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Recent complaints about a debt relief business opportunity have brought to my attention Wealth Network Solutions.  People say that after investing between $2,000-$10,000 in Wealth Network Solutions, they have not seen any return on their investments and the company is not responding to their concerns. Let’s take a deeper look and see what we find.

Claims Exposed Wealth Network Solutions Review

Proven Business Opportunity

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income or start a new career in the direct selling industry, there are many reasons to begin that journey with Wealth Network Solutions.

The biggest reason is you. What are you looking to get out of a new business opportunity? More time and freedom? Financial independence?

At Wealth Network Solutions, we believe in empowering people to create their own meaningful life. Whether you’re looking to make a small change or significantly improve your circumstances, Wealth Network Solutions is here to help you make those dreams a reality.

Our global network of affiliates are equipped with all the tools necessary to be successful, a dedicated sales and marketing team, a friendly customer support team, and an innovative research and development team.

With Wealth Network Solutions, you have the chance to decide what success means to you, and we have the tools and solutions to help. You’ll be proud to offer exceptional products that will fit your clients’ financial needs.

As a Wealth Network Solutions affiliate, we’re here to help you achieve your dreams. Because more freedom, and financial independence all add up to A More Meaningful Life.

Wealth Network Solutions Scam Reality

The company claims you can make money by selling loans or debt consolidation services to people in need, and that you get commissions for each sale and get paid more if you sign up others into the program.

Wealth Network Solutions
1712 Pioneer Ave STE 579
Cheyenne, WY 82001

The address this company uses is a virtual office location. The company was formed on 12/17/2014. They offer nothing to backup that they are a proven business opportunity.

No information is provided on who owns and runs Wealth Network Solutions. From the legal action that was taken below by the State of Wyoming Attorney General, we find out that Justin Sloane Rahn is the person behind this business opportunity.

Justin Sloane Rahn was involved with another scam called Global Fortune Network.

 Here is how Global Fortune Network is described by the BBB:

According to BBB files, Global Fortune Network is a company that offers a work-at-home business opportunity. The company charges upfront fees that range from $150-$495 with an additional $24.95 per month web hosting fee to build a website that may offer debt resolution services, land banking, or merchant services. Complainants allege that GFN uses high pressure sales tactics and makes high income promises with little or no work on the consumer’s part. Complainants say that the company fails to contact them after the initial fees are paid. When consumers complain to the company that they are not receiving the promised income, they are solicited to pay for “leads” or “campaigns” for gold or platinum programs to promote their website at additional costs of $1,000 to $30,000. Some consumers are told that they will make their investment back in just a couple months, when in actuality the investment produces no income for them. Additionally, consumers complain that when they request a refund, company representatives are combative and do not follow through with guarantees. BBB has made multiple requests to meet with representatives from Global Fortune Network, and the company has not responded. In addition, Global Fortune Network has stopped responding to recent complaints.

There are many complaints about Global Fortune Network and here is one that sums them up:

In February of 2011, I was contacted by Apollo Marketing, aka Global Fortune Network and Seahawk Strategies, about getting involved in an online business opportunity. I was sold a website and an advertising campaign that allowed me to earn money by helping people get their debts settled. I was told the website would be built and loaded with 60,000 leads and I would have 100% plus 25% of my money back within 180 days, it was backed by a written guarantee by the owner Justin Rahn. The campaign would run util Ir eceived all of my money back plus.

The customer service representative would call me once per week to give me updates on how the campaign was going. In June of 2011, nothing was happening and I had not received any of my investment back. I started to question about the information given me, I was told to be patient. I was told the clients had to go through a lawyer and that took time. At one point I was told that I had made all of my money back and that a check would be sent to me. I waited and the check never came. I called the customer rep. and told her I wanted to cancel and wanted my money back, she said that could not be done. I asked for Justin Rahn’s number so I could contact him, she said that could not be done, for me to send an e-mail to her and she would forward it on to him, which I did, but did not get any response. After that I got more run around and the same old excuses, it was harder and harder to contact them, they stopped answering their phone, only answering machines were answering, I left messages and no one returned any calls.

In October 2011, I sent a letter to Apollo Marketing and Justin Rahn, stating I wanted my money back. I issued complaints to the Online BBB, the Attorney General’s Office in Arizona and the BBB of Arizona. To date I have not received any of my investment back. – Source scambook.com

It would seem that Justin Sloane Rahn is back to his old tricks with Wealth Network Solutions.

Here are two of the current complaints against Wealth Network Solutions filed with the BBB:

1.) The business opportunity offered by Wealth Network Solutions, LLC is incredibly deceptive and I fully believe they are a scam. I also believe that Wealth Network Solutions, LLC is a scam or illegal pyramid scheme .All of my initial questions, regarding what I would do to actually make the opportunity work, were side-stepped with the response of “that will be addressed by your marketing coach.” However, I later found out that Wealth Network Solutions does not provide marketing coaches to actually tell you what to do to make money with their site. They do have someone call you, acting as if he is a coach to “coach you out of more money.” Invested $10,000.00 for leads which I was told I did not have to do anything…that Wealth Network will work the leads since I purchased the VIP package. No selling, no calling, that they would do it all. This was in October. They do not answer my emails and when I call them I get the same person every time answering the customer service number and when I ask her about my account she never asks for my account number, etc. She just takes my name and puts me on hold. Then she comes back on the line and tells me that my sales report has been turned over to the payroll department and that they will be sending me an email within the next few days letting me know when I can expect my payment. As of today, February 2, 2016, I have not received any type of payment nor any contact with anyone from Wealth Network Solutions. They also give out your information to other consulting companies. Since you are expecting a call from their coaching team when someone calls saying they are calling on behalf of Wealth Network Solutions it is easy to fall into another scam which unfortunately I did. This needs to end.

2.) I am 80 years of age and the widow of a veteran living on a fixed income of Social Security with a Reverse Mortgage on the house I am residing in. I have been trying to help family and friends by using my credit cards. I was taken advantage of by my daughter’s boyfriend and he accrued a substantial amount of debt with me that he is currently repaying a little at a time. My effort to help others has put me in a very stressful situation financially and to resolve my debt I started looking at “Debt Solutions” on the internet. July 28, 2015, I was contacted on the phone by Ayden M******* I believe, from Wealth Network Solutions (WNS). He started by asking for information regarding all of my credit cards, the account numbers, balances, and limits, thereby obtaining the available credit on each card. I thought this was for debt consolidation purposes. He then informed me that by investing in his “plan” I would be able to get out of debt, buy a home, a new car and travel, as it would be an income for life that would yield at least $1500 per month. He further told me that they (WNS) would be doing all the work and I would receive income from names I would purchase from them. The names would cost $10,000 plus $195.00 for something else and $24.95 per month. I refused vehemently at that point and they immediately lowered the cost to $7500 and said that they would “waive the $24.95 monthly fee”. They wouldn’t give me any time to review or discuss this with anyone and I feel they pressured me into signing up. Keep in mind I had expressed my extreme concern to them about my financial situation which I feel gave them more reason to apply extremely high pressure for me to sign their contract “NOW!” I told them I didn’t know how to do any of the internet stuff and they told me they would do all that for me. (Their Guarantee letter I got to read later states differently.) They coerced me into allowing them to charge my credit cards (which I had been struggling to pay down) according to what was available because they had me believing I would be making at least $1500 a month by signing on with their “money – making – million – dollar – business”. I tried twice to cancel the agreement within the three day legal time limit, with them only using more “hard sell” tactics to keep me on board. I tried again a few days later to cancel the agreement only to have their response be “Nobody twisted your arm” in a not nice tone. The truth is, that is exactly what they did! Next I got a call on August 18, 2015 from Effective Design Solutions (EDS) who told me that they were an affiliate of WNS and in order to get the best results, I would need to have a web page banner to draw people to the site. I had been told previously by WNS that it would help my business if I sent out flyers or advertised. EDS said they could do this for me to generate a good income and I would have all my “investment” back and more within a year and as they were associated with WNS, I thought it might work. This resulted in another $8500 charge on my cards. I did see a banner on EDS web site. I tried to sign in as a customer of WNS. I never got a call back. So as far as I could tell, this too was a scam. In addition I never found the banner ad anywhere on my internet searches. I find it repulsive and very hurtful that these entities would stoop to taking money from a senior citizen in debt with no regard for the circumstances, but only to make money off a distressed person in financial difficulty. They should be ashamed. I had called WNS to inform them that I wanted to cancel the agreement. During my three telephone calls (two were within the 3-day period) to cancel, I was never informed of the correct process. They would just convince me that I needed to “give it a chance” and pressure me with their sales pitches. “125% money back guarantee within a year” was one. After the attempts to cancel failed, I felt I had no choice but continue with this unfortunate transaction. I thought I was going to get some help from the “banner ad” purchased from their affiliate, Effective Design Solutions, but I never could find it on the internet. I was never advised verbally by EDS or WNS of the procedures required for cancellation and they certainly didn’t tell me if the papers I signed so hurriedly contained any policies for cancellation. Most legitimate businesses do inform you at the time you are signing. I started these disputes when I tried to reach WNS on Sept 29 at both their numbers, on their work day during their business hours regarding the additional monthly charges on my card they had told me they would waive. Knowing it was supposed to be their work day and receiving no answer after several tries, I instantly felt I had been scammed! The failure to produce results from the banner ad from EDS and the failure to produce any of the income WNS had projected left me little choice. I have received NO MONIES from them throughout the whole period before I disputed the charges and was told by them that “now I wouldn’t”. I have been talked “down” to and even told “I would be in a hard spot” if I didn’t rescind the dispute, and that they “will win”. My search for help from “Debt Solutions” on the internet has resulted in a total of $16,219.95 more debt on my credit cards. EDS $8500 & WNS $7719.95.

Government Actions Against Wealth Network Solutions

Case Number 2016-03
Date of Action: 2/23/2016

On 2/23/16, Wealth Network Solutions, LLC and Justin Sloane Rahn (Respondents) entered into an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance with the State of Wyoming Attorney General.

Whereas, the Attorney General initiated an investigation involving Respondents pursuant to the Wyoming Consumer Protection Act and the Wyoming Multilevel and Pyramid Distributorship Act.

Whereas, based upon the investigation, the Attorney General has reason to believe and alleges that Respondents violated the Wyoming Consumer Protection Act by engaging in the following acts or practices: (1) advertising and/or recruiting sales personnel when the purpose of the advertisement is to make a sale to the applicant in violation of Wyo. STat. Ann. 40-12-104(a)(xiii); (2) making misrepresentations about the standard of Respondents programs in violation of Wyo. Stat. Ann. 40-12-104(a)(iii); (3) making misrepresentations about the revenue that would likely be generated by Respondents’ programs in violation of Wyo. Stat. Ann. 40-12-104(a)(xv); and (4) failing to disclose all likely costs associated with Respondents’ programs in violation of Wyo. Stat. Ann. 40-12-104(a)(xv);

Whereas, based upon investigation, the Attorney General has reason to believe and alleges that Respondents violated the Wyoming Multilevel and Pyramid Distributorship Act by engaging in the following acts or practices in conjunction with Respondents’ multilevel distribution marketing plan (WNS Plan): (1) engaging in referral sales in violation of Wyo. Stat. Ann. 40-3-103; (2) failing to provide that the contracts/invoices for the WNS Plan may be cancelled “for any reason at any time” in violation of Wyo. Stat. Ann. 40-3-104; (3) making participant’s financial gains in the WNS Plan primarily dependent upon the continued successive recruitment of other participants in violation of Wyo. Stat. Ann. 40-3-106; representing the amount that could be earned by participants in the WNS Plan in violation of Wyo. Stat. Ann. 40-3-107; and failing to give notice to the Attorney General of the fact that one or more participants of the WNS Plan were residents of the State of Wyoming in violation of Wyo. Stat. Ann. 40-3-109.

Whereas, the Attorney General and Respondents mutually acknowledge the risks, expenses and uncertainty inherent in litigation and the advantages of the Attorney General terminating his investigation without resort to formal judicial proceedings by the execution and acceptance of this Assurance.

It is therefore agreed:

Injunctive Terms under the Wyoming Consumer Protection Act
1.1 Each Respondent shall affirmatively describe all costs associated with or contemplated by any sales or affiliate program that it presents to a consumer;
1.2. Respondents shall not make sales to any person recruited as sales personnel for any sales or affiliate program offered by Respondents;
1.3. Respondents shall not make any representations about the income that might be earned or the revenue that might be generated by engaging in any sales or affiliate program offered by Respondents;
1.4 Respondents shall not engage in any unfair or deceptive acts or practices;

Injunctive Terms under the Wyoming Multilevel and Pyramid Distributorship Act
1.5 Respondents shall not engage in any referral sales as defined by Wyo. Stat. Ann. 40-3-102(a)(v);
1.6 Respondent must allow participants in any multi-level distribution marketing plan, as defined by Wyo. Stat. Ann. 40-3-102(a)(ii) to cancel for any reason at any time. This right shall be made in writing and be made part of any contract, agreement or invoice with the participants;
1.7 Respondents shall not require that participants in any Plan purchase services or products in order to participant in Plan;
1.8 Respondents shall not make any representations to consumers as to the prospective income that might be earned in a Plan;
1.9 Respondents shall not require that financial gains in any Plan be dependent upon successive recruitment of participants; and
1.10 Respondents must provide the notice required by Wyo. Stat. Ann. 40-3-109 when applicable to Respondents’ activities.

Consumer Refunds
Respondents shall provide full and complete refunds to all of Respondent Wealth Network Solutions, LLC’s past and current customers/clients residing in the State of Wyoming within ten days of execution of this Assurance. Within 30 days of execution of this Assurance, Respondents shall certify under oath that all refunds have been completed and provide evidence of such refunds being made.

Civil Penalty
Respondents shall be jointly liable for and shall pay to the State of Wyoming a civil penalty in the amount of $10,000. The civil penalty shall be made in the form of a cashier’s check, made payable to the State of Wyoming. Respondents shall provide the payment to the State of Wyoming within five business days of execution of this Assurance.

In my opinion, these government officials should research the past companies these people have run.


One time setup fee of $495.00 and a $24.95 monthly maintenance fee.

They charge thousands of dollars for leads packages.

Lead CountLead TypeCost
200Debt Leads$2,000
1000Debt Leads$5,000
2500Debt Leads$10,000


Wealth Network Solutions claims to offer solutions for all types of debt.

Income Disclosure

There is no information provided on how much people are making on average with this business opportunity.

Refund Policy

You have 3 days to rescind any purchase. After the 3 day period there will be no refunds on any fulfilled purchase.

Wealth Network Solutions Review Conclusion

In my opinion, Wealth Network Solutions is just a reboot of a previous scam that Justin Sloane Rahn was involved with called Global Fortune Network.  They get you to pay a one time setup fee of $495.00 and $24.95 per month.  Then they sell you leads for thousands of dollars. They provide no proof that people are actually making money with their business opportunity. They sell people a business opportunity when they are actually looking to repair their credit. They use hard sell tactics to keep you from getting a refund.  I would avoid the Wealth Network Solutions scam.

1.5 Total Score

Wealth Network Solutions is just a reboot of a previous scam that Justin Sloane Rahn was involved with called Global Fortune Network. Please stay away from Wealth Network Solutions!

  • Shady Owner
  • Unreliable Payout
  • MLM Scam
  • Fraud
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