Zachari Saltmer: Charged with fraud, Refusing to Pay his Obligations (New Update 2023)

zachari saltmer
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Zachari Saltmer is a fraudster who is scamming others through One Big Fund. Avoid investing with this scammer.
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Zachari Saltmer is a scammer who refuses to pay his dues. The following review explores his criminal activities:

Australia has seen a lot of business openings and closings by Zachari Saltmer. One Big Fund has an article on that states that One Big Fund is worth $7 million and has $1 million accessible for new endeavors.

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21/11/2023 Update
As of now, Zachari Saltmer has not responded nor has it apologized for its misdeeds. He has ignored our efforts to highlight the problems faced by their victims. Furthermore, he has only focused on propagating his fake PR.

Zachari Saltmer refused to pay his debts

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One Big Fund, an organization led by Zachary Saltmer, calls itself a boutique venture studio. Nonetheless, they have rejected making payments on their loan.

CEO of One Big Fund Zachari Saltmer asserts that the company is a boutique venture studio with $7 million in assets under management. Although they owe $150,000 in marketing expenses, they have refused to pay them.

Zachari signed up for marketing services, but he declined to pay his $150,000 in expenses. He was supposed to pay $75,000 in the first month and $15k each month after that, but he never did.

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Warnings: Zachari Saltmer One Big Fund Charged with Fraud

Fraud has been leveled against Sakurai Sac Saltner’s One Big Fund. The future of Web 3 is currently in progress. In addition, it serves as a hub for fraudsters that conduct large-scale frauds ranging from SBF to more modest rock polls on Open Sea discord hacks.

The majority of us are now aware that we must pass away before we join any endeavor. While moving from Web 2 to Web 3, when caution is required the most, reduce the exchange. Considering that hackers and con artists can use this situation most easily now.

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Another scam exists in the Web 3 industry and operates more secretly. since it occurs in a B2B rather than a B2C setting. By refusing to pay for services, Web 3 firms take advantage of marketers.

Why the company of Zachari Saltmer is responsible for scams?

To let this know firstly we need to know about the company of Zachari Saltmer, i.e; One Big Fund.

Zachari Saltmer established the venture studio One Big Fund in 2022, and it is situated in Road Town, British Virgin Islands. The company looks to invest in firms that are using blockchain technology to create cutting-edge goods and services that have the potential to upend established markets.

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It allegedly failed to uphold its legal commitments while operating out of Australia and its subsidiary firms. After you’ve received marketing, signed a contract, and paid. By indicating that he has the money to pay for marketing services but has made no payment, he has catfished numerous innocent people using multiple names.

According to Australian law and consulting, once a contract is signed, the signee is in charge of paying for services. That occurs after the contract is signed.

During the more than two months that Zara Zaman, CEO and Founder of ZZ Media Marketing, worked as a marketing consultant for Zachari Saltmer and his business.

Zara raised red flags and threatened to blow the whistle since Zachari Saltmer kept delaying paying me with various justifications. First, he said that because the hard wallet needs to be reconfigured for multi-sig approval, the company is going through structural changes and will lose a board member.

Sarah, the owner of a marketing company, claimed that she complained to him about his behavior, saying that it made her feel disrespectful and that it raised suspicions. 


Get Your Money Back Suspicious

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After he signed a contract, received services, and neglected to pay his expenses, she once threatened to tell everyone about him. In addition to suing her for defamation, he threatened to send her back to Canada.

Sakurai Zachari Saltman, CEO & Founder of “One Big Fund,” whose real name is Zecharian Michael Taryan Saltmore, utilizes his corporation and business to execute scams.

zachari saltmer

Note: You can view the aforementioned video link to get more in-depth information on Zachari Saltmer and his business, including how it traps its signees.


The CEO of One Big Fund, Zachari Saltmer, allegedly declined to cover his $150,000 in marketing expenses. Using his business, One Big Fund, Saltmer attracts women. 

His actions show how haughty people wind up on Web 3 and are unethical, if not predatory. It should be against the rules to act in this way in this area. 

Before the contact, Zara claimed she and Zachari Saltmer used to talk, so she trusted him as a friend, but he didn’t think twice to take advantage. Nonetheless, Zara claimed he felt bad about waiting four months for his money.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who is Zachari Saltmer?

Zachari Saltmer is the owner and CEO of One Big Fund Company, which claims that it invests in start-ups that employ blockchain technology to create novel goods and services that have the potential to upend established markets.

2. What did Zacchari Saltmer do?

One Big Fund’s CEO, Zachari Saltmer, claims that the business is a boutique venture studio with $7 million in assets under management and that he has not been paid for his $150,000 in marketing expenses.

Zachari Saltmer: Charged with fraud, Refusing to Pay his Obligations (New Update 2023)
Zachari Saltmer: Charged with fraud, Refusing to Pay his Obligations (New Update 2023)

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  1. The primary objective of One Big Fund is to deceive its clients and first try to make payments to its clients, which clearly shows that it wants to mislead its people and steal their hard-earned money.

  2. These types of issues need to be solved by the government. How is this guy unable to pay their debts, and claiming that the allegation which is put by the regulatory authority is fake?
    Now these types of matters make the owner of the company pay all their debts.

  3. After engaging in multiple fraudulent activities, the individual refuses to admit his involvement in the crime. The regulatory authorities must punish these types of scammers. Because he refuses to pay his owed debts.

  4. People like Zachari Saltmer are incompetent and don’t know how to run the organization and when they have any debt or any expenses pending regarding them, they try to reject them or try to escape from the crime that they are committing.

  5. There are many start-ups that are set up by fake influencers, that have the Zero-knowledge about basic business principles and just want to earn money without knowing their key elements. It is better to stay away from these types of fake companies and never sign a contract with them.

  6. It is very much necessary to put these criminals behind the bars for their crimes and make them realize their mistakes.

    • Yeah I agree with you this man needs to be punished for his mistakes. And the government put these criminals behind bars so, these types of crimes never happen in the future.

  7. Fraud of $150,000 shouldn’t be left without punishment.

  8. Keeping his criminal record aside, I liked his suit, these scammers tend to be well-dressed. They are indulged in so many illegal activities but no one can recognize them, Zachari has taken the advantage of not being exposed to the users and kept on opening numerous firms in Australia.

  9. Zachari has opened several ventures in Australia and most of them were shut down due to the illegal activities he had practiced there, making him suffer for his problems so that he can never think of repeating the same.

  10. People like them are not fearing the government bodies, he should realize the presence of some supreme power above them for putting them on the right track.

  11. Make him suffer for his scams, how can he refuse to pay the debts?

  12. The government needs to enhance its dealing system otherwise people like Zachari will keep scamming their users and not have the fear of legal organizations.

  13. You can imagine the level of confidence this man is having while he is refusing to pay his debts, this shows that Zachari Saltmer isn’t a legitimate man, his business deals aren’t successful and not trustable.

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