Yield 4 Finance – Fraudulent Scheme of Sanjeev Chadha

Yield 4 Finance claims to be a financing company based in Dubai, UAE. 

However, they have received complaints for fraud. According to their customers, Yield 4 Finance runs a BG SBLC scam. 

Their office is located at Business Bay Suite 2903-2902, The Prism Tower – Dubai. Similarly, their contact number is 971-4570-6231. 

The sheer number of complaints against this firm prompted me to alert other businesses and consumers. 

If you’re considering doing business with Yield 4 Finance, it would be best for you to go through the following reviews. 

They will give you an idea of what it’s like to work with them. 

Yield 4 Finance Reviews: What People Say

I found a detailed complaint against Yield 4 Finance online. 

According to the complaint, the reviewer received a draft for MT760 when they contacted the company. 

Yield 4 Finance

The draft listed the beneficiary, the issuing bank and the advising bank. 

At that point, everything seemed legitimate to the reviewer. However, the issuing bank Yield 4 Finance Dubai had mentioned was not what the reviewer wanted. 

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So, they requested the Dubai firm to change teh issuing bank. Yield 4 Finance agreed. 

They said they will make the changes in the final contract. 

Afterwards, the financing company sent an invoice to the reviewer for the payment. The reviewer sent the payment for a Standby Letter of Credit. 

However, after the reviewer transferred the funds, things changed. 

The advising and the issuing banks they had agreed on were not the ones present in the final contract. 

Yield 4 Finance had used Coris Bank International as their issuing bank, an unrated bank. 

Unrated banks are financial companies with little or negligible assets. Such claims don’t have the resources to back up their Letters of Credit. 

Hence, the reviewer couldn’t get the SLoC funds. 

When the reviewer complained, Yield 4 Finance didn’t do anything. They refused to send a refund and now the reviewer has nothing but a useless bank note. 

People Sanjeev Chada’s Fraud:

Here, I have shared an online discussion about Yield 4 Finance. 

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Yield 4 Finance dubai

One user has shared an email they received from this firm. In this email, the financial services provider claims to offer letters of credit at sight, demand guarantees, bank guarantees, performance guarantees, and standby letters of credit. 

Moreover, the firm mentions in the email that they first ask for your documentation and then send a draft copy of the instrument for you to review. 

Then, they will ask for a payment before going further. 

Yield 4 Finance

Basically, they ask you to pay them before you receive any funds. 

In response, one user says the company is a group of a scammers. They take your money to give you worthless LCs. 

Moreover, when you ask Yield 4 Finance to fix the problem, they begin making excuses and ask for more funds. 

About Yield Group of Companies: Trade Finance Solution Provider

Although the company claims to help businesses receive millions in funding, it doesn’t share any information on its leadership. 

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This is rather odd. 

They only mention a bunch of names and share no pictures. Usually, a company providing customers with millions in funding would want to instill trust by maintaining transparency. 

But Yield 4 Finance doesn’t share any valuable information on its team. 

According to their website, the Chairman of Yield Group of Companies is Sanjeev Chadha. 

The website doesn’t share any information on his education or professional background. It only praises his skills and claims he visits each branch of the firm regularly. 

There are plenty of shady companies operating this way. 

For example, Greenfield Advisory is another suspicious “finance” company which fails to share any valuable information on its ownership. 

According to the website of Yield 4 Finance, other notable people in the company are: 

  • Mohit Chadha (Chief Operating Officer)
  • Vipul Chadha (Managing Director)
  • Javela Macalalad (Vice President)
  • Aastha Sehgal (Director)
  • Alfred Jara Ibanez (Director)

Unlike the Chairman, there is ample information available on the CEO of this company. 

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According to the LinkedIn profile of Mohit Chadha, he resides in Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab, India:

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64NiGU2 eHF95VsAWqZDUgefaSQl Eu7QUXA4y D4rAPSiR7uKMs 6kgWS9j4nH26CVkMFzLGagNS6GqCO4g6qrXWDAjdI

The CEO of this company graduated in 2016 with a Bachelors in Business Administration. Prior to becoming the CEO of Yield 4 Finance, he was an intern at a marketing firm and spent 3 years as a customer service executive for a law firm. 

Certainly, the resume of the company’s CEO suggests Yield 4 Finance might not be as reliable as it claims to be. 

Should You Trust Yield 4 Finance Dubai?

Surely, you can’t trust this company. 

The company fails to share any proof of its funding operations. It shares no pictures of the team running the firm as well. 

Dubai has several finance scams. You should be extremely wary of them. 

For example, Ismagil Shangareev is a Russian swindler who target people in Dubai for his fraudulent schemes. 

Another example is OmegaPro, a crypto scam organizing events in Dubai even though multiple financial regulators have blacklisted the firm.

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You should avoid dealing with Yield 4 Finance. 

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A Scam

Yield 4 Finance shares no evidence but makes boastful claims about offering millions in funding to companies. They ask companies to pay them before releasing any funds, suggesting they might be running a fraudulent scheme.

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  • SBLC Scam
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  1. Dubai has become a hub for these fraudulent schemes. I am not surprised to read about another fraud based in Dubai now. They really need to upgrade their regulations and scrutiny.

  2. 0.5

    Yield 4 Finance is a major fraud. They have stolen so much money from me, it’s insane. I cannot even file a police complaint against them because I’m overseas. They make fake promises and think it’s okay to toy with other people’s emotions.

    - CONS: Total fraud
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  3. 5

    This is what happens when idiots get themselves involved in things they don’t understand.
    Yeild doesn’t issue anything from Coris bank..

    + PROS: Genuine alternative for people that don’t have collateral funds
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