William Brown Entrepreneur: Is WBTrading a Scam Or Legit? The Truth Exposed (2023)

William Brown Entrepreneur
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William Brown Entrepreneur has received allegations of engaging in fraudulent activities. Find out if they are true or not in this review.

William Brown Entrepreneur’s WBTrading purports to function as a social and educational site specifically focused on trading during the day activities. The cost of membership is not inexpensive.

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Leadership at WBTrading: Who’s in Charge?

Image of William Brown Entrepreneur.

The individual responsible for the establishment of WBTrading is William Brown Entrepreneur, who hails from the northern part of England. He embarked on his journey after being inspired by a film showcasing the accomplishments of a millionaire who became a trader.

It is difficult to find much information about William Brown Entrepreneur, through other sources.

There are several data available on Yahoo & IBTimes. However, it should be noted that the news above items lack authenticity and might be classified as promotional articles that William Brown Entrepreneur funded.

William Brown Entrepreneur utilizes a public relations agency known as Newsfile. Engaging in this practice is a prevalent phenomenon among individuals, as it enhances online visibility when users conduct searches on Google, ensuring the prominence of relevant articles.

The portrayal of William Brown Entrepreneur creates an impression of greater legitimacy. However, it is advisable to use caution while relying on these pieces of the right data. The information provided has not undergone a process of fact-checking or verification.

About WBTrading by William Brown Entrepreneur


WBTrading claims that it is a social network that caters to individuals interested in engaging in mechanistic & rule-based trading techniques. The objective of mechanical trading is to eliminate emotional factors and outside factors from one’s trades. 

A deal is executed solely when specific conditions are satisfied. This could pertain to a  fixed sum of money allocated towards a 401k investment or the selective purchase of a stock contingent upon the attainment of a specific price point.

The primary benefit of automated investing is its reduced requirement for an active role in executing deals. The user employs a predetermined set of criteria to trigger an automated trading operation when a particular stock meets the established criteria.

There is no necessity to engage in prolonged screen fixation, deliberating over the decision to purchase or sell. This renders it an easier option for individuals who are employed or have restricted availability during the day. 

WB Trading, founded by William Brown William Brown Entrepreneur in 2016, is a trading education website featuring purely rule-based, mechanical trading systems called the Edges which is divided into four parts as follows:

  • Session Momentum Edge
  • Higher-timeframe Bias Bar Edge
  • Price Reversion Edge 
  • Swing Edge 

Many trading systems are said to be statistically proven and work best when you can set them and forget them. However, the cost of WB Trading education isn’t listed on their site, and if any client is interested in accessing the WBTrading community, they’ll need to speak with Client Onboarding members, Client Success Managers, and an enrollment director. 

Before making any decisions, it’s worth reading WB Trading reviews and sharing your own experiences with William’s mechanical trading strategies. In order to gain further information, you can click on the provided link. Let me know if you need any further assistance: William Brown Entrepreneur.

As per the information provided by WBTrading, individuals can become a part of the Group for Training in Four Unique Strategies & gain utilization of eighteen hours of video training.

WBTrading’s Social Media Presence:

WBTrading maintains multiple social media accounts as well, although its level of activity is notably limited across most platforms, except YouTube. The account on Twitter has not posted any tweets since June, and the level of activity on the account on Instagram is considerably lower. 

The YouTube channel provides useful data and regularly releases new videos every week. However, it should be noted that a portion of the films available are comprised only of testimonials & comments. 

Many sellers who offer classes in education utilize the platform YouTube as a cost-free tool for attracting potential customers. It is crucial to keep in mind the aforementioned point while considering subscribing to WBTrading’s channel on YouTube. The organization is attempting to convince individuals to purchase a membership.

Facebook Page of William Brown Enterprenuer’s WB Trading 

WB Trading boasts a substantial online following, with a total of 5,000 followers including an impressive 4,700 likes on its page on Facebook. To learn about this scammer organization, you may learn from the link: William Brown Entrepreneur

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Instagram of William Brown 

The Instagram account of William Brown has 11 posts, 15k followers, and 126 followers. For more information on William, click the link: Mr. Brown 

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Cons of WB Trading  

The cost is prohibitive: There exists a plethora of cost-free and reasonably priced educational materials that provide instruction on trading. It is optional to incur significant expenses to acquire knowledge in this context. 

The Refund Policy is very harsh: The existing refund procedure is seen as unfavorable due to the requirement of a six-month waiting period for reimbursement, which is perceived as an imprudent practice. If individuals are aware that the product or service is not suitable for their needs, it is advisable to provide them with a refund of their payment. 

Not Enthusiastic About Day Trading: It holds a negative stance towards trading. A sign is a portion of the knowledge acquired in this context pertains to day trading. The empirical evidence suggests that the profitable ratio for trading on weekends is approximately five percent. 

Becoming an Expert in Growing Eight-Figure Businesses: William Brown Entrepreneur on Key Success Principles

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William Brown Entrepreneur claims that he asserts himself as a successful businessman situated in Dubai, having established a prominent online school that focuses on providing trade instruction. The individual in question serves as the primary motivator for a group of 16 skilled experts who are geographically dispersed throughout five different nations. 

Furthermore, the organization under his leadership achieves a noteworthy monthly income of $825,000. Drawing upon his vast expertise in the realm of expanding enterprises, Mr. Brown has recently begun a fresh endeavor entitled Systemize & Grow. 

The primary objective of this effort is to provide support and empowerment to businesspeople in the field of distance learning, thereby facilitating their path toward financial prosperity. This endeavor holds the promise of generating substantial revenue, potentially reaching amounts upwards of several millions.

The significance of building a reputable firm that cannot exclusively depend on immediate offerings or fads is emphasized by William Brown Entrepreneur. The individual has the belief that the establishment of a viable and enduring enterprise is the fundamental determinant of achieving achievement. 

As per his assertion, numerous individuals who possess offers have the potential to rapidly generate a substantial sum of several million dollars by implementing advertisements and a funnel for sales. 

However, it is noteworthy that only a limited number of individuals have successfully surpassed the threshold of $10,000,000 in revenue. The majority of these people often achieve a financial level between $2,000,000 & $3,000,000 before deciding to discontinue their current pursuits or transition to a different opportunity or specialization.

William Brown Entrepreneur’s WB Trading: Customer’s Reviews

As per the reviews posted on Trustpilot, 

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  • Squandering Time and Money!!

One of the clients stated that he believed that the course was a complete waste of time and money. It was absolute nonsense with nothing to offer. I feel like I wasted $2,500 on it.

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  • Avoid Purchasing Their Products!!

His client Paul Simpson, stated that he strongly advises against the acquisition of products from this specific business. The efficacy of their main approach has been substantiated as inadequate, as supported by their internal documentation. 

He also claims that they conducted personal trading using the Price Reversion Strategy across a number of markets on a daily basis for a span of six months, commencing & concluding. Regrettably, the outcome of my endeavor resulted in a return of zero. The records maintained by the individual in question also indicate that they made no money in the aforementioned sectors within the given time frame. 

In spite of the assurance provided, I encountered multiple obstacles while seeking reimbursement subsequent to continuously implementing the plan for a duration of sixty days. 

Notwithstanding the fact that the documentation indicated a loss incurred by the approach throughout said time frame, the entity in question used various measures to impede the retrieval of my funds. One should exercise caution as well as refrain from succumbing to the allure of their deceptive assertions & biased presentation of outcomes.

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  • No Refund Available!!

One of his clients namely Edo Dagem stated that he served as an active participant in WB trading for a duration exceeding two years in total. In recent times, he endeavored to share my personal encounter by composing an evaluation but was swiftly and expeditiously removed from the platform.

The underlying purpose of the assessment is to provide everyone with the opportunity to express their opinions, whether they are favorable or adverse in nature.

However, he persisted in my efforts to disseminate my personal knowledge and expertise.

Upon my initiation into WB trading, he was provided with a monetary refund assurance in the event that the used method proved ineffective. Following several months of diligent effort dedicated to recording my transactions & acquiring knowledge of the techniques, he came to the realization that none of the methods yielded the desired outcomes.

He made a request for reimbursement & submitted my diary for evaluation, however, my request was denied. The rationale provided to me appeared to be questionable, as he was informed that the transactions executed did not align with their evaluation.

It should be noted that the individuals in question have amiable qualities. In the course of engaging in investing techniques, he experienced a sustained financial loss.

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  • Exercise Caution Regarding WB Trading’s Claims

It is advisable to exercise caution when evaluating the promises made by WB Trading, as their methods of advertising may be characterized by excessive embellishment and a concealed motive. 

Specifically, there is a discernible intention to entice individuals to increase their membership from Platinum to a higher tier, accompanied by an additional financial commitment of £1000 for mentoring services. 

At the present moment, you are unaware; nonetheless, it is going to be communicated to you subsequently that the attainment of success necessitates the additional guidance and assistance of their mentoring program. 

This revelation contrasts with the first portrayal of their hidden processes as simple and systematic, as conveyed during the promotion of the Platinum package beforehand your enrollment. 

The aforementioned statement is deemed to be false and immoral. The outcomes obtained via rudimentary techniques were additionally highly unsatisfactory. The user’s conduct persists, seeking a reimbursement. For a comprehensive understanding of the critiques pertaining to WB Trading, please go to the following hyperlink: William Brown Entrepreneur

  • Who? Where? How?

According to Azri, stated that prior to discovering WB trading, I lacked an in-depth knowledge of managing risks. He encountered difficulties with the concept of risk-to-reward percentages, resulting in a predicament where he consistently realized little gains while enduring significant losses. 

The aforementioned brokerage practice can be deemed inefficient, as it has resulted in the depletion of multiple accounts for trading. He engaged in a process of continuously switching strategies due to my inability to identify an effective approach. It is my contention that the existence of a flawless plan, one that guarantees absolute success, is unfounded. 

The notion of a Holy Grail in this context is without merit. It is imperative to comprehend the concept of risk-reward and successfully mitigate risks if one is to achieve long-term success in investing.

Since commencing my engagement with WB Trading, he has established a daily routine, characterized by a systematic approach. On a daily basis, he engaged in the execution of the Session Momentum and Price Reversion tactics. 

Additionally, at intervals of forty minutes, he diligently assesses the Bias Bar approach in order to discern potential entry points. Since September 2020, there has been an increase of around 18% in the growth of my account. 

This corresponds to a monthly average of 6%. Although the outcomes may not be substantial, I am of the opinion that investing can be characterized as a gradual wealth accumulation strategy. 

The successful execution of this task necessitates the cultivation of significant levels of perseverance, self-control, and constancy. During the course of my adventure, he was allocated a trade mentor who has played a pivotal role in facilitating my exploration of my personal trading approach. 

The presence of accountability and regular communication with a designated individual, particularly on a monthly basis, to evaluate trading activities and assess errors, is crucial for maintaining consistent trading results.

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Who is William Brown? 

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William Brown Entrepreneur manages WB Trading, which is located in North England. His main responsibility is to ensure that every trade is made with a medium to long-term goal. He is passionate about providing accurate and helpful Trading Education to aspiring traders.

Driven by his passion for trading and helping others, he has become an expert in developing effective strategies and methods. His love for statistics and data spreadsheets has played a significant role in his success. He actively shares his knowledge through educational courses and tips and is highly engaged in social media.

Final Thoughts 

There exists a wide array of establishments that offer educational opportunities pertaining to day trading as well as trading in a broader sense. Engaging in this particular company endeavor has proven to be incredibly profitable, with numerous individuals amassing substantial wealth in the millions. 

Interestingly, it has been observed that individuals often generate higher earnings from the sale of educational courses rather than through active participation in trade activities. The phenomenon has evolved into a whole business, with William Brown Enterprenuer’s WBTrading representing among the numerous programs accessible in this domain. 

The methods of advertising employed for these kinds of courses exhibit notable similarities, commencing with the provision of a complimentary webinar wherein prospective participants are presented with a persuasive pitch to encourage their enrollment in the course of study. 

The primary determinant for admission into the course of study is an interview, which serves as a prerequisite due to the course’s high cost. This requirement ensures that prospective candidates engage in a conversation with a sales representative. 

Additionally, individuals will experience a high volume of marketing emails, and advertisements will be pervasive in various mediums. In essence, the instruction lacks any distinctive attributes. Alternative tactics are provided in other locations, and more effective methods can be found with further investigation.

William Brown Entrepreneur: Is WBTrading a Scam Or Legit? The Truth Exposed (2023)
William Brown Entrepreneur: Is WBTrading a Scam Or Legit? The Truth Exposed (2023)

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