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I want you all to join me in learning about, a wholly fraudulent trading and investing site that is a ripoff, using the information I have gathered from my research & evaluations. Come learn more about this deceptive technique in detail. Then you can let me know what you think.

The Yield Nodes website, which can be accessed at, promotes a Master node initiative where investors can make “super profits” even in tough economic times.

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You can help us put a stop to online scams before they grow too big and end up ruining thousands of lives. A scam is a scam, doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. Now that this is out of the way, let’s begin the review.

This website resembles a Ponzi scheme in certain ways. Instead of investing in an alleged masternoding enterprise, it would be sage to engage in trading.

It is claimed by that the 500 Euro minimum deposit from investors will be utilized to buy and operate servers. Additionally, the seller claims that the money investors deposit on the platform will be utilized to buy the master node coins needed to get incentives.

Due to the complexities involved in installing the server, earnings will begin seven days after completing the required minimum payment in bitcoins. Regarding withdrawals, asserts that they will change your funds into fiat currency or bitcoin and send it to you.

How exactly does a Ponzi scheme operate?

An investment fraud known as a Ponzi scheme draws investors with claims of great returns and no risk but fails to invest the money as stated. Instead, it pays off earlier investors with money from future investors while maybe keeping a portion of the profits. These schemes typically fail when recruiting investors becomes challenging or when multiple investors attempt to cash out. They depend on a steady flow of new buyers to operate. They are called after Charles Ponzi, who ran a similar scam using postal stamps in the 1920s.

The seller also states that, if a customer decides against compounding, his money will be locked in for a minimum of six months, and can pay back the initial deposit at any time.

Is this website just another investment scam aimed at confusing less experienced investors, or is there something more to it? It’s interesting to note that the promotional materials on the, website even imply that the vendor invented masternoding first. 

In addition, they want investors to be aware that the platform had been operating as a private pool for at least a year before their invitation to beta testers in October 2019. Overview of a Ponzi Scheme

The owner of, Steve H, is said to be based in Hong Kong.

You must comprehend the fundamental economics of masternoding currencies before you buy into the master node hype that is promoting on its website.

Through Proof of Staking, promises to deliver ROI to its investors. The amount of money you can earn on a masternoding platform varies according to the value of the coins.

Almost all master node coins are useless in the real world. The vendor would seek out methods of increasing the coin’s cost or producing more of them to reap any profits.

8/12/2023 Update
As of now, has not responded, nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. They have ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, they have only focused on propagating their fake PR.

And since these coins are not used in the actual world, the only activity that influences their value is buying them for master nodes.

You stop earning money through masternoding as soon as this demand decreases. To put it briefly, this endeavor will not bring in a big sum of money for you.

Vendors can choose to deceive investors since they are aware of this fact and can choose to pretend that masternoding generates income when, in reality, they are using the money from investors for something else.

Although they ask for 500 euros up front, there is no guarantee that you will receive a real server or that you will be renting one at all.

The only goal of is to get you to accept their master node story without further consideration. Reviews: Scams Exposed by Clients & Victims

#1. doesn’t permit investors to withdraw their money trustpilot

According to the comment above, investors are being warned that the funds do not permit the withdrawal of invested money. Instead, strange tales concerning various intangible tokens (NFTs) and transactions in Iran that investors never agreed to while investing are being told to the public. Urs Schwinger, the scheme’s brain, is seen driving Porsches about Malta in the meanwhile.

#2. A Negative YieldNodes Investment Caused Frozen Funds and Dangerous NFT Conversion

Yieldnodes trustpilot

In the comment above, the reviewer said that someone had persuaded them to put £2.5k into YieldNodes, which at first glance appeared to be a good investment with the option to take profits. They decided to withdraw once their first investment had been matched, so they left their money to grow. 

Funds were frozen, nevertheless, due to a market collapse. Now, YieldNodes’ sole choice is to convert the remaining funds into NFTs, but the NFT market has fallen and the business’s standing has been damaged. 

The balance transfer was not guaranteed to be honored if the NFTs were sold and returned to after a year or two. 

The customer, along with others, was dubious about this NFT endeavor and refused to move their balances because they believed that they had been misled about the potential hazards involved and may be the victims of a swindle. They attempted to terminate the agony by withdrawing their present cash.

 #3. Avoid it at all costs as it is a misleading scheme for profit. review

According to the reviewer’s statement in the remark above, is an unethical financial scheme that presents itself as an investing platform. They tempt customers who might otherwise be hesitant to deposit their money by promising high returns on investments. YieldNodes, on the other hand, acts dishonestly, turning it into fraud.

The platform’s fraudulence is evident from the user’s own experience with They deposited 800 euros two years ago, however, they are unable to make any withdrawals. They either get no answer when they try to get in touch with Yieldnodes, or they get useless links to long movies with no useful information.

At all costs, stay away from It deceives investors by making exaggerated claims of great earnings while engaging in dishonest business practices. 

Instead of putting your belief in this dubious investment scheme, you would be better off gambling. Before participating in any money opportunity, people should use prudence and conduct extensive study.

#4. False Advertising and Unreliable Business Practices

image 340

The reviewer stated in the remark above that YieldNodes, an unreliable investing platform, was involved in a major fraud. Because the project’s creator, Stefan, has been accused of online fraud, there are questions about the project’s legitimacy. Despite promises of big returns, they have stayed stagnant for more than a year while deceiving investors with convoluted narratives. proposes a fake NFT method to defraud investors even more. Investors will be even more frustrated because it is probably useless and challenging to sell for a fair price. Many investors have suffered significant real money losses, leaving them with little possibility of getting their money back.

Investors need to exercise caution and keep their distance from YieldNodes’ tricksy practices. The website appears to be built to steal money from unwitting users so that its founders can get rich. To secure one’s hard-earned money, comprehensive research is imperative, as is looking for reputable investment options.

#5.  Deception and Asset Misrepresentation

image 341

According to the statement above, Yieldnodes, a fake investment platform, deceived investors about both its assets and connections. 

They asserted ownership of the cryptocurrency Sapphire, ownership of the Birake exchange, and affiliation with several organizations, including solar farms and electric car charging stations. 

Later on, it was discovered that all of these assets belonged to an entirely other business called Decenomy PLC that had not been made clear to investors.

Urs, the scam’s mastermind, created Decenomy PLC and Exceptional Media Limited (YieldNodes) as distinct legal entities. Urs and his business partner Uwe, the CEO of IPI, tricked investors into sending their Bitcoin from YieldNodes to Decenomy without their knowledge.

In the end, YieldNodes failed as the inflated Sapphire coin’s value decreased. A big scam was perpetrated when investors lost their original Bitcoin investments and were instead given worthless NFTs.

This sophisticated trick emphasizes how important it is to conduct careful research and take precautions before investing in any business or platform. Investors need to be on the lookout for potential frauds and suspicious of platforms that make broad allegations without offering hard evidence of their wealth or authenticity.

#6. Noded Balance can’t be transferred, and Customer Support is Insufficient 

image 342

According to the comment above, the individual bought in with the hope of transferring their noded balance to their Withdrawal balance, but they have run into several problems.

They are still unable to access their funds even though the frozen period is meant to have ended. The connection between YieldNodes and Decenomy compounds the ambiguity and casts doubt on the platform’s reliability. The customer was getting more and more worried that they were duped.

The user had previously been permitted to make a tiny test withdrawal, but now that they invested a sizeable sum a year ago, they are not permitted to take any of their money. A deficient FAQ website and ineffective customer support simply add to the frustration and raise more questions.

YieldNodes’ user experience raises concerns that the platform might be fake. The difficulty in transferring the Noded balance, hazy ties to Decenomy, and inattentive customer service all add to the worries.

 To safeguard the money they have invested from potential scams, investors should proceed with the utmost caution and stay away from the website of A Trail of Unfulfilled Promises and Scam Allegations by Chainalysis

image 343

Over 2.5 years, YieldNodes has constantly pledged to keep its investors happy by presenting partnerships with sovereign states and claiming to be working toward regulatory status in several countries.

 Investors were left in a condition of limbo because none of these promises came to pass. YieldNodes’ credibility is further questioned in light of Chainalysis’s designation of them as a scam, a reliable instrument utilized by US federal agencies.

When they said they would look for regulation in Malta and Switzerland, YieldNodes constantly broke their word. Furthermore, despite having documentation to back it up in the form of a letter, their claim to have collaborated with So Tomé and Principe turned out to be mere platitudes.

YieldNodes has been exposed as a scam by Chainalysis, a research tool used by reputable organizations including the FBI, DEA, and IRS Criminal Investigation. This information raises more questions about the authenticity of the site.

YieldNodes’ integrity and dependability are seriously questioned by Chainalysis’ protracted history of unmet promises and accusations. To protect their financial interests, investors should consider these warning signs and proceed with the utmost caution before embarking on any interaction with this platform.

#8. YieldNodes: Serious Concerns Raised by Chainalysis and Binance

image 344

If I elaborate on the aforementioned remark, it will require more words. The client remarked that there are substantial questions regarding the legitimacy of YieldNodes raised by the evidence and cautions offered by Chainalysis and Binance.

Chainalysis is a well-known company with years of experience investigating illegal activity with cryptocurrencies, and they guide governments and businesses all around the world. YieldNodes was ranked as the second-largest fraud in their study on cryptocurrency crime, showing a high volume of fraudulent activity related to the site.

Chainalysis is a $8.6 billion company with enormous influence in the cryptocurrency sector, and its analysis carries a lot of weight. It is important to remember that they have labeled YieldNodes as a fraud, which should serve as a clear warning to prospective investors.

Furthermore, YieldNodes’ claims of validity have not persuaded Binance, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, and as a result, Binance has declined to unlock the platform’s funds. This denial from a well-known exchange like Binance confirms the idea that YieldNodes might be a scam.

#9. is related to the Ponzi Scheme

image 345

Significant questions regarding YieldNodes’ validity are raised by the addition of a claims area that enables users to sell their balances. This new function reveals the platform’s true nature as a Ponzi scheme, where the balances being sold might not be available.

In essence, it’s comparable to handing out Monopoly money to unwary customers. YieldNodes appears to be nothing more than a business that sells worthless accounts to people who will never be able to recoup their investments.

The claims section’s existence draws attention to the problematic nature of YieldNodes’ financial situation. To minimize potential financial losses, investors should use great caution and abstain from taking part in such a scam. 

The platform’s behavior is reminiscent of a Ponzi scheme, in which new investors’ funds are utilized to pay rewards to previous investors but no actual investing is done.

The inclusion of a claims section just serves to confirm the suspicions already held about YieldNodes and exposes it as a troubling Ponzi scam. To protect the money they’ve invested from potential scams, prospective investors must proceed with the utmost caution and refrain from using this site.


Nobody is certain, as of yet, that possesses any servers beyond a webpage with flashy, gimmicky blockchain lingo. This story has always been utilized by sophisticated Ponzi schemes to try to convince people to deposit money.

Early adopters ultimately get the biggest return on their investment, while those who join later even have a possibility to lose. In either case, you might not get back what you put into the project with this game of guesswork.

It is only a scam!

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  1. Surely with all of the above evidence there must be some legal action the people can take against such things to stop people from doing this kind of things

  2. I was also an investor in this. In retrospect, I am the one to blame only because I was greedy. That is the most honest assessment I can say. I should only invest with my own money and do everything by myself. The universe sent me a clue about xrp, and instead, I put my money with YieldNodes. I should invest all of it in my loss or not. The lesson is worthy of merit; from then on, I will buy/trade on my own. No more going through anyone. No worries about punishment; whatever it is, the universe will take care of them. Intention is everything, and I cannot say if theirs is good or not. The universe knows, and the punishment shall be shelved out appropriately.

  3. It’s absurd to really contribute 500 euros to such Ponzi schemes. How is it possible that society still tolerates this kind of behavior? The main goal of these websites is to deceive users and take their hard-earned money.

  4. Yieldnodes claims to be an investing and trading website but in reality, these websites deceive many investors by offering their fake schemes. It is hard to see that there are many people who came into the trap of these schemes, and last they were unable to get the single that they are invested in this bogus website.

  5. Why the regulatory authority is not taking any strict action on these types of issues? There are many complaints and reviews of the victims regarding these websites.

  6. These websites try to attract many naive people, by offering them their plans which are unreliable for them. The salesperson doing the spam calls to convince the people to invest in their plan. When people enroll on their websites they hold the money. People are unable to withdraw their money.

  7. There are many investors from all over the world who have invested in these types of platforms and facing problems while working with them. Unable to withdraw the money, poor customer service, and didn’t get the proper information about their funds.

  8. A friend of mine went through the same situation where his money was blocked by the website in which he had invested his amount. Now he totally stays away from these types of websites, And I would say that it is better to stay away from these online platforms as they are a nightmare for the investors.

  9. What the hell is the media doing? They should be exposing these scammers instead of showing us foolish news all day. If they would have exposed such scams and talked about it more then this would have never happened. So many people would have gotten saved if they were aware of it.

  10. Scammers are criminals. Who deserves to get punished? They steal hard-earned money from innocent people. These people should be behind bars. They try to attack older people because they are not so good with technology. It is our responsibility to make them aware and keep them safe.

  11. This is horrifying. So many people have been scammed of their hard-earned money. Only they know what they must be going through. It is hard for us to understand their pain. These bloody scammers should get a very harsh punishment.

  12. All those people who have been scammed must have gone through a lot of mental stress and anxiety. Only they know what their mental state would have been after getting scammed. It is really hard to read all these reviews.

  13. Reading all these reviews made me mad. These people have lost their money because of these criminals. If they do not get punished then I don’t know what will stop these scams.

  14. These people who have been scammed of their hard-earned money deserve to get justice. They must have lost all their savings in this. They have to now go through so much financial loss. Because of these criminals, they have to suffer from financial problems.

  15. It is important that people get aware of such scams. So that they do not fall for it. I will suggest you all inform your family members and friends also about this scam so that they can stay away from such scammers.

  16. These scammers have no humanity in them? They are such evil people. Is this the way they want to earn wealth? Do they think that this will ever benefit them? If they think this then they are wrong. No one can be happy by giving another person pain.

    • Yeah I agree with you as these types of scams can affect the mentally and socially as these scams need to be stopped. The government should make some strict laws, so, these types of fraudulent activities will never happen to anyone.

  17. Media should bring this issue forward. So that innocent people can get saved from such deceivers. I will just request everyone to not invest their money if they are not financially stable. This can result in a very wrong situation for you and your family’s security.

  18. What the government is doing? Why they don’t take any strong action against such scammers? How are they even given a license? Is there anything that the government is hiding from us? Do they support such scammers? What’s the truth?

  19. These people use fake PR to deceive innocent people. All these positive reviews are bought so that we believe them easily. We need to be very cautious and not believe everything that is on the internet. Scammers are buying fake positive reviews. Stay from them.

  20. I completely agree with the reviews that are mentioned in this article as these are unreliable platforms, and pyramid schemes which they are targeting new investors. So, they can easily pay the due amount of their old investors. And I believe it is better to avoid these websites.

  21. I just want to say that never believe anyone that easily. For the greed of some profit don’t put your financial security at risk. Do proper research before investing money. It is a master of your financial security.

  22. This is a good article. I agree with it. My friend has also been scammed. She told me that an investment company asked her to invest money and promised great profit but as soon as she deposited the money. They just started ignoring her. Whenever she asked for a withdrawal they said that she needs to deposit more amount. They never let her withdraw.

  23. All these advertisements are fake. They lie in their advertisements. They will not offer us anything. This is such a good article. This is an eye-opener for all. All these reviews in this article will help so many people in knowing the true reality of these scammers.

  24. This is sick. Scams these days are on the rise. They should be ashamed of themselves for deceiving innocent people. These greedy people are criminals and have stolen the money of so many people. They deserve to get a very harsh punishment.

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