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Vincent Candrawinata: Lies, False Advertising and Legal Complaints

Vincent Candrawinata has been exposed as a quack who uses medical jargon to scam consumers.

The following Vincent Candrawinata review will expose his criminal dealings, the legal proceedings he has faced because of his illegal activities and the fake claims made by his PR team.

Before you consider doing business with this quack, be sure to read this review:

What Vincent Candrawinata Claims to Be:

This section contains the false claims made by the PR team of Vincent Candrawinata. Hence, there might be some exaggerations here regarding his expertise.

Vincent Candrawinata is an Australian clinical nutritionist, researcher, and food scientist. He was born on July 22, 1989, in Surabaya, Indonesia. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Newcastle in Australia, where he earned a Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree with first-class honors. He then went on to complete a Ph.D. in Food Science at the same university, where he focused on the bioactivity of phenolic antioxidants.

Candrawinata is known for his research on the health benefits of phenolic antioxidants, particularly those found in apples, and for developing a natural functional food ingredient called “Phenolive” that contains high levels of these antioxidants.

Through his company Renovatio Bioscience, he has developed several natural health supplements and functional food ingredients that are sold in Australia and other countries. Vincent Candrawinata is a prominent figure in the field of nutrition and food science, and his work has contributed significantly to our understanding of the health benefits of certain natural compounds.

Vincent Candrawinata

Deceptive Marketing and False Advertising: How Vincent Candrawinata Scams Consumers

There is limited information on public criticisms or controversies surrounding Vincent Candrawinata. It is important to note that as a public figure and entrepreneur, he is open to scrutiny and criticisms that may arise from his business practices, research findings, and other activities.

One criticism that has been raised against Candrawinata is related to the marketing of his products. Some have raised concerns that the health claims made by some of his products may be exaggerated or not supported by sufficient scientific evidence.

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However, it is important to note that Candrawinata’s products are subject to regulatory oversight and must meet certain standards for safety and efficacy. It is important to evaluate such criticisms in light of scientific evidence and other objective measures.

Vincent Candrawinata

A Formal Complaint was lodged with TGA against Renovatio Bioscience Pty Ltd and Vincent Candrawinata regarding COVID-19: 

This complaint was worked up by a Monash WIL student as part of her research placement it was then checked and submitted by Assoc Prof Ken Harvey. Complaint summary:

This complaint concerns an article in ‘Onyamagazine’ titled, ‘How To Supercharge Your Immune System For Cold And Flu Season’ attributed to Renovatio Bioscience and quoting Dr. Vincent Candrawinata, the founder of Renovatio.

The complaint also involves one listed product of Renovatio Bioscience Pty Ltd, ‘An Apple A Day’ (most recent ARTG no 326884) and four unlisted products, ‘Immunity Boost’, ‘Activated Phenolics powder’, Activated Phenolics with Vegan Collagen Boost for Hair, Skin and Nail’ and ‘Activated Phenolics Gut and Digestion with Advanced Prebiotic’.

This is a classic example of products exploiting the food-medicine divide. All products have the same key ingredient (Malus domestica), and all make therapeutic claims.

One is formulated as a tablet, the others as powders. I submit that all these products should be treated as therapeutic goods.

I allege that the permitted indications (and advertising claims) lack evidence and breach many sections of the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code (No. 2) 2018. In particular, the article and many social media posts promote the product for restricted representations (COVID-19, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.) and several of the powders lack information about the ingredients they contain.

image 69

Complaint details (screenshots appended) This complaint concerns an article in ‘Onyamagazine’ (appended) titled, ‘How To Supercharge Your Immune System For Cold And Flu Season’ attributed to Renovatio Bioscience and quoting Dr. Vincent Candrawinata, the founder of Renovatio. ‘Dr. Vincent Candrawinata, (affectionately known as Dr. Vincent), the world’s foremost expert on phenolic antioxidants and founder of Renovatio, has revealed that by boosting your immune system during winter you are more able to fight colds and flu, as well as combating viruses such as COVID- 19 Dr. Vincent said, ‘“Viruses move through your body by attaching to cells.

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Vincent Candrawinata

By strengthening your cells, you are reducing the capacity of viruses to spread through your body. Healthy cells also mean less illness and disease.”

Renovatio Bioscience extracts these phenolics from Australian apples and activates them to produce turbo-charged health and wellness products that are available throughout Australia, online, and through retailers such as Woolworths, and in many other countries across the globe.

Here is the whole complaint:

More Info on the Quackery of Vincent Candrawinata:

Vincent Candrawinata claims to have been focused on the development of natural, science-based solutions for health and wellness. He claims that he has made significant contributions to the field of nutrition and food science, particularly in the areas of phenolic antioxidants and functional food ingredients.

Candrawinata’s research has focused on the health benefits of phenolic antioxidants, particularly those found in apples. Also, he claims that he has conducted several studies that have demonstrated the ability of these antioxidants to support cardiovascular health, boost the immune system, and reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and neurodegenerative disorders.

However, there is no proof to back up these claims.

Even if we assume that he has the knowledge he claims to have, he is using to promote uncertified and untested supplements. As the formal complaint alleged, Vincent makes false claims about his products to generate sales.

False advertising is illegal and Vincent may face serious legal proceedings because of his fraudulent activities.

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Wrapping it up:

Dr. Vincent Candrawinata works for filling his purse only, he has many brawls of him during the corona period. One of the main controversies is mentioned above, as a formal grievance was lodged with TGA against Renovatio Bioscience Pty Ltd regarding COVID-19.

This objection concerns an article in ‘Onyamagazine’ (attached) named, ‘How To Supercharge Your Safe Framework For Cold And Influenza Season’ ascribed to Renovatio Bioscience and citing Dr. Vincent Candrawinata, the pioneer behind Renovatio.

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