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Vinh Giang: His Scam Strategy Exposed His Truth (Update 2024)

Vinh Giang has received multiple complaints for defrauding his learners. Find out why you must avoid dealing with this scammer and what his victims say in the following review:

Vinh Giang takes advantage of his learners

vinh giang

Vinh Giang left his studies in commerce and law with only six months to graduation to become an online magic teacher, eventually developing a tremendously successful internet business, 52kards, which currently serves over 800,000 students all over the world. This earned him the title of Top Young Entrepreneur in Australia.

What gives Vinh Giang the nickname “Scammer”?

His harsh fraud stories are widely circulated on the web. Because of the openly posted reviews on the internet, he has been labeled a scammer

Pessimistic Reviews Against Vinh Giang

#1. Vinh Giang will make you sad

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According to Mike Trammell’s evaluation, his terrible journey began when he learned about Vinh Giang. He was working for a consultancy and wished to leave to start his own. However, because of the epidemic, he was unable to keep his employment because the organization was unable to compensate him. He was dissatisfied and cautious, but a friend advised him to go to Vinh Giang.

He discovered numerous relevant classes while perusing the various classes offered by Vinh Giang. His acquaintance said that he has helped many people increase their trust and discovered something new and fascinating through his seminars.

Because he was already planning to establish a business, and the name of the course “Fo, updation to Communication Mastery,” Foundation to Communication Mastery is ideal for him.

He was hesitant to explore his concepts with finance specialists because they were difficult. While he approached several people, he was unable to persuade them of his point of view.

A business opportunity scam: what is it?
Selling consumers false promises of employment, financial assistance from the government, or other money-making chances is known as business opportunity fraud. According to the Federal Trade Commission, the organization has intensified enforcement against business opportunity frauds in recent years, particularly those that targeted the unemployed.

When he initially saw the course syllabus, he was ecstatic to participate. Then he signed up for his workshop. Before participating in the workshop, he was obliged to complete the initial training. He had the opportunity to sharpen his skills and gain confidence. It was a difficult experience learning what he had to go through.

Everyone goes through various events throughout their lives. Some use them to learn and evolve into the best versions of themselves, whereas others constantly repent. 

Vinh Giang was one of those situations that may teach you a valuable lesson about not putting your trust in anyone who claims to be a magician, but might also leave you with regrets for the rest of your life.

23/12/2023 Update
As of now, Vinh Giang has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

The man is a complete moron. He is not the type to be addressed with fundamental questions that call his definition of success into question. It irritates me that he can only make time for himself and not for workshop participants.

According to him, Vinh Giang will break you apart. That makes no sense if you’re unwilling to pay attention to his ridiculous explanations and logic. Even the course was deficient. It was a complete defeat for me.

He wasted both time and cash that he could have used creating company ideas or working on client lists. Make up for missed hours by investing intelligently and avoiding wasting money on courses comparable to Vinh’s.

It’s a shame he didn’t get anything out of the workshop or course because he had high expectations. For the time existence, he would not put his faith in anything this guy says. He receives calls from his staff members informing him of the most current workshops, but he ignores them.

He advises anyone thinking about buying Vinh Giang items to avoid doing so because it could lead to greater trouble. Vinh Giang is not a specialist, but the criminal approached the situation with professionalism. This man is going to depress you.

#2. Avoid Vinh Giang, a counterfeit keynote speaker


Ok, have a look at the same story posted on the link of the dirty scam. The link is given below

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What do you exactly know about Vinh Giang?

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Vinh Giang is a business owner, magician, and communicative specialist.

Vinh inherited his entrepreneurial passion and philosophy from his parents, who left Vietnam for Australia in 1981 and went on to launch several successful businesses. 

Vinh was inspired by his father’s view that “life is a miracle” to see the possibilities in his own life. He now tours around the globe, training interpersonal abilities and entertaining audiences with his enthusiasm and glow.


So, after learning about this person’s review, we can readily judge Vinh Giang’s phony personality, who is merely collecting money from people to provide communication skills and other objectives. However, after reading the aforementioned review, we may label him and his organization as fraud.

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  1. Sounds like you still have communication issues and failed to specify what the actual scam was. It didn’t work out for you. Move along brother. Can’t cry over ever thing. I don’t know him but you need to look with in….it may be a ‘you’ problem.

  2. If you want some account of proof his scams then you can visit the reviews regarding his classes you will get to know about his past and all the scams which he has committed until now, there are several other people who are not aware of Vinh’s nefarious frauds then you are under the dark, this man is famous in Australia for winning some award for being the biggest young entrepreneur which is a proud moment for anyone, thus it is very much important to make sure people are not at all aware of his frauds, the most of the reviews are negative reflecting his misleading steps regarding his courses don’t get attracted after the number of people using his account it should be seen that none of them are satisfied with his services and knowledge thus it is important to choose the perfect and trustworthy one otherwise you will have to suffer.

  3. Being a top-class entrepreneur and being aware of these fraudsters is very much important to avoid these criminals and make sure they aren’t able to make a fool of you, Vinh has accumulated a lot of students on the basis of his talent, which is legitimate and attracting a lot of people according to the author he had got near about 800,000 followers which is a huge number and also shows that people are showing trust on his work and talent, but as it is common if someone is getting the limelight then the competitors will try to take him down using illegal means or some other form of tactics to defame him, this is very important to expose the negative aspects of any person but making them feel uncomfortable for no reason then this is not acceptable, the government should punish these fraudsters for committing these crimes thus it is important to make some separate cell to operate for capturing these criminals. Make sure you are always under the good influence and take the positives from that person, but if your time is getting wasted and no outcome is observed then you can end up roaming with these misleading entities, it is our responsibility to avoid such people for clearing their doubts and continue spreading their knowledge to the related field.

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