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VVIP FX | The latest buzz

VVIP FX does not bother about the rules and regulations financial advisors have enforced. Read the full review here on Forex Scam.
3.1/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #237 in category Red Flags

VVIP FX claims to be the fastest trading company. The company is using the copy-trading strategy – a new trend popularly used by scammers to entice novice investors.

In a real scenario, the alleged experts are not showing any presence. Moreover, the company is not showcasing any trading results else offering trading bonuses. Many financial bodies have stopped offering incentives because the company is unable to meet idealistic trading volumes for merchants to pay off.

The good thing about VVIP FX is that it provides information that makes it look reliable. However, it delivers less than what it promises. The system is not very transparent as it does not provide any information about the Founders, CEOs, Account Manager and Financial Advisors.

Would you even think to give your money to the ones whom you don’t know even? 

At your own risk!

Further, the company has no rules and regulations. So, if the investors are caught in dispute, they won’t get any help. We recommend you to choose the best Forex Trading Company that is not only professional but offers genuine, reliable and transparent services. Review

VVIP FX Review

VVIP FX claims to offer better trading results. It assures to provide the best trading services to transform any novice investor into a professional. The corporation claims to have an effective and responsive support team to resolve any issue at its earliest. However, the statement is not justified by the services it offers!

VVIP FX has the following available assets;

– Indices

– Oil

– CFDs

– Forex, and

– Gold

The firm does not limit investors to let them apply their preferred trading strategy. The main goal of the endeavour is to transform all their successful clients’ traders.

The project fails to unveil the shortcomings of investing online. What we observe, trading is not a duck soup. The relevant skills are required to stand out in the market. 

Remember one thing! Any firm that talks about unreasonable returns are just wasting your time. Such firms may have high risks!

What do you get at VVIP FX? Training and education. Right? This may help traders analyze the market situation. You can get information via webinars and videos. However, we cannot state any point about the information as we do not have permission to check the data.

VVIP FX Trading Conditions and Platform

The company claims to provide an MT4 trading platform. The trader markets a spread of 0 pips and no commission. The cost of trading is not very much! But here an important question arises, when the trading cost is low, how the firm is making money? So, I can guess some hidden charges as the companies don’t pay from their pockets. 

A company, like VVIP FX, seems to be accepting via referrals. Registration is impossible until you enter the promotional code. The trading platform is missing. All the information regarding the spread, leverage, or anything that investors deposit is not available on the company profile.

This information is critically important and the failure to disclose the data put us in worry. Clients must have the right information before they choose a company to sign up. Moreover, the company lacks a Terms and Conditions Policy!

No Withdrawal and Deposits Policy

Money is being deposited via bank. We, at Valforex, are unable to verify the payment methods. Make sure to check the payment methods before you sign up with VVIP FX as we cannot assure you that there won’t be any hidden fees.

The bonuses, the company offers, are worthless. The firm requires to meet an irrational turnover of 25% of the amount they accept. Depositing money into this filthy scheme won’t pay you back. Moreover, check before you invest your money. 

Fake Contact Details and Poor Customer Support

The only way to contact VVIP FX is via email or phone. We cannot find the location anywhere on the website. Funds are being collected from all around the world. But, the issue is why they have not revealed the office address or country of origin. Beware, we find something disturbing to entrust your money here.

The language used on the website gives us a hint that the firm might be operating from Indonesia. For an organization, it is unprofessional that the clients are making guesses to know the company location.

If you face any issues and contact VVIP FX, the support team won’t assist you. Your queries will be ignored and they won’t listen to you. We recommend you pick an established investment firm that is not only reliable and genuine but has a strong and effective support team to handle your queries within no time.

Regulation Status at VVIP FX is Poor

The firm declares that it keeps investors’ funds in top tier 1 banks. This statement shows that investors’ funds are the number one priority for the company – you can call it a bold claim. However, the company do not reveal any data about the bank it is partnered with.

Putting false information, VVIP FX is trying to trap more victims. Furthermore, the bonus is not making any difference to your income. In addition, various financial bodies require capital investments that this company lacks. 

We recommend you to go for a licensed company to earn multiple benefits. In case of bankruptcy, you will receive compensation. In addition, a professional company generates a report of their trading results and show it to the authorities regularly. Hence, the system is transparent, genuine and no mishandling of data. We suggest you visit the supervisor financial bodies of the FCA, CySEC, ASIC, or NFA to check if a platform is listed in their catalogue.

Fake Client Testimonials

The entity also shows some testimonials from investors. The investors state that there is nothing difficult for beginners as the firm will teach them how to trade. 

However, the testimonials do not show any link to the profiles or social media platforms. This seems shady and is prone to manipulation.

Sadly, we do not find reliable data from their existing clients. Less trust in the clients has been observed. VVIP FX is just a year old, it is new in the market and less trustworthy.

2.5Expert Score

VVIP FX – a company that is operating in its way. The entity does not bother about the rules and regulations financial advisors have enforced. The brokers are collecting funds over the globe and are violating the set requirements.
Beware, don’t share your data with such a platform. The information can be violated. Also, the firm is hiding its trading conditions and less transparency in the system is observed. 
Make sure to invest only with the best trading company in the market. Choose a company that is not only professional but is genuine, reliable and offers transparent services. No mishmash, no bugs, only transparent trading!

Customer Service Score
Trust Score
Honesty Score
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  • User interface
  • Questionable Marketing Tactics
  • Unreliable
  • Horrible Market Reputation
VVIP FX | The latest buzz
VVIP FX | The latest buzz

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