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Many coaches have risen to help people improve their businesses and lifestyles, but any kind of coaching from Whitney Johnson is simply crap. They may appear to be genuine, they are not. Unfortunately, due to their fame, many people are bound to believe what they have to say and end with so much frustration. If you are thinking of spending your hard-earned cash on this organization, then you’d better read this article because you will have to re-think your decision.

The purpose of executive coaching is to leverage disruptive innovation technology to bring out reliable and dedicated executives. Unfortunately, this is not what the Whitney Johnson coaching organization does. Their only aim is to ensure that they rip you off your hard-earned cash and do nothing to your organization. For fame, Whitney Johnson has three websites where she claims to offer the disruptive innovation kind of coaching to organizations.

They claim to help organizations improve their working ability by coaching employees to become better at what they do. These are all lies since their services are merely pathetic. What pains me the most is to know that in spite of Whitney Johnson lies, her coaching business is still running, and people continue to lose money on the organization.

Whitney Johnson will promise complete executive coaching that will ensure that you will grow as an executive as well as an individual. In simple words, what she promises is entirely opposite to what she delivers.

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I would love as many people as possible to know about my experience with the so-called executive coach so they can avoid her services at all costs.

My experience

My organization has a total of 12 employees with whom I have been working for six years now. You see, we have had many ups and downs before we could stand on our feet as a company. When my organization was not doing well, none of these employees wanted to leave. Due to this connection and attachment, my employees and I have never thought of letting any of them go.

However, some employees started to act unprofessionally to their fellow workers, and it affected my career and the organization as a whole. As I mentioned, we have been together and through it all together, so it would hurt me to release any of them. I had an idea shared by a friend on how I can change all of that. That was to give them executive coaching.

The disruptive technology kind of executive coaching is what came into my mind, and as a result, I had no one else in mind after brief research other than Whitney Johnson. So I headed to their website, first to find more about their coaching and get some books for my team.

I will admit that the website is quite a lure to many people. It has been fashioned to earn people’s trust, and sure it did win mine. My aim was the coaching, so without wasting a lot of time, I went ahead and decided to enroll with the disrupt yourself coaching on their website, which they claim costs $499.

I first decided to consult so that I know the best timeline the coaching company will have for me. This was first very helpful since it was all smooth; they set up a schedule for my employees and me. The second thing was now to buy the coaching course.

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After the timeline was set, this is where all hell broke loose, and we waited for three months before they could even say a word to us. We kept calling, and all they could do is give us weak excuses and fake appointment dates. Finally, I got exhausted, and I decided to find another coach since my organization badly needed disruptive innovation coaching. I have tried contacting them on their social media platforms, but they completely ignore me. This is something that I would never want to happen to anyone else wanting a coaching course.

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It’s now over six months, and I, unfortunately, haven’t got any kind of fee reversal, and the organization has now stopped replying to my messages. This is to warn anyone in need of an executive from taking Whitney Johnson’s coaching; you will be greatly disappointed and frustrated. The websites and social media posts would seem so trustworthy, but they are not credible. I am still requesting them to reverse my hard-earned cash.

About disrupt yourself coaching.

The motto of this incompetent company for coaching is ‘learning to harness and not just cope with.’ The coaching business that was started by their founder Whitney Johnson has a website where people go to enroll in the coaching.

With the chief instructor being Whitney Johnson herself, the company promises a lot of positive results after the coaching. This unprofessional coaching firm claims that after the coaching, you will be given the tools that will help you to harness the changes that arise in the company. This is a promise that I highly doubt they will adhere to after the coaching. If they failed to coach our organization, they would also avoid giving their students the tools.

Another thing this worthless coaching program claims to offer after the training is the tools and the strategy to be ready for disruptive learning. The course also claims to have a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with what they offer. However, this is ultimately a lie since I have had to wait for more than six months before I could get a refund. I think the 30-day money-back guarantee is a trap for so many people. If it were true, I should have received back my hard-earned cash within 30 days, but I didn’t.

They also claim to have a live Q and A session where they hold live calls with some additional content. This is a lie since I have never had a live chat with them. I have scheduled live calls with the coaching program, but they never show up, and I end up getting disappointed. They claim to help anyone who is experiencing a transition or having a significant change in the company where they work.

No promise that they claim to offer should any client be lured to because they never accomplish what they promise. Disrupt yourself coaching is a complete scam. Whitney Johnson may be famous for taking a position in the first50 best thinkers in the USA, but her services cannot be trusted.

The customer service at Whitney Johnson coaching

Let me say that at first when you need to have more information on the course, they pretend to be helpful, but once you have paid for the course, they change. I experienced a bitter employee who angrily said that I should wait and that I should stop with all the nagging.

The arrogance in the tone of the employee made me wonder if the coaching they promise is the same coaching their employees go through. Sometimes we would set a date to have a live chat with the organization founder Whitney Johnson, and they would end up aborting the appointment at the last minute. This coaching program is a scam, and I wish people should think carefully before trying to purchase the course.

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The organization also has a podcast where you can listen to further advice on how to become more productive using the disrupt yourself technology. Don’t be lured by the sweet voices you will hear in the podcast. Things might be different after you process your first payment.

About Whitney Johnson

Whitney is the founder of the WLJ Advisors and one of the 50 leading top thinkers in the world, as listed by the thinkers50. Whitney is claimed to be an expert in helping top growth organizations to develop and raise high-growth individuals for the organization. She is also said to be certified by the Marshall Goldsmith stakeholder- centered which leaves a question as to whether Marshall Goldsmith had all the details from Whitney’s clients.

In her coaching, she claims to help coaches who coach their clients to coach with more confidence. She also says that if you are not a coach, you can also use the tools and the concepts of the course to coach yourself and achieve what you most desire.

She also mentions that she works with a limited number of c-suite executives annually. That makes me wonder if I was not among the ‘limited number’ if it were a limited number, they would not have taken any money from me.

Her websites are quite catchy and trustworthy to visit. She is also an author, and that would explain why she has eye-catching adverts that push you to take action.

Whitney Johnson books and services

She is claimed to be the author of the best-selling book ‘build an A-team.’ Which she claims you can buy it from Amazon or any online bookseller or any other bookseller of your choice. She also sells the ‘disrupt yourself’ book on Amazon and other booksellers. I would not in any way advise anyone to purchase the book online as the author, and her services are not trustworthy. She is also the author of the ‘dare dream and does’ book.

She also has three more services that help improve their coaching like keynotes, workshops, training, assessments, and coaching. In spite of how well she has designed her websites, any person should be conscientious about any of her services you might end up paying for the coaching only to end up with no coaching and no money refund.

How I found out about Whitney Johnson

I was having a coffee break with a business friend when I explained to him what I am going through at work concerning my employees. He encouraged me to get them an executive coach. Unfortunately, she did not have anyone in mind, so I was forced to do research.

During my brief research, I discovered Whitney Johnson’s website, and I thought if the site was this welcoming, then the services will follow suit. Whitney Johnson’s website is ​whitneyjohnson.com/coaching/​. I contacted them first, and I was well received and adequately catered for. I had a lot of questions, and they answered all of the questions I had.

The staff was very attentive and helpful, and I thought I had found the perfect coaching organization. The fact they had several coaches and a workshop service duped me into believing they are honest and trustworthy.

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I did not hesitate, I went ahead and paid for the cash using a credit card, and that is where I saw the actual image of this organization.

My recommendations

If you want an executive coach, please don’t think about contacting Whitney Johnson’s organization, or you will be just as unlucky as I was. I might not be aware of what other people might have gone through in the hands of the company and am only telling others to try elsewhere.

The internet is full of trustworthy coaches and people who will be glad to ensure that you get what you deserve. Some organizations will not wait until you have deposited money into their account and later on stop all communications with you.

It is essential to seek further information on a particular organization before you purchase the services. Do not entirely trust a website just because it looks transparent. If it is an online coaching service, demand to know their physical offices so that you can visit the offices in case of a misunderstanding.

Also, have someone close to you to give you a genuine review of a coaching program before you purchase it. Look for someone who has purchased the services before, and they are sure that they are valid. I know other people are silent about their horrible experiences, and I hope that many others will come out in the light to share their bad experiences with the organization. However, here is one of the negative reviews that explain why Whitney Johnson’s services are not what the organization claims to give.


Whitney Johnson’s company is a scam. They take advantage of the fact that Whitney has been trusted to be among the 50 top thinkers by thinkers50. This fact is what intimidates a lot of people into staying silent about their ordeals with this company. However, since I cannot be easily scared, I will gladly share my experience with other people, so they are aware of what they can expect if they are to purchase the course.

In addition to all these, the staff in the organization are also worse. Whitney claims to give the best coaching advice and training to executives and employees, but I wonder why she has not administered the coaching to his staff. The staff is merely incompetent and irresponsible. I highly doubt that the course is worth the money they charge.

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In the business world, it’s no secret that for a business to reach high-level growth, you will also need top-notch employees. For these kinds of employees to attain a high-end production of services, they will have to attend workshops and coaching from time to time. Coaching firms have realized this, and that is why you will see many coaching services mushrooming everywhere.

You have to be entirely sure before you hire a service to check whether they are trustworthy, and they can deliver what they promise. Whitney Johnson is a no-go zone for my company and my employees. I regret knowing about them and losing my hard-earned $499 and a lot of time trying to reach and get them to be responsible.

No one else should go through what I went through with this company, and that is why I have shared this for others to know who exactly is Whitney Johnson and the company she runs. The organization is the most unprofessional company I have seen in many years.

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