Yerkin Tatishev Kusto – Is He an Asbestos, Murderer, and Corrupt Dealer? Unveiled the Truth! (New Update 2023)

Yerkin Tatishev Kusto
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Yerkin Tatishev Kusto is an oligarch with multiple criminal ties and illegal operations. Find out how he was exposed in this Gripeo review.
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Yerkin Tatishev Kusto is a violent, corrupt, and dangerous oligarch. Various investigative reports indicate that he is involved in money laundering, offshore dealings and several major illegal activities across multiple countries.

The Kazakh businessman hasn’t faced any repercussions for his criminal enterprises as well. In this following detailed report, you will learn about the various crimes of Yerkin Tatishev Kusto and why he needs to be punished:

Yerkin Tatishev Kusto
Yerkin Tatishev Kusto

Yerkin Tatishev privately owns a Kusto Group. Tatishev was close friends with Mukhtar Ablyazov, a Kazakh oligarch accused of perpetrating the largest fraud in history, of which $3 billion is still missing. His efforts to “rescue” the Kustonai and Orenburg asbestos mines in Kazakhstan and Russia have also contributed significantly to his personal riches.

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30/11/2023 Update
As of now, Yerkin Tatishev Kusto has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

As of 2017, a significant portion of Tatishev’s asbestos production is based in Vietnam, where campaigners are working to outlaw the use of asbestos and where Moore spent a significant amount of time.

What Yerkin Tatishev Kusto Claims to Be:

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Yerkin Tatishev Kusto

The Kusto Group, a Singapore-based industrial holding with a $1 billion annual revenue, was founded by Yerkin Tatishev. Yerkin Tatishev, who was born in Kazakhstan in 1976, reached adulthood following the fall of the USSR. Yerkin and a team of business-minded classmates set out to improve a nearby mining and manufacturing company in 1998 when they were just 22 years old and students at Moscow State Management University.

The project developed into a successful tale of change under trying circumstances, and this was the time when the concept for Kusto Group first emerged. Yerkin was also selected as the Entrepreneur of the Year in Kazakhstan by the most popular business firm Ernst & Young. His leadership and actions in the face of COVID-19 have impressed the judges of one of the most important competitions in the world.

He has also set up Yerkin Tatishev Foundation in 2005 named in the honor of his late brother who gave educational grants to the young mob. Yerkin has also recently founded the High Tech Academy in  Almaty, Kazakhstan which is the first project-based learning school in Central Asia.

A Brief Insight Into the Kusto Group:

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Yerkin Tatishev Kusto markets himself as a reliable entrepreneur

Kusto Group is a multi-billion dollar money-maker industrial holding which invests in and produces new reliable manufacturing products among various sectors like Agribusiness, building materials, oil & gas, and real estate. Similar to Yerkin, Kusto was born in Kazakhstan after a period of underinvestment and poor administration that seriously harmed the nation’s industries and infrastructure. In this setting, Yerkin sees an opportunity for innovation.

As Kusto Group grew from its Kazakh roots into a pan-Asian behemoth, its credit goes to Yerkin Tatishev Kusto and the teams’ innovative investment, management, and dedication to a particular set of values. A successful work experience in partnership with local communities, in an unpredictable and transitional economy beset with structural and social challenges, has proven to help establish core values that came to characterize the Kusto Group, becoming part of its DNA.

Yerkin Tatishev Kusto’s Illegal Dealings with Trump Exposed:

Yerkin Tatishev Kusto

The bank’s vice chairman, Yerkin Tatishev, appeared to be acting unethically at the time when B.T.A. (BTA Bank is a Kazakhstan bank with headquarters in Almaty. As of 2013, it was the third-largest lender by assets.

In 2009, BTA Bank was the subject of one of the world’s biggest financial frauds totaling US$5 billion) was lending all of the money to the Silk Road Group (Silk Road Group is a privately held investment company, owned and run by Georgian and European partners. ) by placing himself in a position to improperly influence some of the Silk Road Group businesses that were receiving loans. B.T.A. Bank had representation on the boards of those companies, but Talgat Turumbayev, who served on two boards, was also in charge of overseeing mergers and acquisitions for Tatishev’s business, the Kusto Group. Subsidiaries were co-owned by Silk Road Group and some of their secret partners and there was a lead who suspected Yerkin Tatishev Kusto was a hidden owner though he left B.T.A in 2009 and also mentioned that there was no more a mere friendship with the CEO although Kusto’s website says otherwise.

His words – “It was the right thing to do, and this is my definition of friendship.” 

Tatishev and the Silk Road Group may have committed bank fraud if, as the website alleges, Yerkin invested financially in companies supported by B.T.A. Bank loans. When bank executives have a personal financial stake in projects that their own bank is financing, it is known as “self-dealing,” and it is considered to be a crime in Kazakhstan.

After the global financial crisis because of this self-dealing in 1997, every nation across the globe has banned self-dealing as it can lead to defaults, bank bankruptcies, or government bailouts according to Richard Gordan who is the director of the financial integrity unit at Case Western Reserve University School of Law.

It is illegal to lend to businesses where a senior bank executive has a personal investment since doing so goes against the fundamental trust that underpins banking.

Borrowing money from one group and lending it to another is the core activity of banking. B.T.A.’s money was raised by selling bonds through J.P. Morgan, Credit Suisse, and many other western banks. But had these banks known that a senior B.T.A.official was involved in the operations of a company that was receiving huge loans from B.T.A., they might have drawn their line off.

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Yerkin Tatishev Kusto’s Shady Trump Tower Batumi Deal

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Captured in a spectacular crime before the Batumi deal, Mukhtar Ablyazov, (B.T.A chairperson) fled the country with billions of dollars in bank funds with him as president Nazarbayev desired to control B.T.A as Mukhtar was a leading sponsor of Nazarbayev’s political party.

As a consequence, Mukhtar faced 11 lawsuits against him in the U.K and also Kazakh government sued him to reclaim ten billion dollars that he had allegedly drawn out of the country.

Mukhtar was sentenced to 22 months in U.K prison for contempt of court because he denied to reveal disputed assets and also he had been ordered to pay four billion dollars to B.T.A

Words by Sir Nigel John Martin Teare ( the judge) –  “there can be only one explanation for the fact that the very large sums of money which were advanced were immediately transferred to companies owned or controlled by Mr. Ablyazov, namely, that the original loans were part of a dishonest scheme whereby Mr. Ablyazov sought to misappropriate monies which belonged to the bank.”.

image 70
Yerkin Tatishev Kusto partnered with Donald Trump for the shady construction deal

He further called this “ fraud on an epic scale”. Tbilisi Central Plaza, a business with a Malta registration, owns Batumi Riviera Holding. Susalike Holding GmbH, a Silk Road Group subsidiary established in Germany, is the owner of Tbilisi Central Plaza. In totality B.T.A had loaned Silk Road Group 300 Million dollars and the money trail was difficult to track because these funds were scattered across its numerous companies.

Trump didn’t do much to develop the property in Batumi. The venture was a license arrangement from which he quickly profited. He agreed to visit Georgia for an elaborate publicity campaign in exchange for the $1 million payment, the right to use his name, and the right to be involved in the promotion of Mikheil Saakashvili, the president of Georgia at the time, as a reformer with a focus on business who could draw in Western financiers. 

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Giorgi Rtskhiladze co-owns the Silk Road Transatlantic Alliance, a subsidiary that focuses on business deals involving the U.S. He brokered the Trump relationship. 

What John Madinger, the retired Treasury official mentioned about the various entities and transactions involved in the funding of the Trump Tower Batumi was –  “That is what you would expect to see in a money-laundering operation: multiple shell companies in multiple countries. It’s designed to make life hard for people trying to follow the transaction.”


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Yerkin Tatishev Kusto: When The World’s Anti-Asbestos Network Was Tracked Down By A Corporate Spy For A Kazakhstan Business

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The term “ Snowmen” was used for the workers who mined and processed asbestos because they would emerge at the end of every shift covered in white fibers. The companies engaged in manufacturing this product and who employed these snowmen mined, processed, and sold it despite the fact that they are deadly cancer-causing products until the Australian government under the pressure from anti-asbestos movement of activists held a ban against these products to protect public health, though the asbestos industry still functions overseas mainly targeting the Asian poor countries. These poor nations are mainly the victim of the new asbestos lobby of producers, manufacturers, and lawyers who are willing to go beyond their limits to spread poison and earn profits.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos refers to a group of naturally occurring fibrous materials that are heat- and corrosion-resistant. These characteristics have led to the use of asbestos in industrial products such as wallboard, brakes, insulation, and fireproofing materials.

How the New Matilda Investigation Exposed Yerkin Tatishev Kusto’s Involvement

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Australian and other international activists and officials are still engaged in a conflict to halt the trail of death and disinformation in Asia’s poorly regulated economies. British journalist Michael Gillard and New Matilda editor Chris Graham reveal as of yet unpublished details of a global spying operation on Australian and other international activists and officials.

Investigation says that a shadowy private detective agency hired by Kazakhstan MNC linked to the asbestos industry had the work to spy on a United Nations health agency and the international anti-asbestos movement for the last four years 

Parliamentarians, public health officials, activists, academics, unionists, scientists, and human rights lawyers from the UK to Australia were targeted between 2012 and 2016.

Project Spring and Yerkin Tatishev Kusto 

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Project Spring is the code name for the global spying operation is the brainchild of K2 Intelligence and is run by the London office. It works by putting a corporate spy at the center of the anti-asbestos movement. Project Spring was mainly targeted to understand how the international anti-asbestos activism movement functioned. Their client, they maintained, was focused on investigating corruption between the law firms representing clients suffering from asbestos-linked disease, activists, and alternative manufacturers conspiring to bring down the chrysotile industry in Asia.

What is K2 Intelligence?

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K2 Integrity is a risk, compliance, investigations, regulatory monitoring, financial crimes risk and compliance, and advisory services firm.

Robert Moore- The TV Prankster who claims to have turned double agent

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New York Times’ coverage on Yerkin Tatishev Kusto (Source)

Robert Moore ( the Spy)  pretended to be a journalist who wanted to produce a documentary exposing the unscrupulous practices of the asbestos industry in Asia, a developing region where the substance is still legal. The underlying goal of Robert was to gather intelligence, which K2 then provided to its customer, a client that dislikes attention.

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Robert was paid 500000 Euros in wages and expenses for his treachery, and he handed over sensitive documents and also filed secret intelligence reports which helped public health efforts by the UN’s World Health Organisation in Asia, where the Kusto Group operates according to Moore in his witness statement identifies the client named Kusto group. This undercover scandal has 

The undercover scandal has shaken the world’s anti-asbestos movement, which has long waged an outspoken war against a brazen business that, for years, minimized the dangers of exposure to the cancer-causing fiber and then opposed employees’ and communities’ demands for compensation.

How the Spy Uncovered Yerkin Tatishev Kusto’s Illegal Dealings

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Yerkin Tatishev Kusto has taken a lot of action against climate change projects

The breadth of Moore’s espionage goes far beyond the community of international asbestos activists. Targets included human rights attorneys, public health advocates, academic professors, scientists, and government officials from North America, Europe, and Asia.

Moore was approached by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and International Labour Organisation to create a film on the hazardous effects of asbestos in India. In an email from Moore to K2 superior, Bigazzi, Moore showed satisfaction in quoting the statement that “the approaches we are deploying to get inside information from one of the United Nations’ most important agencies.”

How did Robert Moore get in with anti-asbestos activists? And who were the Targets 

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Laurie Kazan – Allen who is the famous founder of the International Ban Asbestos Secretariat (IBAS) has claimed Moore to expand his network to get funding for his documentary from comedian friends and a hedge fund. 

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Moore gathered information about anti-asbestos movements, including financial sources, upcoming plans, lawsuit strategies, and personal details about key activists, using his bogus associations.

He subsequently forwarded this information to K2 Intelligence, Ltd., which in turn forwarded it to their client, an unidentified organization with a location outside the UK. Moore found his affiliation with K2 Intelligence, Ltd. to be quite profitable.

According to his October 2016 witness statement, K2 Intelligence, Ltd. paid more than £130,000 in cost reimbursement and more than £300,000 in fees from 2012 to 2016. After receiving a tip in September 2016, his motivations were revealed.

More Details on Yerkin Tatishev Kusto’s Asbestos Connection

As the Investigation companies don’t reveal their clients’ names but Robert Moore was informed in a casual chat in late 2013 that the Kusto Group, a little-known investment company in Singapore, was the client in the asbestos lawsuit. Moore attempted to get further details because he wasn’t sure if it was accurate. 

He asserted that at first, he had not discovered any proof connecting the Kusto company or its chairman, a Kazakh businessman by the name of Yerkin Tatishev Kusto, to asbestos on the website. Instead, Mr. Moore asserted that he erroneously crossed a link when K2 Intelligence gave him the order to go back to Thailand in 2014. He initially asked if anyone from the nearby roofing tile companies knew of Kusto, but he kept getting no response. Afterward, he showed photographs of managers from Kusto’s Vietnamese affiliate taken by a local official.

What officials said to Moore was – “they are the folks who sold us asbestos from the oligarch” after recognizing two of the executives from their prior employment. The same individual, according to Mr. Moore, also said that Yerkin Tatishev Kusto had traveled to a roofing tile company in Thailand to convince it to keep using asbestos.

Moore started gaining knowledge of the role of Yerkin, in the asbestos sector and began making films of the meetings with Mr. Bigazzi of K2 Intelligence, and also started speaking to journalists in Vietnam under the title “ The Responsibility of Journalists to Safeguard the Public Health,” requesting them to go through the matter of Kazakhstan and Russia’s involvement in the usage of asbestos and also displayed the presentation slide containing the Yerkin Tatishev Kusto’s image with asbestos bags 

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In a statement from  Michael Farrant, a spokesman for the Kusto Group, the company has never owned any asbestos-related assets. Yerkin Tatishev Kusto, however, was a key role in the asbestos industry before forming Kusto and is credited with turning around the fortunes of two sizable asbestos mines, one in Kazakhstan and the other in Russia, according to the website for Kusto.


Yerkin Tatishev Kusto declined to be interviewed for this article through Mr. Farrant, and he did not respond to written questions about his current connections to asbestos-related businesses.

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Yerkin Tatishev Kusto, a Kazak entrepreneur who runs the Kusto Group became famous by rescuing the Kostanai and Orenburg chrysotile mines in Kazakhstan and Russia respectively. Kusto is headquartered in Singapore and claims a US$1.2 billion turnover. It has key building material and construction operations in Vietnam, where campaigners want to ban asbestos, and where Moore was active.

Tatishev is closely connected to Mukhtar Ablyazov, a Kazakh tycoon and former banker who is charged with perpetrating the greatest scam in history. The British High Court determined that Ablyazov had stolen at least £2.6 billion from Bank TuranAlem (BTA), the largest bank in Kazakhstan, of which he had previously served as Chairman and a significant shareholder. At least an additional £3 billion is still missing.

Along with Ablyazov, Yerkin Tatishev Kusto sat on the BTA board in place of his older brother, Yerhan Tatishev, who passed away in 2004 during a hunting trip under strange circumstances. The older Tatishev may have assisted Ablyazov in selling off his assets and moving his money overseas in the early 2000s before Ablyazov departed Kazakhstan citing political persecution, according to US diplomatic cables from the time that was leaked by Wikileaks.

Investigation agencies suspected the role of Yerkin Tatishev Kusto in the murder case
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Yerkin Tatishev Kusto
Yerkin Tatishev Kusto
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Yerkin Tatishev Kusto
Yerkin Tatishev Kusto wikileaks
Yerkin Tatishev Kusto
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Wikileaks report on Yerkin Tatishev Kusto

Ablyazov was sentenced to jail for perjury as mentioned above in the article.

A representative for Yerkin Tatishev Kusto openly rejected any misconduct with BTA in 2014. In 2014, Kusto Group media consultant Tal Rabina informed Globes magazine that Mukhtar Ablyazov had served on the board of directors of a nationalized Kazakh bank with a member of the Tatishev family. The investigation against Mr. Tatishev and the other bank directors ended in less than 24 hours, with the local legal authorities making it clear to those under investigation that they had found nothing wrong with their activity and issuing a written character reference and though Kusto group has been reflected as a respected businessman so far.

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Who are Omarov, Kunin?

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Nurlan Omarov, a Kazakh businessman, serves as UCCI’s consultant and the mine’s consultant for Kustonai. The only chrysotile mine in the Central Asian country, one of the top four asbestos producers today, is the Kustonai mine. Omarov serves as the interim chairman of the Kusto group, a Singapore-based concrete works company that manufactures asbestos fibers. A large portion of their raw materials come from the Kazakhstani Kustonai chrysotile mine.

Daniel Kunin is the managing director of the Kusto group and was listed as K2’s closest point of contact by Moore. He has worked closely with Yerkin Tatishev Kusto,

Allegations on Yerkin Tatishev Kusto:

MM3KOFvM54FFsRJOsmwBpjGQ196ZG51ofJA2vR0tZP7VA85E7 Vqbelj1Wg2a9J HKI4WdbHqbfbCCMMrhMeHOM1eSkNFr GvDNcC2E6vn9TjX7wQapNQokcDsT3EHDgrO22RI r9BOBizg5bQiLzQ
Yerkin Tatishev Kusto has faced allegations for preventing action against Asbestos-related projects

A suspicious money laundering case was investigated against the Kusto group in Israel after purchasing a paint company at a high price of 500 million shekels.

Yerkin Tathishev Kusto’s Spokesperson’s words- “Incidentally, any state authority, such as the Money Laundering Authority, is obviously obligated to carefully check any information it obtains. As we have seen in recent affairs, however, the very transferring of any kind of information to the Authority, and even an examination of that information, if any was performed, does not indicate that this ‘information’ has any real reliability whatsoever. The group has received no official query in this matter whatsoever, but if one is received, we will be glad to cooperate with any authorized party.”

Continuing with the Depth of corporate espionage taken in anti-asbestos campaigns Daniel Kunin who is positioned as a managing director for Kusto Group was a spokesperson for Kusto in Israel’s purchase.

More Details on How Robert Moore Exposed Yerkin Tatishev Kusto

Moore’s evidence against Yerkin Tatishev Kusto

In addition to monitoring asbestos activists, Moore began a new paid project for K2 in late 2015: eavesdropping on Nigerian anti-corruption activists and the human rights Organisation Global Witness.

The customer of K2 was concerned about a bribery probe involving an oil license in the Nigerian Delta given to Shell and the Italian energy company, ENI.

After passing several intelligence reports to K2, Moore was suddenly revealed of being a spy and admitted his corporate espionage for K2. He offered to operate as a double agent for the NGO on the Nigerian case and stated that he wanted to expose the asbestos industry. Later this offer was refused as according to Taylor Moore could have been a triple agent and was not liable for being a trusted person.

Yerkin Tatishev Kusto hasn’t personally addressed the issue yet.

Leigh Day, meanwhile, received a tip because of the danger to the anti-asbestos effort. Moore begged the law firm not to sue him, but in October they went ahead and filed a lawsuit for misusing client information in spite of his requests. Leigh Day, who is also Laurie Kazan-agent, Allen’s demanded that he hand her the records. More than 35,000 have been distributed so far.

Spooked Moore first started developing an exit strategy from corporate spying. The strategy involves rebranding himself as a whistleblower, much like he had done in order to spy on people since 2007 by presenting himself as a campaigning investigative journalist.

Out of fear, Moore decided to come out of the spying camera as some in the anti-asbestos movement were able to begin to suspect him.

Linda Reinstein, the co-founder of the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organisation in the US, invited Moore to two of her conferences – one in 2013, and the second in April 2015 – after an introduction by Laurie Kazan-Allen.

Moore was at the risk of getting exposed while investigating Yerkin Tatishev Kusto and his crime partners.

The first warning came from Reinstein to Moore for being careful.

Reinstein words- “I watched how he wandered around – I’m a mum and a widow and a businesswoman, and I get strange vibes sometimes. I just knew that he stunk.”

At the second conference, as told by Reinstein, mentions that Moore drew the attention of the mob by clicking pictures.

Therefore, in May 2015, Moore pitched the idea of filming a scathing documentary on the asbestos industry to a very senior British television executive from Mentorn Media, a renowned production company. He admitted to the executive that he was a spy, but he insisted that he not be revealed.

Moore, who was being paid for eavesdropping on the anti-asbestos movement, promised to share insider information about the Kusto organization. It was a proposal that brought up some serious moral issues.

“I remain in an impossible position where I am prevented from discussing this case due to orders made by the Court to protect parties to these proceedings. I intend to abide by those orders. When all the facts can be made public, I will be in a position to tell the whole truth about these events. When I do so, I trust that my actions and the reasons behind them will become clear.”

Robert Moore on the Yerkin Tatishev Kusto case

K2 refuses to discuss its clients but has said it will defend the action brought by Leigh Day in the UK courts.

The Kusto Group has no office telephone number and an email that does not work. It has, however, issued public statements in the past denying money laundering and any link to the BTA fraud.

Similarly, Yerkin Tatishev Kusto hasn’t said anything on the matter as well.

Laura Words in a press conference-  “Let the asbestos profiteers be warned, Ours is a legitimate, grassroots campaign supported by thousands of individuals around the world. Poisoning for profits is reprehensible, unethical, and indefensible. Industry stakeholders can no longer hide behind their wealth or positions; you cannot silence those who have stared death in the face as they watched loved ones die excruciating deaths from asbestos cancer. Ban asbestos campaigners will not be bullied or deterred from their efforts to make the world a safer place.”


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

If you have been scammed by Yerkin Tatishev, then you can get justice by sharing your complaint with us. We will connect with you experts and journalists who will help you get your money back and get heard by the right people.
It is strongly suggested that you do your own research before spending money online. This is a user-generated report.

Conclusion – 

Why this investigation matters? 

nwsBirZdjmUOP829JXOeLYDbKLjVfKT EuTKcqTxZF88wKNqtef

Moore stated in his initial witness evidence that K2’s client had given him the job of looking into WHO’s upcoming activities on chrysotile in Thailand and the Philippines. It is easy to draw the conclusion that the Kusto Group engaged in corporate espionage activity for four years in an effort to sabotage the WHO and anti-asbestos activists’ operations in Asia.

As many as one-third of European citizens are exposed to asbestos in their lifetime and nearly 15,000 related deaths occur each year. It’s evident that these carcinogenic substances are still a pervasive problem in European public housing, hospitals, schools, and more.

Like now who is in charge of this espionage scandal is unclear, but accordingly, one thing has been made clear the asbestos industry is using despicable strategies with complete contempt for worker rights.

tHx6m9zyDcVQCQb3VbDbDlswiy4CHphRJOrQCEua1xeYq7tmZUUK8bVdgGDp5ECbivi3ulihMe X4d2y2szcJIVdCA6oXys4FBiTcSw9iO1ajsWZEMVgTjRNBfYi7MNYLqdfNn GWF0TeUHVPKap8A
Evidence against Yerkin Tatishev Kusto
adaS6RvGY9xIT7B4UPA47JxU6cwspDEWBZN971wSJwXv eXMidkQI0ElTdThdFnngNvxCVpfgjnwB4yzyaEQv LgtTOMzqHRlidDjL6LED0pdz3Mqi8jVZOkg2 T lGP GfzSepE1 rAn1RdwlfEog
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More evidence against Yerkin Tatishev Kusto
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The above report reveals how Yerkin Tatishev Kusto has used his influence to prevent any regulatory action

It is only a matter of time before the use of all forms of asbestos is outlawed globally, as Yerkin Tatishev Kusto is well aware. The asbestos industry is relying on time, meanwhile, as each passing month, year, and decade will result in more sales and profits from the commercialization of chrysotile asbestos fiber, a readily available resource.

Many rules and regulations, including those governing mining, manufacturing, usage, and disposal, apply to the production and use of the mineral asbestos. Injury lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims are both outcomes of asbestos-related injuries.

Asbestosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer, and diffuse pleural thickening are health issues linked to asbestos. The persistence of asbestos-related ailments is one of the key problems surrounding asbestos in legal cases. Most nations have statutes of limitations that prevent actions from being brought years after the original cause of action has passed. 

bveURk9OWoM3HHyoL8tLrhAKpmuznYKfOcRmtItGijb7 MxykC60hKG4JZ5K6uTqR7c8 UpJEh9j sac1s9SLVWNRdZWG MHCyyjt3G2JGXZKeFdRReu0PdX d0MREBQXa4I11WFRfSOTNz86fDLwQ

Asbestos use is prohibited in 67 nations and territories worldwide, including those in the European Union. Under Annex I of the Basel Convention on the Regulation of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes and their Disposal, it is categorized as a category of restricted waste.

This means that parties to the convention are required to prohibit the export of hazardous wastes to parties that have prohibited the import of such wastes via the notification procedure in Article 13 of the convention.

After going through the above points, it’s clear that Yerkin Tatishev Kusto is not what he markets himself to be. The corrupt oligarch has many criminal ties and it’s surprising how no international authority has investigated him.

There are many criminals similar to Yerkin Tatishev Kusto. Some examples include Pyotr Kondrashev and Alexander Galitsky. Beware of such crooks.  


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Yerkin Tatishev Kusto – Is He an Asbestos, Murderer, and Corrupt Dealer? Unveiled the Truth! (New Update 2023)
Yerkin Tatishev Kusto – Is He an Asbestos, Murderer, and Corrupt Dealer? Unveiled the Truth! (New Update 2023)
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