Zack Mozes: Fake PR & Lies Exposed His Truth (2023)

Zack Mozes uses false material and fake news releases to promote himself. He establishes credibility through fabrication and lies.

zack mozes

Zack Mozes claims that he is an SEO Expert, an innovator, and an authority in digital marketing who sets standards, trade is transformed, and focuses on traffic to boost online sales. Makes you more accessible online. Zack Mozes is a search expert. When enhancing search engine results in visibility, you desire sales. you receive customers from him. And not just any customers, those who are specifically seeking what you have to give.

Zack Mozes uses dubious marketing techniques and bogus PR pieces to promote himself. This tactic is widely employed by scammers since it enables them to hide their criminal pasts and promote themselves as reliable businesses.

Fake PR is very dishonest because it involves spreading false information and lies. That is exactly what Zack Mozes has also done.

How Zack Mozes is Trying to Bury His Criminal Past

People of the State of California vs Zack Mozes

zack mozes

Zack Mozes was charged with a misdemeanor and sent to jail. Now he is faking that he is an expert and doing PR stunts to pretend that he has a positive image. Zack Mozes is paying hell to his PR team to maintain his image but how long one can fake anything?

Explaining the Fake Claims of Zack Mozes

Zack Mozes false paid articles are replete with boasting and misinformation. Articles brag that he is a trendsetter, SEO expert, and Digital Marketing Specialist. One of the Fake PR articles also claims that  Zack Mozes is an expert. He has a twenty-year track record of success. His clientele is extensive. Most are now well-known. now well-known names. Few digital marketers possess his honed expertise.

zack mozes

Explaining the Bussiness Tactics of Zack Mozes

If you fall victim to “fake PR,” which is still mostly unknown even if false news has come to be generally accepted, you also face the danger of losing the “trust factor” with your clients and prospects in your capacity as a Digital Marketing specialist. This type of dishonesty could damage your credibility, business, and reputation if you are not careful. One inaccuracy could detract from the apparent value of all the other successes you’ve fought so hard to acquire throughout your career. Furthermore, if your fake PR is exposed, it could put you as a financial representative in a very uncomfortable legal situation. 

What are the dangers of “fake PR” for those in the financial industry, and why is moral behavior important for establishing trust in the industry?

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By using “fake PR,” a dishonest tactic that might harm their credibility and accomplishments, financial professionals run the risk of losing the public’s trust. Their reputation could be harmed and regulatory issues could result from even one incidence of deception. As a result, establishing confidence with clients and potential clients in finance requires ethical behavior and care.

Things to Avoid

Like the new kind of fake news, the kind that is dressed up to look like true news, fake PR has an air of authenticity that only begins to reveal suspicion upon closer inspection. 

To not take shortcuts

False PR frequently entails using shortcuts. Think about how you run your business. You will fail if you attempt to save time. With PR, the same is true. If you take quick cuts like utilizing a fake magazine cover here or breaching the law by falsely claiming to have worked with a major media group there, you will eventually be found out. With the aid of their lawyers, accountants, or kids, intelligent investors of today will conduct due diligence and discriminate between fact and fiction. You cannot return with a potential client once you have been exposed for using false PR.

Credibility is essential

In a sincere PR strategy, a public relations firm works with the media to highlight your expertise and viewpoints by telling your story or emphasizing your accomplishments. All of this is accomplished through reputable online encyclopedias, newscasts on radio and television, periodicals, talk programs, and other third-party media outlets.

Additionally, they may help you navigate the “fake PR” market and maintain your focus on just using reliable news sources. With every column, appearance, or interview you conduct, you gain the audience’s trust. Keep in mind that when seeking PR, your major objective should be to increase your credibility. The reverse outcome will occur with false PR.

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A significant number of media outlets that featured the Zack Mozes story are known for their sponsored and brand content, which permits anyone to upload original content for payment. The articles are emphasizing that Zack Mozes is an SEO expert and has 20+ years of experience. Has a great portfolio and all the bragging. But in reality, he was charged with a misdemeanor and sent to jail. Beware of such a con artist.

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  1. jack Mozes doesn’t know about seo It ruined my project also and took $2000 from me and didn’t work at all but was telling me that we do like this only.

  2. Hi 👋 I know I was charged with a misdemeanor and sent to jail. And Yes, I know I used the SEO service to hide all my crimes, so what? In the future, I would definitely use SEO to hide all my criminals. Do whatever you want to publish. Zack Mozes is not afraid of anyone.

  3. A misdemeanor for Wreck-less driving when he was 20 years old! Do you know a misdemeanor is the lowest form of a crime? So if he was running a scam or con, that would be a felony.. This whole article is a lie! So you are trying to take a wreck-less driving misdemeanor charge that was purged, per your report. So meaning the government dropped the case. And you are trying to say that he went to jail for a misdemeanor involving wreckless driving, lol.. Nice try.. And you are trying to say he is a con! What is your proof for that? I have searched the internet and I could not find one complaint lodged.. This is obviously posted by some foreigners who dont know the law and just want to slander their competitor, who seems to be very large. I have never seen fake news on Forbes or Business Insider and he is listed on both of those for articles. … So that is Forbes and Business Insider is also on google for him, along with many others, so you are wrong and this slandered post is wrong. Obviously this slandered post is a scam and spreads lies. No wonder there is no name associated to it. Just scam and lie tactics to try to discredit Zack. The only way Zack became aware of this was through Social Media spamming, this crap site and scam lies does not even rank lol

  4. I have been using Zack services for years and he is the best in the industry for digital marketing. These spam comments don’t even make sense. The comments are talking about investing with Zack but, he runs a digital marketing firm, so there would be no investment involved. lol. These comments and this article is put forth by competitors and spammers who know nothing about the law and are just trying to hurt Zack but, will never succeed. Zack has never been convicted of a scam or gone to jail ever you liar! The case in question “WAS PURGED” meaning dropped and Zack never went to jail for a misdemeanor which was purged, lol. Too bad there is no name associated with this scamming article or I am sure Zack’s team would be suing. Further more, all the fake comments are from fake accounts which have never associated with Zack ever! This is just very dumb and highly incorrect content done by competitors

  5. Zack was never sent to jail ever and never was charged with any misdemeanor related to anything marketing or anything scam related. The misdemeanor was for wreckless driving on a substance. You all are scammers and morons who know nothing and we are searching names and accountability for lawsuits lol

  6. The world is filled with these scams and people like Zack all around make sure you avoid all these people and beware of such scammers, the team of these fraudsters is moving all around, beware of investing with these fraudsters, their criminal history is full of scams, and none of their people have any perfect information regarding their educational background and no experience about the field so avoid this man at any cost.

  7. Not a reliable man and don’t be fooled after going through his popularity it isn’t the complete truth so be sure befire investing with these people, they are very much experts in misleading their clients, several investors have shared their reviews exposing this man, and his scams, so I will suggest you search for some other firm for investing.

  8. The promotional team of Zack Mozes is always ready to promote his education as one of the best men alive knowing the complete information regarding Digital Marketing so avoid investing with this man, he is not reliable for investing and all the information provided by this man isn’t legitimate, so make sure you are always sure for investing with this man. If you don’t want to regret investing with this man, I will suggest you avoid investing with Zack.

  9. Most of his advertisements are promoting him as one of the greatest data analysts and provide their users with fake information so it is very much important to be 100% sure of his previous information before investing with him, as the chances of being scammed are higher, so avoid investing with this man, he isn’t reliable for any of his schemes, and make sure you are always ready to bare the loss in future if any because the chances of getting scammed after dealing with Zack Mozes are higher.

  10. Promoting himself as an SEO expert is all he is doing but the reality of his work is far more away from this, so avoid investing with these fraudsters and make sure you are never indulged with these people avoid investing with them and make sure it is your responsibility none of your people gets involved with this fraudster namely Zack Mozes and makes sure you are not involved with him. Zack has been running several other fake schemes so this man isn’t reliable for investing so beware of investing with him, all their credibility of providing you the profit is zero, and people like them aren’t going to provide any profit but yes taking all you invested money is their real business, so avoid Zack Mozes at all cost, the biggest problem with this man is that he isn’t reliable with his schemes because the chances of being fake and non-legitimate are higher, so the percentage of returns are lower.

  11. Exness are just another scam on the loose, they denied me access to my account and I couldn’t get back my money. support@ assetsadvice. org helped me get back my money in a due and legal way along with my colleagues’.

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