Yerkin Tatishev: Lawsuits of Murder, Money Laundering & Corruption. Exposed! (Latest Update 2023)

Yerkin Tatishev
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Yerkin Tatishev is a corrupt oligarch involved in murders, money laundering, corruption and many other illegal dealings. Learn more on Gripeo.
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Yerkin Tatishev is a corrupt oligarch involved in various illegal operations across multiple countries.

The following article exposes his connections with some of the various criminal enterprises he has taken part in. But first, here’s what his marketers say about him:

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What the PR Team of Yerkin Tatishev Wants You to Think:

Yerkin Tatishev is the Founder and Chairman of the Kusto Group. This is a Singapore-oriented industrial holding with an annual turnover of over $1bn.  Born in 1976, in Kazakhstan, Yerkin Tatishev grew up following the Soviet Union’s disintegration.

The infrastructure and industry of the country had suffered severe harm from years of underinvestment and poor management. Being a student at Moscow State Management University and an onlooker to these switches, Tatishev noticed that the hardest punch by these circumstances were single-resource towns and communities, whose wealth and success were linked to an ecosystem of complementary mines, factories, and manufacturing elements.

Yerkin Tatishev’s marketing team are spreading such lies to make sure people don’t find out about his offshore enterprises and violent crimes.

BORN: 1976

EDUCATION: Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics & Informatics (MESI), Economics. Kazakh State Law Academy,  Enterprise Law.

POSITION: Founder and Chairman of Kusto Group

Yerkin Tatishev has created a global powerhouse based on his faith that “Without community achievement, there can be no corporate success.” According to his marketers, he restored a bankrupt mine and its surrounding community when he was only 22 years old, placing both on a path to sustainability that is still in place today.

About Kusto Group 

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Kusto Group is a global investment company, centralized on long-term value creation in high-growth markets. They are hiring thousands of individuals in over twelve countries, in fields as varied as agriculture, building supplies, real estate, and retail. Together, they are setting the standard for producing unique solutions to the issues of the twenty-first century.

Kusto uses innovative technologies and ground-breaking business acts to provide premium amenities and products throughout all of their businesses; from Tambour and its industry-leading eco-friendly paint and construction substances in Israel to Kusto Agro and the fulfillment of state-of-the-art precision agriculture in Ukraine. 

They have created Kusto Group as a business that is prepared to not only meet but also survive in the face of the new challenges brought on by the post-Covid environment.

30/11/2023 Update
As of now, Yerkin Tatishev has not responded, nor has he apologized for his misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by his victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Department Summary of Kusto Group

Kusto Group is functional across five main business areas: 

Agriculture, Construction & Materials, Real Estate & Retail, Oil & Gas, and their different activities in Vietnam. They strive to implement the most recent advancements in technology, the environment, and customer-focused marketing practices across the wide range of industries in their portfolio.

Kusto Group’s Agriculture section focuses on seed research and development,  irrigation methods, and data-driven cultivation, including the beef production business in Kazakhstan.

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  • Their global Construction & Materials businesses are similar to market heads in the development of premium-quality, environmentally tenable paints, and construction products.
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  • At last, their Oil and Gas business follows the latest originations in both tenable productions and in supplying a premier retail experience.

The Story of Kusto Group’s Origins According to Yerkin Tatishev’s Marketers:

The Kusto Group was founded immediately after the Soviet Union’s demise. When Kazakhstan got independent, Yerkin Tatishev united with his close friend to revolve the phase of a failing mining operation in the Zhitikara region of the country, with the target of reviving ruined single-industry towns.

A sudden economic shock and years of mismanagement had rendered the mines bankrupt. Nonetheless, the group of young businesspeople was finally able to purchase the firm in 2002 after four years of arduous work and assistance from the community.

The youthful team was able to stop the downturn and bring back the mines to profitability by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, making investments in the community, and using effective business procedures.

The original entrepreneurial experience served as the seed money for establishing Kusto Group in 2008, which eventually became the Kusto of today—a diversified business with operations in real estate, construction, agriculture, and oil and gas.

Currently, their functions and activities have expanded to nine countries: Singapore, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Israel, Italy, the US, and Canada. Through their presence in these diverse markets, they have acquired a special range of experiences that we share across our different business sectors.

The business has a $1 billion annual revenue and approximately 8,000 employees. In 2013, Kusto Group permanently transferred its headquarters from Almaty to Singapore to make use of the advantages offered by the world’s financial center and assist its expanding worldwide footprint.

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Exposing the Criminal Activities of Yerkin Tatishev:

Yerkin Tatishev claims to be an eccentric and caring entrepreneur but if we go through the study of this person we will get many unfortunate facts that will tarnish his personality. There are long stories behind him,  which prove the bad phase of his individuality. These include several scandals, misconducts, and crimes. In short, we can conclude his issues:

Yerkin Tatishev’s Indulgement in Bussiness Corruption

The bank’s deputy chairman, Yerkin Tatishev, appeared to be acting unethically at the time when BTA (Bank Turan Alem) was lending all of this money to the Silk Road Group by putting himself in a position to improperly influence some of the Silk Road Group businesses that were receiving loans.

B.T.A. Bank had members on the boards of those corporations, but Talgat Turumbayev, who served on two boards, was also in charge of overseeing mergers and acquisitions for Tatishev’s business, the Kusto Group. Turumbayev claimed that because serving on the boards didn’t require “a lot of time,” there wasn’t a conflict of interest.

Tatishev left B.T.A. Bank in 2009; according to Forbes, he is worth $500 million. In one of his interviews, he tried to articulate his sinless personality by expressing that he had no individual financial involvement in the Silk Road Group. At the same time, he admitted that he has a strong friendship relationship with George Ramishvili, the company’s CEO.

Yerkin Tatishev and His Criminal Abuse of the Silk Road Group

The Silk Road Group is one of the most well-known private investment firms with operations in the Caucasus and Central Asia. It works in the banking, energy, real estate, retail, hospitality & entertainment, media & IT, transportation, technology, and trading sectors of the Georgian economy.

Following the fall of the Soviet Union, the Silk Road Group was founded in Georgia at the beginning of the 1990s. The Silk Road Group has experienced consistent growth since its founding by reviving old trade routes that had been ignored for a long time.

SRG has developed into a global company thanks to its emphasis on serving a clientele with a diverse range of needs. Across Asia, Europe, and North America, SRG employs customer service specialists.

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                                                Team of Silk Road Group

Connection Between Yerkin Tatishev’s Kusto Group and Silk Road Group

The Kusto Group, Tatishev’s business, claims on its website that since 2006 it has been “an outstanding partner for the Silk Road Group.” They worked together successfully by investing in different sectors of Georgian Finance. Tatishev came up with new solutions and ideas for several problems. 


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Proofs of Banking Frauds by Yerkin Tatishev

If we go through the websites, Tatishev may have committed bank fraud along with the Silk Road Group when he invested financially in companies supported by B.T.A. Bank loans. Self-dealing, which is illegal in almost every nation, including Kazakhstan, is when bank executives have a financial interest in the projects that their own bank is financing.

 Sergei Gretsky, a professor at the Catholic University of America, wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on the Kazakh banking sector. When asked, if it would be illegal for the deputy chairman of a Kazakh bank to have individual investments in a project that his bank was funding and conceal that information from investors, he laughed and said, “Yes, of course.”

So at last we can judge that there was a long chain of investors and millionaires who were part of money laundering and scam. And Yerkin Tatishev is also part of this sequence. 

Self-dealing was a major contributing factor to the 1997 world financial crisis, according to Richard Gordon, director of the financial-integrity section at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Bank executives and board members kept making loans to themselves and their friends, which contributed to the failure of banks in Indonesia, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, Pakistan, and Taiwan. This causes deficits, government bailouts, or bank bankruptcies. 

When A Corporate Spy Exposed Yerkin Tatishev’s Corruption

The Kusto Group is owned by 40-year-old Kazak entrepreneur Yerkin Tatishev. He became famous for saving the chrysotile mines in Kazakhstan and Russia, respectively, in Kostanai and Orenburg.

Yerkin tatishev

Singapore-based Kusto reports an annual revenue of US$1.2 billion. It has significant activities in Vietnam, where asbestos campaigners are working to outlaw the substance, and where Moore was engaged. It also owns a significant Israeli paint supplier.

Moore identified Yerkin Tatishev as the head of the Kusto Group, the organization that engaged K2 Intelligence to spy on the international anti-asbestos network. Moore identified this organization in witness statements.

Who is Robert Moore?

As we mentioned the name ‘Moore’, let’s know who he & how he is linked to this issue. Robert Moore, a corporate spy, spent four years disguising himself as a journalist to enter the anti-asbestos movement on a global level. He is seen attending a seminar against asbestos organized by Linda Reinstein’s Asbestos Illness Awareness Organization.

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                                                Robert Moore

So, moving further, Tatishev was closely associated with the Kazakh businessman Mukhtar Ablyazov, a former banker and politician accused of committing the biggest scam in history. The largest bank in Kazakhstan, Bank TuranAlem (BTA), of which Ablyazov was previously Chairman and a key shareholder, was found to have been stolen from by Ablyazov at least £2.6 billion by the British High Court. Another £3 billion at the very least is still lost.

With Ablyazov, Tatishev sat on the BTA board in place of his older brother, Yerhan Tatishev, who passed away in 2004 during a hunting trip under strange circumstances.

In the early 2000s, before Ablyazov fled Kazakhstan claiming political persecution, US diplomatic cables from the time that were leaked by Wikileaks suggest that Yershan Tatishev, the older brother of Yerkin assisted Ablyazov in selling his holdings and moving his money to other countries.

Ablyazov, a political opponent of Nursultan Nazarbayev, an autocratic Kazakhstan president was imprisoned for 22 months in the United Kingdom Jail in 2012 for mendacity. After he was litigated by BTA regarding the billions that were missing. He was eventually arrested in France in 2013 but managed to evade extradition to Russia in December of the previous year before fleeing England before he could be imprisoned.
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                Nursultan Nazarbayev                  

More on the Illegal Activites of Yerkin Tatishev

Robert Moore, a British national, was employed by K2 Intelligence Ltd., an investigation company that serves the needs of businesses and governments “in a range of sectors, including energy, mining,” to mention a few, according to information that came to information in December 2016. Since our previous article on the subject, there have been significant developments in the court case that have the anti-asbestos industry talking, especially given the magnitude of those involved, which includes elite asbestos industry leaders and billionaires.

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Role of Several Businessmen in Asbestos Activity

After going through the investigation a large chain of businessmen was found in this mining activity that was totally unlawful. Let’s know about the Kazakh businessmen involved in this link. 

Nurlan Omarov

Nurlan Omarov, the Kazakh businessman, serves as both the consultant for Kustonai mine and UCCI. The only chrysotile mine in the Central Asian country, one of the top four asbestos producers today, is the Kustonai mine. Omarov serves as the executive chairman of the Kusto group, a Singapore-based concrete works company that manufactures asbestos fibers. A large portion of their raw materials come from the Kazakhstani Kustonai chrysotile mine.

Daniel Kunin 

Daniel Kunin has worked for Kusto as the company’s managing director since 2011 and is in charge of several worldwide business development initiatives. Together with working on other industrial transformation projects in North America and Asia, he assisted in directing the purchase of Tambour Ltd. Moore identified Daniel Kunin, managing director of Kusto Group, as K2’s main contact. Moore said that he discovered Daniel Kunin to be a member of K2. When he realized Kunin was employed by Yerkin Tatishev, he had to wait another six months and make a second journey to Thailand.

u5jlqxVOovdjQulR mFdM

Yerkin Tatishev

And the third Kazakh businessman is our keyword i.e; Yerkin Tatishev, the owner of Kusto Group. Besides his allegations and charges his close links with a  Kazakh businessman named Mukhtar Ablyazov is accused of committing the largest fraud in history, of which $3 billion is still missing is also revealed.

A Glimpse of the Secondary Involvement of Yekin Tatishev in his older brother’s Assassination

Who was Yerhan Tatishev?

The chairman and CEO of BTA Bank JSC was a banker from Kazakhstan named Yerzhan Tatishev. Tatishev, 37, tragically passed away in December 2004 after being shot while driving in the Jambyl District.

qxqCa2ZZPNFWFXIlZ77lBxJMs3FFjpkxatV3HUJvYfewS0vm9wgd Xy 5U7J5 yAB4EgPzBNOSRMkhwIERWLscU

Tokmadi, a former business executive, killed Tatishev, the president of one of Kazakhstan’s biggest banks when they were out hunting in the winter. Tokmadi received a one-year prison term in 2007 for manslaughter through incompetence.

However, the case was reopened in October 2017 after he admitted in a KTK TV documentary that he had intentionally shot Tatishev. 

Tokmadi testified later before the Zhambyl region specialized interdistrict criminal court that he assassinated Tatishev on the orders of Mukhtar Ablyazov, who became the head of BTA Bank a few months after Tatishev’s death.

More than 50 witnesses, including US forensics and guns specialists, testified throughout the month-long trial. Tokmadi was given a 10 1/2-year sentence at a maximum security facility by the court on March 16.

In Kazakhstan, Ablyazov was found guilty in absentia and given a sentence of 20 years in prison for stealing $7.5 billion from BTA Bank, as well as 22 months in the UK for contempt of court. He was also wanted in Russia and Ukraine.

So, besides the above information, we can say that Yerkin Tatishev was having close links with Kazahk oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov, as he replaced his brother to serve on the board of BTA


So going through the investigation we found Yerkin Tatishev a culprit, sinful, and illicit are the best terms to go with his personality. As he is part of Bankruptcy, money laundering, and his brother’s assassination. His indirect involvement is visible in all the wrongly done tasks. It cannot be hidden.


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Yerkin Tatishev: Lawsuits of Murder, Money Laundering & Corruption. Exposed! (Latest Update 2023)
Yerkin Tatishev: Lawsuits of Murder, Money Laundering & Corruption. Exposed! (Latest Update 2023)

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