Vik Bansal – Abusive CEO who Bullies and Harasses Staff

Vik Bansal, the CEO of Infrabuild used to be the chief executive of Cleanaway. However, he had to leave that role because of the numerous complaints the firm had received for the way he bullied and harassed his subordinates. 

Complaints against Vik Bansal accused him of leading a culture of bullying and harassment. 

During the fiasco, Vik even gave an interview where he blatantly lied. At the time, only 2 of the 4 total complaints against Vik had made the news. 

When the interviewer asked him if there were only 2 complaints against him. He said yes.Vik Bansal’s shady attempt at hiding those complaints didn’t work. 

Later, the California’s State Teachers Retirement System fund voted against the company’s remuneration report. Note that the CSTR system fund is among the largest pension funds in the world with a portfolio worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Vik Bansal Infrabuild

One complaint alleged that Vik Bansal has constantly demonstrated difficulties in working with senior women. It said senior women can’t advance their careers at Cleanaway because Vik employs an extremely aggressive and intimidatory style. 

Furthermore, the complaint highlighted that 6 senior executives had already left the firm because of Vik Bansal. 

In several meetings, Vik Bansal challenged the authority of a senior female employee and questioned her competence. Moreover, the complaint alleged that he kept undermining her delibeerately. 

Also, Bansal reduced the senior female employee’s authority to lead a large project at Cleanaway as well. 

Facing such crude behavior, the female employee left Cleanaway the following month. 

“Abusive and Disrespectful” – How Vik Bansal’s Subordinates Describe Him:

Apart from the senior female employee, Vik had verbally thrashed a senior male employee in the same project. The reason for the thrashing? 

According to the complaint, the senior male employee had failed to arrange physician meetings with every local council customer of the project. This is when there were stringent travel restrictions due to the pandemic and the distance between many of those customers was substantially high.

In fact, the male employee would have needed to travel across the state to meet with all of them. 

Moreover, many of the councils had ‘explicitly stated’ that they didn’t want to meet in person. 

Due to the way Vik Bansal reprimanded the employee, his manager couldn’t intervene. He was unable to explain why Vik’s method was unreasonable. 

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Hence, the company left the senior male employee to execute an impossible task. Soon, he left Cleanaway as well. 

One spokesperson said that the board took all of the complaints very seriously. However, the company also said that it must keep the complaints confidential. 

Another complaint highlighted that Vik verbally attacked multiple executive committee members of the project. This included the insurance manager, the chief financial officer, the general counsel and the division executive general managers. 

It highlighted that Vik used an extremely disrespectful, threatful and intimidating language. 

More Instances When He Abused His Subordinates:

In one meeting at Cleanaway, Vik was so abusive towards the insurance manager and the general counsel that others had to drop out of the meeting. 

The meeting was taking place digitally. Every participant was part of the executive leadership team and they all deemed his behavior to be inappropriate and unacceptable. 

Furthermore, the complaint added that there were plenty of topics left to discuss in the meeting. However, when Vik lost it, it became impossible to discuss anything. 

Under Vik’s leadership, the 9-member executive committee of Cleanaway only had one female member. It was Johanna Birgersson who oversaw human resources at the firm. 

Even though the industry saw a significant rise in the percentage of female workers in the industry, the number actually reduced under Vik Bansal’s Cleanaway. 

The complaint further added that Vik had created an environment where nobody can speak up. It said the company doesn’t find constructive challenges acceptable and women are more likely to leave the firm than succeed here. 

How did the Company Responded to the Complaints Against Vik Bansal:

Vik Bansal net worth

In response to the complaint, Cleanaway said it had conducted a detailed investigation and considered the matter was closed. 

However, the investigators didn’t interview any of the people named in the complaint. 

This tells you how seriously the colleagues of Vik Bansal were trying to save his interests there. 

Cleanaway claimed that its chairman Mark Chellew had investigated some complaints personally. Moreover, the firm said it caused Vik to commit to change. 

Still, Cleanaway failed to provide any evidence for its investigation. In terms of a complaint of August 2019, the company said it had responded appropriately to it. 

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Certainly, that’s not a satisfactory response.

In 2020, there were 2 complaints which highlighted the terrible treatment Cleanaway’s female employees were receiving. 

These complaints prompted an independent investigation. As a result, the company had deducted Vik’s short-term incentive bonus by 25% and had enhanced monitoring of his conduct. 

Initially, Vik Bansal had claimed that the STI cut had no relation to the investigations. However, the Cleanway board had to admit that the cut was in part because of his behavior when the Australian Securities Exchanged inquired about Vik’s sale of $10 million worth of Cleanaway shares. 

The Shady Business Strategies of Vik Bansal:

Another huge revelation the complaint made was how Vik was handing his desire to reduce employee entitlements.

It alleged that the company had directed all of its employees to reduce their leave balances to below 76 hours within a few weeks regardless of their leave balances. 

According to the complaint, it is illegal to force employees who don’t have excessive leave balances to reduce their annual leave like this. 

There were many employees who had to take long leaves but also had to work a normal business while they were on leave. 

When staff members raised concerns, Vik Bansal said, “You should be happy you have a job.”

The negative leave strategy had the potential to breach the Fair Work Act 2009. This put Cleanway at risk of facing strict action from regulatory authorities. 

The Aftermath:

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After getting a ton of negative attention, Cleanaway issued multiple statements to defend itself. First, the CFO of the company resigned when these issues came into light. 

Initially, Vik avoided issuing an apology for his misconduct.

However, he claimed he had apologized to the board, the public and the staff. 

After spending a few months trying to dodge the issue, Vik Bansal stepped down from the post of CEO of Cleanaway in 2021. 

It’s worth noting that Vik stayed at Cleanaway for only 5 years. In this small period, he was able to receive 4 formal complaints for bullying and harassing his employees. 

Where is Vik Bansal Now:

After leaving Cleanaway, Vik joined InfraBuild as its CEO and Managing Director. He has been running the firm for over a year now. 

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He has also been the Non Executive Chairman of LGI Ltd during this period. 

Vik was the CEO and Managing Director of Cleanaway Waste Management from August 2015 to June 2021. 

Before that, he served as the COO and President of Valmont Industries, Inc for four and a half years. Vik earned his MBA in Finance from Deakin University. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Vik Bansal Net Worth?

Vik Bansal has been earning multi-million salaries for over a decade. Hence, it’s safe to assume that his net worth is somewhere around $5 to $10 million. 

What is Vik Bansal Salary?

Vik Bansal’s annual salary in Valmont Industries was estimated to be around $1.8 million. However, it could be substantially higher at InfraBuild

Is there a Vik Bansal Wikipedia page?

No, he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page for his brand at the moment.

Is Vik Bansal Deloitte the same as Vik Bansal Infrabuild and Vik Bansal Centiva?

No, they are different people. Vik Bansal Infrabuild is an Australian business executive while the others are UK-based professionals. 

What is Vik Bansal Age?

There is no specific information available on how old he is. 


Currently, Vik is running InfraBuild. However, seeing his past of bullying and harassing his subordinates, especially women, suggests he doesn’t have the adequate leadership skills. 

The complaints against him highlighted that he is extremely abusive and intimidating. 

Certainly, he doesn’t seem like a reliable CEO. Employees shouldn’t be scared of raising their voices against abuse in the workplace as well. 

That’s why I thought it was important to highlight these issues. 

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Vik Bansal had to step down from his position as the CEO of Cleanaway Waste Management after he had received 4 formal complaints for bullying and harassing his employees. Beware!

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  1. The thing about such C-suite executives that bugs me the most is how they are rewarded for their toxicity. They are not fired immediately for their horrible behaviour. No. They are not bothered at all. Such a toxic culture is a big reason why so many people don’t want to go to work. Managers and executives need to understand this harsh reality.

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    30%turnover, says it all.

    - CONS: He fucked cleanaway
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    Infrabuild Employee
    August 5, 2022 at 6:58 pm

    Many people are facing the same problems at Infrabuild. Vik Bansal hasn’t changed at all. The man is abusive and utterly inconsiderate.

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