Drowning Yetnikoff Law Offices PLLC, brutally attacked by the discontented

Dealing with Attorney Izzy Yetnikoff aka Isidore Yetnikoff was an extreme waste of time and money for me.  Lawyer Izzy Yetnikoff has brought his slick, crooked, failed New York shyster law practice to Arizona to prey on individuals who don’t know anything about his long past history of incompetent legal representations in New York. 

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Yetnikoff Law Office

His office is disorganized and his law education from Canada and New York is questionable.  I’m guessing he had many problems back East and then relocated to Arizona to run away from his history.  In my case, he often has to be reminded of things several times and STILL managed to forget them.  He appeared distracted thinking about other things when I spoke to him. 

He becomes very defensive if any of this is brought up and his overall attitude is more of a pushy annoying “New Yorker” than that of someone from Arizona.  He dragged on my case for months and his proposed settlement for my accident was a JOKE. 

Isidor’s office had very strange hours and he always seemed to be closed, left on voicemail, or out of the office on random weekdays when I called.  Staff turnover there was HIGH in the 2 years I had to deal with them.  After not being able to get a hold of him for a long time, I once showed up for a scheduled meeting, having come all the way from across town and found the office closed, lights out, and locked. 

No response or justification on the voicemail.  Wonder why they could just not send an email or give me a call to reschedule.  I actually considered going to his home address at 6833 East ACOMA Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85254 to personally call him out and ask him wtf is going on.  Of course, by that time Izzy already had my retainer (I got a discount when I paid his requested fees upfront and in cash) and had no way of getting my payment back. 

My Experience with Yetnikoff

Communication with him and his staff was somewhere between difficult and impossible.  I had to constantly keep calling for updates. I never knew what was going on with my case unless I asked.  When I would finally talk to them for an update, it was NEVER good news.  

They would say “Two weeks ago when we spoke with the other insurance company (blah blah blah) happened” and I was completely unaware that he’d spoken to them at all, or what was going on. 

Keep in mind, Izzy is incredibly easy to work with…… at first….  He was responsive and very nice, and that is the scam right there.

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He gleefully took my initial startup fees and then went right to sleep in handling my case, blowing off deadlines. I was left to do all the work and follow-up representing myself.  I felt that I had all the evidence in the world in my favor, but Izzy just kept encouraging and even threatening me to sign to settle and dismiss.  As soon as the bills start coming at you and you bring up the subject of fees and hours, that is where his fake kindness quickly vanishes, and his true money-hungry attitude becomes apparent. 

Did not do enough due diligence or any other kind of effort at all in my case and took my money for the defense that was dull and underwhelming.

He is a charming smooth talker in order to get you to sign up and that’s where it ends.  Izzy DID NOT perform the services he was hired for and of course, REFUSED to issue a refund.

Izzy Yetnikoff aka Isidore Yetnikoff is a fundamentally lazy half-wit who does what’s EASIEST and MOST PROFITABLE for him, NOT what’s BEST for you or your case.  If you don’t do What he says, you are constantly being threatened to be dropped as a client.  By then you have already paid all these fees and have no option for any refunds.  You are at Izzy’s mercy and can do nothing about it, and it is extremely aggravating!  Total waste of my time and my hard-earned money!  

Don’t disregard what I am telling you here; you will be sorry. 

The vertically challenged, baby-handed, balding runt predictably has a chip on his shoulder about everything you can imagine.  It’s “short man syndrome.”  It’s the kind of smugness that can only be obtained due to insecurity and intellectual legal and business incompetence.  He probably drives a lifted pickup truck to try to make up for it. 

When Izzy made mistakes with filings on my case, he was predictably smug refusing to admit it.  My father used to work as a mechanic and I assure you if he didn’t repair something he was paid to repair, he didn’t get paid.  Izzy just squeezes money out of you however he can and justifies everything with BS excuses or doesn’t reply at all. 

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I initially did my best to be respectful to resolve the shortcoming in my case with Izzy in a professional manner, but he refused to respond to calls, and I got sick of leaving messages.  I am easy to get along with and tried to suck it up to save money, but I couldn’t do that with this disorganized, arrogant incompetent. 

In the end, I had to hire and pay another attorney who worked fairly efficiently and managed to settle up my matter about 1/4th of the time. 

I would rethink, and run from incompetent, arrogant Izzy Yetnikoff and his disorganized disaster of a law practice. 


I will be reporting Izzy to the BBB, Channel 3, The Rip Off Report, ABC15’s “Let Joe Know,” The Phoenix New Times, CBS 5 Investigates, and any other organizations I can think of.  I am prepared to place forth an effort in order to protect other innocent hard-working gentiles.  I am not in the position to pay hard-earned money for incompetence and for the NEAR ZERO Izzy and his crappy office did for me and would like to warn others to stay away.  Absolute horrible experience. 

His Websbite:

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Attorney Izzy Yetnikoff Exposed

He is extremely manipulative, deceitful and sly. Please beware and be warned of this man. He has a very shady and unreliable background and history. He clearly cannot be trusted.

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  1. 0.65

    Isadore is only interested in quick settlement cases where he gets a thing of your $$$.

    Very simply: Lazy and money hungry

    - CONS: lazy, lazy lazy NOT a good lawyer
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  2. This is GOLD.

  3. 0.5

    Most lawyers are scum.

    But Izzy is worse than most.

    - CONS: angry man
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  4. That sure is an evil looking pic of him.

    Dark beady little eyes and a >fivehead.

  5. I know Isadore and his family form being part of the Jewish community in Arizona.

    Don’t know if everything here is true or not as I don’t go there very often and speak to him very much. Some of it I definitely agree with, but not all.

    He runs his own synagogue in Scottsdale (MAKOR) and believes he is well liked by everyone, strutting around like the “mayor of pleasantville” when really…… he is just barely tolerated out of necessity. Maybe this will be a wakeup for him to change his behavior and focus on being a better lawyer and a better human being.

  6. 0.5

    Angry little man when things don’t go his way, which seemingly is often. His is NOT a good lawyer despite all the reviews other his fellow jews have written about him elsewhere on the internet.

    - CONS: anger management problems Incompetent stumpy & dumpy
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  7. 0.5

    Isidore Yetnikoff came highly recommended through word of mouth from someone I didn’t know very well, who is now also kicking himself for recommending Izzy as he finds himself in a similarly poor predicament.

    My experience with him was also abysmal. I was temporarily hospitalized due to a car accident and was on the verge of losing my job. I selected “Izzy” to represent me in my personal Injury matter. I never felt a shred of sympathy from Izzy, but I figured I’d overlook this; maybe he was just being professionally detached. The other party in this matter had an extremely aggressive attorney representing him who outsmarted, outwitted and danced circles around Izzy, even though the other party was issued the moving violation ticket at the scene. The opposing attorney was outrageous and accused me of intimidating his client at the scene of the accident and wanted to pursue criminal charges against me for things like vandalism of his client’s property even though it was impossible for me to have done anything of the kind.

    Almost a year into the case Izzy finally figured out he was in over his head and guess what……… Right before the scheduled court hearing Izzy sent me and the court a form letter via express mail stating that he was no longer interested in representing me. NO WARNING. He never told me that he would be pursuing this course of action. He figured out that it wasn’t going to be quick, easy money for “Izzy” and as soon as he figured he had dug himself a hole, he bailed out on me and I was left to figure out everything on my own, despite being in frequent contact with him just prior. Or maybe a juicier case came his way. Who knows? I tried calling his office but my calls went unanswered and he and I never spoke to me again.

    You and go ahead and believe the lies on YELP or you can listed to this story.

    Most critically, HE IS INCOMPETENT AND PETTY.
    I agree that he is easily distractible and unreliable.

    Its been quite a while since all this happened to me and I’m not shocked to read this posting. Not only did I end up getting absolute zero I got a lifetime of medical bills, repair bills and headaches to deal with due to Isidor’s temperamental behavior and incompetence. Obviously, I’m not the only one that this happened to. Something is deeply wrong with this Isidor and/or how he was raised.

    I can only hope that Karma will get this horrible soul for his wicked, uncaring, unsympathetic ways. “Izzy” seems to keep moving south and west from Canada and New York. Maybe he’ll have to move to Mexico or Central America after he completely fouls his name here in Arizona.

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