’s name.
  4. This issue has been somewhat muddled since attorneys for the complainant used slightly different language in letters to Stuff and the Manawatu Standard. But it is now evident that Mr. Sarin is handling the Media Council’s complaint, and he claims that both our privacy and corrections principles have been violated.

The Complaint

  1. Vicky Sarin claimed in his complaint that Vicky Sarin was a foreign traveler and that he wanted his name withheld so that he could describe the incident to his family in person and explain why Vicky Sarin was pleading guilty to the charge of careless driving that resulted in death. Vicky Sarin claimed that cultural differences meant that irresponsible driving would be perceived differently in India than it would in New Zealand.
  2. Vicky Sarin said that in the initial hearing, the judge had granted temporary name suppression.
  3. Vicky Sarin claimed that after the initial hearing, the concerned journalist approached him outside the courtroom and inquired about his thoughts. He replied that he had applied for name suppression, which had been granted, and that publishing the story would be pointless. Despite this, Vicky Sarin claims the newspaper published the piece, which included his name and image, a few hours after the hearing, in defiance of the court’s orders.
  4. The editor of the Manawatu Standard acknowledged that there had been a violation of the temporary suppression order, but claimed that the reporter had made a mistake. Vicky Sarin said that as restitution for violating the temporary injunction, the attorneys who initially defended Vicky Sarin requested in writing that the article and the subsequent sentencing remarks be taken down from Stuff or geo-blocked from being searched in India. He disagreed with these choices because, in the end, they provided truthful and legal coverage of the court proceedings.
  5. According to him, despite violating the interim injunction, the judge made it plain that Vicky Sarin would not have gotten permanent name suppression. In essence, Vicky Sarin claimed, the item violated the court’s order for nearly 20 hours before it would have otherwise been published.
  6. Vicky Sarin believed there had been no violation of his privacy, and after the magazine became aware of the temporary violation, it amended the online piece and deleted all references to the complainant’s name, relationship to the deceased, and photographs. The story was removed from the search engine by Stuff, and none of the Stuff or Manawatu Standard social media accounts had posted it. The story was marked up in the internal database, and a removal request was sent to Press Reader, the provider of online newspaper versions. Later, when the suppression order was lifted, this was canceled.

The Discussion

  1. The interim suppression order was allegedly accidentally forgotten, but there is some compelling evidence to the contrary. not just from the complainant, but also from his brother, a Singapore-based executive at an IT firm. Their testimony has the effect of proving that they informed the reporter outside that a suppression order had been issued. They claim that his response was that he would publish nevertheless.
  1. We also see what the judge said in his remarks on the sentence:

“This is what I said in court: There will be a temporary order in place until tomorrow. Vicky Sarin may be able to counsel the people he needs to advise using electronic methods. The “Manawatu Standard” and its parent firm, Stuff, flagrantly violated the suppression order. The editor claims that the reporter—not the reporter present in Court today—made a mistake after speaking with the Court registry. Contrary to my direction, you were photographed and identified, which may have made it impossible for you to warn anyone in India that you faced a serious chance of having your name published as a result of today’s sentencing.  I accept that you explained to the reporter outside Court that you had an order suppressing your name, but the reporter failed to recheck the position and published your name and your photograph.”

  1. All of this is convincing proof that the complainant’s account of events is accurate. The Council has previously stated that it is not in a position to resolve disputed facts when opposing parties offer divergent accounts of what happened.
  1. The Court’s decision to issue an interim suppression order during this hearing is the only clear thing, though. As the violation of court orders is a highly severe matter, it is the responsibility of a reporter to make sure they do not miss such orders made in court. If a complaint is made to the police over a suppression order, it may result in criminal charges; however, we notice that this did not happen in this case. However, failing to note a court order—even unintentionally—is a grave violation of the standards of conduct expected of reporters.
  1. In this instance, we agree that the privacy violation brought on by disobeying the court order was just momentary. We also observe that corrections were made quickly, which frequently invokes Principle 12’s clauses. However, in this case, the privacy violation prevented the complainant from informing the family in India before the situation became public by failing to implement the temporary suppression order, as the judgment mentioned above. In those circumstances, despite the relatively speedy rectification, we support the privacy principle violation.
  1. The case was filed under the category of Death by Careless Driving. The severity of the offense increases from manslaughter to dangerous driving causing death, with this being at the lower end. Members of the council also observed that the Judge’s Sentencing Notes were significantly more sympathetic to the complainant and the effects of his negligence. The first headline on January 15 was particularly dramatic and callous, according to council members.
  1. The Council is furthermore convinced that violating a court order—whether intentionally or not—does not adhere to the “highest professional standards,” and that fact alone would be sufficient to uphold this complaint.

Sir John Hansen, Liz Brown, Craig Cooper, Jo Cribb, Tiumalu Peter Fa’afiu, Marie Shroff, Hank Schouten, Christina Tay, Tim Watkin, and Tracy Watkins were among the members of the Media Council who looked into this allegation.

Vicky Sarin- Students not happy with the GetcertGo app

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Students who have downloaded the Higher Education Department’s GetcertGo app have complained that it is “poor quality.”

In the past 10 days, the app has been downloaded by more than 10,000 students who have signed up for the Common Entrance Test (CET) and the National Eligibility Completion Entrance Test (NEET). However, the majority of pupils who use it have complained that there are “too many disturbances” with the app. It is worrisome that so many pop-up adverts display in between lessons. Closing the ads takes up half of our time, a student said.  exhibited “too many disturbances.” It is worrisome that so many pop-up adverts display in between lessons. Closing the ads takes up half of our time, a student said.  

Even users have voiced problems about not being able to download PDF documents. When an app is created for students, it should be focused on the needs of the users and not include any advertising. Another kid asserts, “If commercials break up the lesson, we can’t focus.” Even several students complained about the app in the comments section, calling it “terrible and not user-friendly.”

The software was developed by the department for about Rs 80 lakh, and Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa unveiled it on April 20.

Vicky Sarin-Let’s look at what people think about using GetcertGo App

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People call it fraud and cheating. One of the clients who used the GetcertGo App writes:

Incorrect information was provided by a worker, Mr. Anuj Sahu, at the time the get cert go learning system was purchased. He stated that the program’s validity is for a year, but I recently learned that it is only valid for six months, and if I need to access the learning system for longer than that, I must pay the same sum, or Rs. 18, 000, which I did when I purchased the learning system.

These are the chronological occurrences that occurred before, during, and following the acquisition of the learning system.

  1. Mr. Anuj informed me at the first stages of the contract that I would be able to use the learning plan for a full year, i.e. The learning program will be useful to me in the spring and winter. He would contact me every time and ask me to buy the plan. In April 2017, he fully disclosed the strategy to me. I asked whether this software was mobile-friendly because I didn’t have a laptop or computer, and he responded that it was and that you wouldn’t need a computer or laptop to use the learning system.
  2. I decided to purchase the plan in June, and on June 20, 2017, your firm sent me a welcome email. I should note that your sales representative advised me that this course’s validity was one year, which is why I chose it. I chose a one-year program because I won’t have enough time to study with a little child.
  3. I received the login information for the learning system and entered my account, but much to my absolute astonishment, I was unable to view the entire video. I called Mr. Anuj, who advised me that you cannot access the entire learning system from a mobile device. I felt a little let down, but I told myself that the software would be with me for a year, so I would get a laptop later and continue studying.
  4. I purchased a new laptop in November 2017 and decided to begin my learning program immediately. However, when I logged into my learning system, I discovered that it had some problems and was not functioning. I called Anuj on November 15 to discuss the problem, and he told me that some other networking guy would help me out with the issue because he is a salesperson and doesn’t understand the technical aspects of the system. He also said that he would be giving me Ambika’s number. When I told him I had received a message with the module completion deadline, he assured me that Ambika would take care of all of my problems.
  5. I phoned him again after waiting for 10 days and asking why he hadn’t given me the concerned person’s number. He stated he had shared it, but I hadn’t received the number. On November 25, 2017, he finally whatsapped me her phone number.
  6. I called Ambika on December 6 and communicated all of my system-related concerns with her. She assisted me with the system, and I was eventually able to access it. She responded that the learning system has a six-month validity period when I inquired about the correspondence I had received. I was devastated to learn that my session would end on December 12th and I would have no more time.

What should I name this behavior of deceiving the customer merely to close one deal? The first chapter of your systems learning is on ethical practice. Are you a follower of this ethical standard at work? I am unable to purchase your educational system once more. I purchased this learning system against my husband’s wishes or consent, and because I come from a middle-class home, I have some financial limitations. Please take into account the circumstances and prolong the learning system’s validity for an additional six months. I will need it till the spring window in order to perform better on my exam.

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One of the other customers said that the GetcetGo app is nothing but a fraud. Further, he says that Getcertgo is a scam company that took $2,999 from me for services that were ultimately useless and urged me to contact Round One for recommendations of companies for the work. This round just offers its jobs, but I work in the mechanical field.

So don’t try it; it’s a whole scam. Rahul, congrats. They are frauds, and you cannot receive a genuine response.

They claimed to be the No. 5 ranking portal in India, but everything they said before I paid them online was a lie and a scam.

Vicky Sarin review
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Vicky Sarin- Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)
Vicky Sarin- Is He a Scammer? The Truth Exposed (Update 2024)

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  1. The post above makes me laugh and also sympathise with the reviewer. Also, I don’t know if someone in Gripeo ever reviews this before publishing. Here are the inaccuracies in this post.

    1) Getcertgo never had an app; the one you mention belongs to the Government of India (GOI) to run doctor entrance exams. You might want to write a feedback post for the GOI

    2) Vicky Sarin filed the complaint you are referring to with the Media Council of New Zealand against Stuff and Manatu Herald, which was upheld in favour of Vicky Sarin. Stuff did recompense for their error. The recompense amount was requested to be donated directly to the Christchurch earthquake relief fund.

    You have a broken soul to bring the death of a mother in this post without ever reading anything of the case.

    3) You scanned the net and found two complaints, 1 for 250 USD and the other for 30 USD. One was resolved, and the customer happily acknowledged it was resolved, as all he wanted was more extended access, which you didn’t want to post. I don’t know if customer complaints totalling 280 USD gross revenue would have made anyone a scammer or enriched someone. If this were the case, you would be pretty fill gripeo with every business in the world.

    I can only pray that God gives you the courage so that you can post with your name, repair your broken soul and hope you do not have to go through an accident and lose a loved one in your life.

  2. These skill developments are the new medium for scammers to deceive people. Many people switch to this course and just lose their money, as there was no refund policy in that.

  3. These types of scams spread all over the world through the use of bogus apps and providing individuals with incorrect information.

  4. Vicky Sarin and others launched their quick courses to attract students eager to learn new skills, but students felt forced to drop out and enroll in other programs as a result of fake mentoring and bad course material. This website is a terrible waste of time and money.

  5. Why are these platforms not providing useful content to the people? There have been numerous student and user complaints against GetCertgo for content duplication.

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